If you’re a Gilly, you’ll already know that the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer was released today. You’ll not only know it but you’ll have seen it several times and paused it to analyse every 1-second clip for spoilers.

By now you’ve probably noticed the big things like Emily in a t-shirt and jeans, Stars Hollow: The Musical, Lorelai seeing a therapist, Jess’ hair, the random pig running through town, Miss Patty’s dramatic weight loss and Kirk’s beard. Oh and the Gilmore Guys cameo in the Dragonfly dining room. Well, I noticed some other stuff. Unimportant stuff, some might say. But who’s to say what’s important? Come on, I’ll take you on a journey back through the most joyous 2 minutes and 26 seconds we’ve collectively experienced since 2007 (when the last episode aired).

1. The shawl on the mannequin

Gilmore Girls Trailer Lorelai Shawl

Do you think Lorelai’s finally cracked the Etsy market?

2. The old photo on the fridge

Gilmore Girls Trailer Fridge

Okay, so they’ve got a new fridge. That much is obvious from the big red bow. But more interestingly, there’s a mysterious old-timey photo of an old-timey car and old-timey people on the fridge door! Who are they and what’s their connection to the Gilmores?

3. The algebra textbook on Rory’s dressing table

Gilmore Girls Trailer Rory Room Algebra Textbook

What is an algebra textbook doing in Rory’s room? Is she thinking about becoming a maths teacher? Is that her new career path? She did get a 760 in math for her PSATs (and a 740 verbal FYI) so it’s not that impossible.

4. The guy on the gym ball in the dining room

Gilmore Girls Trailer Gym Ball Gilmore Guys

Is the Dragonfly hosting a party of exercise junkies? Or is this guy just super unaware that exercising in front of people eating is gross?

5. The outdoors

Gilmore Girls Trailer Lorelai Outdoors

It’s not often that they film “the outdoors” and when they do it’s still usually on the Warner Brothers backlot (e.g. when that deer hit Rory). So when Lorelai is standing in some kind of actual bushland – wearing flannel – it makes me think WTF?

6. The masquerade mask at Emily’s

Gilmore Girls Trailer Masquerade Mask Emily

Is this a strange decorative piece or did she attend a masquerade ball the night before? Maybe it’s a prop accidentally brought over from the Pretty Little Liars set.

7. The old guy with the bow tie

Gilmore Girls Trailer Jess Publishing

Who is he? Does he approve of Rory and Jess day drinking in his place of work?

8. Where is Miss Patty?

Gilmore Girls Trailer Miss Patty Studio

Miss Patty is usually standing in the doorway smoking while instructing her dance class. Is she inside or has she been abducted by aliens?

9. Sookie’s cake

Gilmore Girls Trailer Sookie Cake

Is it meant to be Stars Hollow? I think I can make out a horse coming out of a cloud. But what are those blocks on either end?

10. Logan’s guitars

Gilmore Girls Trailer Logan GuitarsDo you think he actually knows how to play them or are they part of some pretentious collection? P.S. Is anyone else getting Christopher vibes?

Did you notice anything else unimportant?


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