Why Fran Fine is BFF Material

We all know her as the big-haired, loud-mouthed, Jewish heroine from The Nanny. But Fran Fine is so much more than just her hair, mouth and heritage. She’s major BFF material and here’s why.

She Loves to Eat

Whether you want to try a new sushi restaurant, order pizza or gab over some cheesecake, Fran is down. She can list all 31 Baskin and Robbins flavours, she’s always got snacks in her purse (exhibit A below) and she eats double decker pizza slices (exhibit B below) cause “the body doesn’t know”. She’s the ultimate snacking buddy.

Fran Fine Food Purse
Source: The Fine Nanny
Fran Fine The Nanny Pizza GIF
Source: GIPHY

…and Eat…

The Nanny Fran Fine Chicken GIF
Source: The Fine Nanny
Fran Mallomar The Nanny
Source: tumblr

…and Eat!

Fran Pizza The Nanny
Source: tumblr

She’s Got Style, She’s Got Flair

If you need to borrow clothes (if you can fit into them), freshen your make-up or just need some style tips, she’s got you. She’s always fabulous even in her dressing gown! Mini skirts, headbands, layering, black tights, loud prints, cute accessories – she’s the Katy Perry of the 90s. Fran’s style should be forever be admired, envied and emulated. P.S. I need that heart purse in my life.

Fran Fine Officialseanpenn Collage Fashion
Source: officialseanpenn
The Nanny Fran Fine
Source: Tumblr
Fran Fine Robe Style
Source: The Fine Nanny

She’s Fluent in Yiddish

You never know when Yiddish might come in handy. Fran taught me important words (mostly insults) like meshuggeneh (crazy idiot), yenta (gossip/busybody), tuches (bum), shmegegge (annoying idiot) and nuchslep (tagalong)! Oy, there are so many more to learn.

Nuchslep The Nanny GIF
Source: tumblr

She Aims to Misbehave

Fran always ends up in a bit of a pickle. Sometimes it’s sheer bad luck but mostly it’s because she’s purposely breaking rules, totally clueless or just bein’ Fran. Some of her better moments: dressing up as Grandma Yetta to avoid being recognised by Elton John, dangling from a billboard and doing her business in the fake bathroom on the set of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Who doesn’t love a little adventure?

Billy Ray Cyrus The Nanny
Source: tumblr
Source: GIPHY
Source: GIPHY

She Cries…a Lot

You wouldn’t think this would be a quality one looks for in a friend but as much as she cries in self-pity (which is a LOT), she also cries with you. She’s sensitive and empathetic that Fran.

Fran Fine Crying
Source: The Fine Nanny
Source: tumblr
Source: tumblr
The Nanny Fran Fine Crying
Source: The Fine Nanny

She’s Celebrity-Crazy

She lives for star-spotting and will do anything to meet a famous person (lucky she lives with Maxwell Sheffield so she’s always got access)! The pages of her celebrity memory scrapbook are filled with the likes of Elton John, Celine Dion, Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg. I wouldn’t mind an intro to Bette Midler…

The Nanny Jason Alexander
Source: The Fine Nanny
The Nanny Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman
Source: GIPHY

She’s a Shop-a-holic

Okay so she has a problem with shopping. She was actually sent to Shoppers Anonymous. But the girl has an eye for gifts and I for one would love to be on the receiving end of a Fran Fine pressie.

Fran Fine The Nanny
Source: tumblr
The Nanny Fran Fine Shopping Exercise
Source: The Fine Nanny


Would you want to be BFF with Fran? If not, WHY NOT, you meshuggeneh?

Fran Val the Nanny
Source: tumblr
Val Fran The Nanny
Source: GIPHY

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