10 Reasons to Watch Schitt’s Creek

You’ve probably heard of Schitt’s Creek. I knew it existed for years but was put off by the silly name. Should have known better than to judge a TV show by it’s title! Jane the Virgin, That ’70s Show and Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place? All great comedies. Thankfully, after multiple recommendations, … Continue reading 10 Reasons to Watch Schitt’s Creek


K-drama Recap: Romance is a Bonus Book ep 11 and 12

We are more than halfway through Romance is a Bonus Book and there’s still so much we don’t know. Things definitely escalated in this week’s episodes – especially after last week’s cliffhanger! So let’s get this recap party started. Remember – spoilers are ahead, as always!

K-drama Recap: Romance is a Bonus Book ep 5 and 6

Well. Having seen episode 6, I’d say episode 5 almost qualifies as a ‘filler’ episode – where nothing much really happens because there’s going to be some big reveals in the following episode. And reveals there were! Let’s dive in to this week’s recap. Remember: spoilers are ahead!


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