WOrds in Deep Blue Cath Crowley

Cath Crowley is one of my favourite Australian YA authors. She can do no wrong in my eyes. And while I’m still not over the ending of the Gracie Faltrain series (thinking about it now still hurts *sob*), when her latest novel, Words in Deep Blue, was released I knew I had to read it. If you’ve never read any of Cath Crowley’s books or are considering reading Words in Deep Blue, here are 4 reasons why you should drop everything and start reading!

1. It is set in a bookstore

Words in Deep Blue
Source: Unsplash

This isn’t your run of the mill Barnes & Noble, Howling Books is a fictional independent second-hand bookstore in the suburbs of Melbourne. Crowley has created a book lovers paradise. It has a reading garden and a “Letter Library” which is a section of books where customers can leave notes in the margins, circle poignant passages or put letters inside for other people to find. I loved the idea of having a letter library and I wish that it was a real thing. I would spend hours reading through other people’s letters and notes because that’s the kind of voyeuristic person I am. Basically, I want to live at Howling Books.


2. Book-dropping

Words in Deep Blue
Source: Pexels

Words in Deep Blue is peppered with references to other novels and authors. It’s a great way to get recommendations of other things to read. And not just classics. I was particularly happy to see Crowley mention Summer Skin by Kirsty Eagar (one of my other favourite reads from this year) and John Green as well as books like A Visit From the Goon Squad and On The Road. If you are like me and love books about books then you will love this.


3. Plenty of bants

Words in Deep Blue Cath Crowley

The snappy dialogue and banter made this a very entertaining read. Henry is a typical boy i.e. clueless. But he is still endearing and charming. I loved the dialogue back and forth between him and Rachel. Henry’s little sister George who is a bit off-beat and a lot sarcastic was also a favourite character of mine.


4. Love

Cath Crowley
Source: Pexels

Words in Deep Blue is a love story. Not only is it a love story between Henry and Rachel, two best friends, but it is a love story about books and bookstores. And really, what’s not to love about that?


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