So we left off at a great moment with the shaman last episode. Let’s see what else he had to say!

So, as we know, Adriana is in two worlds and Monica needs to come back – the shaman was pretty insistent on that last point. And the log necklace is stopping her from being able to return. Then, bombshell time. Cristobal says nothing can live without a soul – and Adriana’s body is dying while the two souls fight to live in her. The shaman says he will perform a ritual to protect her so she can come back, otherwise her body will die. Diego is super angry. He doesn’t want Adriana to go for Monica. Then Adriana says she wants to go to the beach before the ritual. Say what, now? She’s practically unconscious and wants to go for a romantic walk along the beach?!

At the hospital Emi is distraught about the shooting. Jorge turns up with “good news” and says she’s allowed to leave and Emi wants to go home to her own room, to Pacho, and to Marta’s food. Then Cami says Elena is leaving and it’s smiles all round. Well, smiles for Cami and Emi, shocked looks from Lorena.

But alas, we cut to Elena stalking around Emi’s room. Obviously carrying out her new plan. Whatever that is. She puts on gloves, and then takes out her poison and pours it into the hand soap in Emi’s bathroom. Then it’s on to the shampoo and absolutely everything in the bathroom.

At Lupe’s it’s how to run a boarding house 101 time, when Tomas walks in and announces he’s here about granting asylum to Maite and Valeria. To which Maite runs at him, shrieking, and hugs him.

Next thing we know, Emi is home. How on earth did they get her down the stairs at the front door? When did they install ramps?! Gerardo and Jorge have a chat man-to-man. Gerardo says he’s going to get the house put in Cami and Emi’s name, but his lawyers are ironing some stuff out. He tells Jorge not even Elena knows. Apparently the signing away of Monica’s assets happens next week and he doesn’t want Elena to know before then. Hmm, can we trust Gerardo? But then he says he wants to unite his future wife’s family. Hmm.

Meanwhile, Emi and Cami are in the garden and Emi is crying because she’s going to be a burden. Aww it’s so sad! Seriously, Gala Montes needs serious awards for her acting. She’s a superstar! Then Elena tells them they need to come inside for an announcement. She carries on a bit about how much growing up in the mansion meant to her and asks them all for permission to hold her wedding there. Emi says fine as long as Elena goes away forever after that.

While Diego is at the beach, Cristobal and Selma chat. He says there’s no choice, if Monica doesn’t come back to fulfil her duty, Adriana will die. He leaves to go “set up” the ritual in his hotel room. Creepy.

At Rodrigo’s, he and Gabriel are talking about their book with Jennifer. Apparently it’s about everyday superheroes. *yawn*

So, at the beach, it’s mushy-words central. Apparently the beach reminds Adriana of her love with Diego because it’s everlasting. Diego is determined to run away from all of this, but Adriana says for them to love each other forever, Monicana needs to be able to come back.

But onto the most entertaining part of the episode, where Elena tells Jorge she would have liked him to walk her down the aisle, although she knows he will say no. LOL. Why on earth would Elena want Jorge anywhere near her wedding. Sooo…bets are on. Jorge is her father, right? She keeps dropping these subtle hints. Well, subtle for Elena anyway.

Later, Gerardo decides to head to the office but not before Elena interrogates him about why he was talking to Jorge. And then drops a hint that it’s a shame the will won’t allow for them to give the house back to Emi and Cami. I really hope Gerardo knows what he’s doing. Then Lorena pops past to say how proud she is of Elena for being nice to the girls. And then Elena says something simpering about motherhood and Lorena falls for it, hook, line and sinker. ARGH. So maybe Lorena is the most gullible. Anyway, then it seems Eddie turns up! Can’t wait for that interrogation next episode.

At Rodrigo’s, Jennifer and Gabriel are getting ready to leave for San Diego. Why are they leaving again?! Rodrigo decides to throw them a party, and then Eileen shows up with a bunch of baby clothes because she is just a star.

We end with more crying from Diego. Adriana tells him when Monica returns he needs to help her finish up so Adriana can come back. Otherwise Monica can’t rest in peace, and Adriana can’t come back.

And that’s the end of the episode. I feel like that ended in a different way to other episodes – like we’ve reached the final act now. Now it’s going to be down to Monicana coming back and tying up all these loose ends. Bring it on!


  • Where to next?
  • How long before Emiliana starts using stuff in her bathroom and getting sicker?
  • Can we be done with the Elena pregnancy story yet?



4 thoughts on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 138

  1. More than 30 episodes and Eddie and Jennifer still to be in same room. Only Vicki’s funeral it was close!
    Emi won’t be able to shower herself so someone else has to get sick?
    As soon as Elena has a ring on it she will “lose” the baby.
    Oh, can someone make Ricky smile!
    I did not really enjoy this weeks episodes 😦


    1. Yes, I find the episodes where there’s heaps of conversations and little action harder to watch. Plus, it’s time for Diego and Adriana to stop crying. Enough’s enough.

      Good point re: someone else getting sick! Looking forward to seeing what happens next week. Hopefully something big!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Olivia – and so glad to “meet” another fan of the show. Can’t wait to see what happens in the end. I hope SBS puts another telenovela on once this one finishes!


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