10 Reasons to Watch Schitt’s Creek

You’ve probably heard of Schitt’s Creek. I knew it existed for years but was put off by the silly name. Should have known better than to judge a TV show by it’s title! Jane the Virgin, That ’70s Show and Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place? All great comedies.

Thankfully, after multiple recommendations, I finally started watching and then ended up bingeing four seasons in a month. What I didn’t realise before I started watching Schitt’s Creek was that it’s Canadian, co-created by the great Eugene Levy and his son Dan and basically a flipped version of The Beverly Hillbillies. If that’s not incentive enough to dive in, here are 10 more reasons to watch Schitt’s Creek!

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The Ultimate List of Korean Foods to Try in South Korea

The Ultimate List of Korean Foods to Try in South Korea

You may have noticed that we love all things Korean at Cactus Pop. Korean dramas ( K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix, Romance is a Bonus Book Recaps ), Korean music ( BTS ) and of course Korean food! With an impending trip to South Korea on the horizon, I have been dedicating quite a bit of time to researching all of the Korean foods to try (or in the case of some of the weirder dishes, foods to avoid! Wriggling raw octopus is a hard pass).

While I have been learning Hangul (the Korean alphabet) in preparation for my trip, I’m only in the early stages of learning the language and am by no means fluent (or even able say much more than hello, thank you and water in Korean).

One of my concerns is that when I get to Korea I won’t be able to remember what the Korean name is for the food I want to eat. So here you have My Ultimate List of Korean Foods to Try in South Korea! It has both the Korean and Romanised names for dishes to ensure that I will be able to muddle my way through eating all the things.

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