Dustin Stranger Things Lights

I, like the rest of the Internet, recently became obsessed with the Netflix Original tv series Stranger Things. It’s a thrilling supernatural mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire 8 episodes. It also kept my work colleagues thoroughly annoyed as I didn’t shut-up about how great it was for weeks. The cast are all exceptional, however, there is one standout character for me in the series. A plump, toothless kid who loves chocolate pudding. Dustin Henderson.

I know everyone is like “Barb is Bae” but Dustin is the real star of the show. Here are 5 reasons why Dustin Henderson is the ultimate 80s kids and best character on Stranger Things.

  1. He’s a total marshmallow. One look at his adorable face and your insides are goo.

    Dustin Henderson Stranger Things
    Source: Netflix/Stranger Things
  2. He has got his priorities in order. A deadly monster is on the loose and his life is in danger,  but first – chocolate pudding.

    Dustin Stranger Things Chocolate Pudding
    Source: Netflix/Stranger Things
  3. He is down for a group hug.

    Source: Netflix/Stranger Things
  4. He’s fiercely protective of his friends

    Stranger Things Dustin
    Source: Netflix/Stranger Things
  5. He puts on a horrible Australian accent but makes up for it when he asks if we eat kangaroos for breakfast.

Dustin Stranger Things

Have you watched Stranger Things? Who is your favourite character from the show?


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