EOP Recap

What better way is there to spend this Easter Monday public holiday, than watching new episodes of En Otra Piel (In Her Skin)?! And with only a handful of episodes left until the finale, the drama is certainly amping up. Let’s get into it.

Let’s start with the idiot doctor. He’s at the house when Emi loses feeling in one of her hands. He tells her she needs to calm down because stress can be “externalised”. *eye roll* I’d like to see him be calm if he suddenly lost feeling in a limb. He’s completely hopeless.

Meanwhile, Gerardo is threatening Pachuco with a gun, demanding to know where Elena is. When Gerardo threatens to call the police, Pachuco agrees to tell Gerardo everything. He tells Gerardo the real story behind the shooting. Ooooh, then he tells Gerardo that Elena ordered the murder of Ernesto! DING DING DING! Finally Gerardo, you find out what Elena has been up to. Mind you, Pachuco has managed to keep the new plans a secret – the plans to destroy the whole Larrea mansion and everyone inside. Let’s not forget that. So, Gerardo tells Pachuco they’re going to see Elena and if it’s true, Pachuco needs to kill Elena. Yikes. This is intense. Yikes. Then there’s a tussle and Pachuco manages to get away! ARGH!

Camila speaks with Eddie. He is insisting the shooting was a sets up. Afterwards, she speaks to Ricardo. Always the voice of reason, he says if the cops are suspicious they have a reason.

At the bookshop, Eileen runs in (wearing a super cute dress) and needs to speak to Rodrigo. I totally forgot  that Eileen is currently filming a tv version of the movie, the script of which was stolen from Rodrigo (and caused his meltdown). So, anyway, she tells her producer the truth and now the producer is willing to take a new script and produce it. Rodrigo is ecstatic and tells Eileen he DOES have another script. It’s about two bodies and one soul. One is a waitress and one is a concert pianist. Hang on…sound familiar? OMG Then Gabriel comes by! Eileen asks Gabriel to take the minutes on her meeting with Rodrigo, and insists the villain in the new screenplay be called Camila, Camila the Vampire. LOL. I love Eileen.

At Jorge’s, he’s been confessing to Selma about his possible fatherhood. Selma thinks that Lorena is manipulating the situation to force Jorge into defending Elena. Then she asks the important question: if it turns out Elena is Jorge’s daughter, will he still help Monica? Oops, then Elena turns up. Geez, I’ve even got butterflies. Elena is all tearful and says she knows everything. She milks the story for all it’s worth. How happy she is knowing he could be her father, that she’d dreamed of this her whole life. It’s so over the top. And knowing Jorge, who is at times just as bad as Camila, he’s going to fall for it hook, line and sinker. She’s about to hug him when he gets a call from the hospital about Emi. And as he rushes off, we see the smirk on Elena’s face.

This whole time, Lorena has been wandering around a sketchy neighbourhood and she’s found some guy online who sells poisons. She wants to know about a slow acting poison that causes paralysis. Don’t tell me she’s actually trying to do something right and find out what’s hurting Emi? Or is she planning on hurting someone else? Anyway, this dude tells her that such a poison is an urban legend. Then Lorena says she doesn’t want the poison, she wants the antidote. The dude agrees he can try and locate an antidote. Hmm…maybe she’s seen the light?

At the hospital, the doctor tells everyone he doesn’t like what he sees on Emi’s tests. And he still doesn’t know what’s causing the problems but his colleagues think it’s a toxic substance thats poisoning her slowly. Finally. How did they manage to come to that conclusion? Of course, by this stage, Elena has followed and is overhearing this whole conversation. And the doctor says they need to examine her soap and shampoo. So of course, Elena is going to rush off and clear everything. Surely… Yep, she calls Susana and asks her to empty out all of Emi’s toiletries. Susana seems to be a bit uneasy about doing this. She thinks God and Monica’s ghost are watching her every move. When Elena approaches the group, Monicana screams that Elena is the reason Emi is so sick, Cami asks Elena to leave, and then Elena tells everyone that Gerardo has admitted that Monicana is his lover! Cami still tells her to leave, and Jorge says he doesn’t believe a single word she says. YES! Go Cami! Go Jorge!

In other news, Maite and Valeria have been telling their story to a judge in order to get their papers. I absolutely love seeing Tomas interact with these two – well, particularly Maite who is very prone to dramatics. She asks him why Adriana wasn’t there and what does he think about the situation going on with Adriana and Diego and he couldn’t get outta there fast enough!

Back at the mansion, Susana sneaks into Emi’s room and starts replacing the shampoo and hand soap. Dammit Susana! And as she’s about to throw it away she hears Marta on the phone to Cami talking about it. And rushes off. Just as Cami is asking Marta to collect all the toiletries to bring in. Who knew this close to the end of the series things would still be so frustrating?!

Elena heads home and gets a frantic call from Pachuco, demanding more money because Gerardo took it all. As she’s asking what he told Gerardo, we see Gerardo lurking in the shadows behind her. Confrontation time! He throws the money in her face and then grabs her around the neck. End of episode. Holy. Moly.


  • Is this the end for Elena or will she be able to talk her way out of it?
  • Is Susana going to feel guilty enough to give the shampoo to Marta? Or will she be a coward and throw the stuff in the bin?
  • How does Selma feel about Jorge now all this stuff is going down? Things are definitely on hold for them!

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