These days I find that I watch shows once and then move on. But there’s a handful of shows that I find I can (and often do) go back and re-watch from the start. Merlin is one of these shows. It starts out as a fun family show but it turns into a mature drama that often goes to hilarious and dark places (sometimes at the same time).

So strap yourself in for the adventure. And don’t be fooled by the small number of reasons to watch. These reasons are legit.

merlin magic
Source: Merlin Wikia

Here’s a quick intro for you. Merlin is the story of the sorcerer Merlin (obvs). But this Merlin does not have a long grey beard. This is a young Merlin, who arrives in Camelot when Arthur is still a prince and is yet to become the legendary King Arthur. It’s the story behind the legend, set in Camelot when Uther is King and where magic is outlawed and punishable by death. Merlin becomes Prince Arthur’s manservant and learns that it is his destiny to keep Arthur safe so that he can be king and unite the lands of Albion. All the while Merlin has to hide the fact that he is the most powerful sorcerer to walk the earth. Not an easy job.

So here are six reasons why Merlin could be your new favourite show…


I’m not going to lie. This is probably my favourite bromance ever. The relationship between Arthur and Merlin is the heart of this show and they really are the best of friends. They may tease each other endlessly but they trust each other implicitly. Arthur would lay down his life for Merlin even though he is his servant.

merlin hug
Source: Rebloggy
merlin and arthur
Source: Aarin Fantasy


He is just so lovable. He’s clumsy, brave, selfless, loyal…you name it. He puts his life in danger every single day to help Arthur become king and he never seeks any credit for what he’s done. And through all this he is still so upbeat and is always willing to help anyone.

merlin falling
Source: GIF Soup

The legend

You don’t have to be a scholar to know a bit about Arthurian legend. I’ll just throw some names out there…Excalibur, the Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot, Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde. You’ll get to see all these characters along with some others from the legend which aren’t as famous.

merlin sword in the stone
Source: Rebloggy

Eye candy

You may not realise it but there is some serious eye candy in this show. Just look at the Knights of the Round Table. They are introduced slowly into the show but they all come together and become Arthur’s most trusted knights. They do some serious questing together and form a great friendship.

merlin knights
Source: Fanpop

The relationships

There is so many different ships in this show – not all of them are romantic pairings. I love Merlin and Gwen’s relationship as they trust each other implicitly regardless of how strange the situation. Then there’s Merlin and Gaius, a loving father/son relationship. And of course there’s the main love story between Arthur and Gwen, which is made more exciting by the fact that he’s the prince and she is a servant.

merlin and gwen
Source: Livejournal

It’s funny

I love the way it seamlessly moves from intense moments of foreshadowing to hilarious banter. Even in the later seasons when the stakes are unbelievable high, there’s still heaps of laughs to be had. Arthur and Merlin have great comedic timing and are the source of most amusement.

merlin laughing
Source: Photobucket



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