6 Sweets Melbourne

Sometimes (or all the time if you’re me) you need a sugar hit. Morning, afternoon or night it’s never not the right time to grab a sweet snack. We are so lucky that in Melbourne we have plenty of choices when we need some sugary goodness. Whether you like your sweets frozen, deep-fried or baked there is something for everyone. I have compiled a list of my favourite sweets in Melbourne’s CBD. Perfect for when the sugar cravings hit and you need a quick pick-me-up.


12 Sutherland St, CBD, Melbourne

Melbourne CBD Sweets

Donuts! Donuts! Doughnuts! They’re everywhere. These days you can’t walk 50 metres in Melbourne without one jumping out at you and screaming “Eat me”. It’s become a real problem. For my waistline. Shortstop Donuts were one of the first Melbourne donut shops that I tried and they still remain a favourite. They have a great selection of traditional yeast-raised donuts as well as cake donuts. The flavours are constantly changing as they come up with new and exciting flavour combinations. The donuts are made fresh every day and they also make excellent coffee.

My sweet pick: Too many to choose from but the filled Lemon Meringue donut and Boston Cream donut are pretty amazing. If you prefer your donuts “unfilled” the Earl Grey and Rose donut is also delicious.



18 Sutherland Street, CBD, Melbourne 

Melbourne CBD Sweets

N2 Extreme Gelato is a gelati store with a difference. Like the name suggests the gelato is made using N2 (Liquid Nitrogen). I know, I know…it sounds a bit gimmicky and as someone who barely made it through Year 7 Science without burning her hair on a bunsen burner, the science element of the ice cream making doesn’t really appeal to me. BUT what does appeal to me is unique flavour combinations and syringes full of chocolate that can be squirted into my ice-cream.

My sweet pick: The flavours change weekly so you never know what you’re going to get when you go in. I have yet to try a flavour I haven’t liked.



30 Hardware Lane, CBD, Melbourne; 8 Collins Street, CBD, Melbourne

Melbourne CBD Sweets


La Belle Miette has some of the best macarons I’ve ever tasted. In fact, the only macarons that I have had which were better were from Ladurée in Paris. With a crunchy outer shell and a soft middle, these macarons are a delicious treat. Also, because of their small size, I never feel too bad when I indulge in one (or two).

My sweet pick: Fleur de Sel Caramel; Strawberry, Passionfruit & Rhubarb


Emporium, Level 2, 295 Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne

Melbourne CBD Sweets

The Tea Salon is a cute shop inside the Emporium serving up lovely scones and, you guessed it, tea. It is the perfect spot to rest your feet and relax after a long day shopping with a cup of tea and scone.

My sweet pick: Lemon, Pistachio & Currant scone



Emporium, Level 1, 287 Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne

Melbourne CBD Sweets

When you need a pastry Adriano Zumbo is your man. Zumbo is an Australian household name and for a good reason. He consistently produces delightful sweet treats that are exciting, tantalising and at times mind boggling. This store stocks a selection of his famous macarons as well as cakes and pastry.

My sweet pick: Lemon tart; Caramel au beurre salé.





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