EOP Recap

Well. Last episode left us with quite the cliffhanger. Is Gerardo going to follow through on his threat? Let’s take a look!

So, we left off with Gerardo threatening Elena. She actually looks terrified for once. But we cut away from that scene straight away. They’re going to string this out for a while I guess.

At the hospital, Monicana is having a go at Lorena who has been missing all day. Monicana forgets who she is and starts talking about Emi being her daughter. Lorena is like, hold up, you’re her tutor. And Monicana is like, nope, I am Emi’s mother. Hmm. Is she going to actually confess here? Jorge ends up breaking the fight up and taking Lorena away. He is like, you’re guilty too if you know something and aren’t speaking up. Come on Lorena, say something! Meanwhile, Diego is comforting Monicana and she agrees to let Eddie in on the case.

At the mansion, Susana is trying to feel Marta out about the poison. Marta is definitely on to her.

Back with Elena and Gerardo, Elena pulls the baby card and Gerardo let’s her go. Then she says he was an idiot to believe the lies coming out of Pachuco’s mouth. Don’t fall for this Gerardo! Elena says she will tell him everything. She says Ernesto hated Gerardo and was obsessed with Elena. And that Ernesto wanted to kill Gerardo and she got scared. Come on Gerardo! Don’t fall! He says he loved Monica and that the only thing left to do now is turn himself in. Things just got very interesting. Elena thinks he couldn’t because they’re married and therefore can’t testify against each other. But he seems fairly determined. Let’s see if he follows through. As he’s about to walk out Elena drops the father bombshell on him. Which earns the most colossal eye roll from Gerardo. He’s the king of them. Turns out, Elena is thrilled with the idea of inheriting Jorge’s fortune. Gerardo tells her to find a specialist for help and that he will never love her. And he leaves. Ohh. Take that Elena.

Then, Cami asks if she can talk to Monicana in private. She wants to know if Monicana and Gerardo really are an item. Jorge interrupts and says he doesn’t like how Cami falls for Elena’s lies. But Monicana insists on explaining. She admits to falling in love with Gerardo but now it’s over. Cami seems to accept that.

Diego bumps into Eddie at Lupe’s and tells Eddie he needs to find out about the poison that’s killing Emi. Eddie says he knows of some spider venom that has been used in China that causes the same symptoms. He says he will try his best to find out something.

Elsewhere, Gerardo calls the police station and says he wants to discuss a crime! Gerardo tells the Inspector he wants to come by straight away. Who wants to place bets something happens to Gerardo on the way there? Or that he chickens out.

The next morning, Susana comes past Elena’s apartment with the bottles of shampoo. Elena bribes her with a new bracelet and for once, Susana isn’t jumping for joy.

Gerardo meets with his lawyer and signs away his assets. Then his assistant comes in and says she’s booked his flight to New York. He asks her to promise not to tell Elena where he’s going. So….he’s running away? Did he go to the police station after all that? And he’s only going to New York? Hello? She’s going to find you pretty easily if that’s how “far” you’re going!

At the hospital, the doctor turns up and says they found no toxic substances. Surprise, surprise.

Then Gerardo calls Monica and asks her to come to New York with him. She says he can’t leave. He says he needs to work things out with Elena. She says it’s time he knew the truth and to meet her at the mansion in two hours. And that’s the end. The haunting, ghost music is leading us to believe she’s actually going to tell him to truth about who she really is, which is very exciting. So until next week everyone!


  • If you were running away from Elena, where would you run to?
  • Is Susana going to come to her senses?
  • Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of carrying a recording device everywhere they go?
  • Did Gerardo go to the police station?
  • Is Monicana really going to tell Gerardo everything? What is his reaction going to be?

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