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We’re getting close to the end peeps. There’s only 154 episodes of In Her Skin (En Otra Piel) and we finished 132 this week. So the time has come, I feel, to start a list of predictions for the final episodes. I absolutely can’t wait to find out how this series is going to end and I have a fair few ideas. Some are completely unrealistic. Although…given some of the crazy stuff that’s happened on this show, they probably aren’t totally out of the ballpark. Here are my predictions below. Of course, they are assuming that all the characters mentioned are actually alive by the end of the series.


Elena comes to a sticky end. I want her in the yellow jail pants in Mexico. But maybe she will die? Maybe she accidentally poisons herself? Or maybe Gerardo finally decides he’s had enough and kills her?


Adriana and Diego have an incredibly romantic and emotional reunion. I know that’s already sort of happened, but I’ve got a gut feeling that Monicana will be back next week so I am thinking a ‘permanent’ emotional reunion. Preferably while he is shirtless. I really want this to live up to my expectations. We’ve watched Diego be put through the wringer with Monicana fainting and awakening as Adriana, only to collapse and come back as Monica a split second later. He has pined and pined and pined. He could have had any female on the show eventually, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t shipped him with Valeria a few times. But his heart belongs to Adriana and I can’t wait to see them together.


Monica has a heartfelt farewell with her daughters before she hands the body back to Adriana. This is going to be a tearjerker. Camila and Emiliana finally finding out their mother has been there the whole time, only to find out they will have to say goodbye. We assume anyway. Surely there’s no way they can bring Monica’s body back so she can live on? That would be super creepy.


Gabriel and Rodrigo have great success with their book. Rodrigo is able to financially support Marta and actually be a decent husband. This might be a long shot. Is there such a thing as too many happy endings? Admittedly, this is the first telenovela I’ve ever watched so I’m not sure what the protocol is when these shows end. The book will also be great news for Gabriel and his family – including the baby on the way.


Eddie and Valeria finally, finally, finally, get together. Up until this post, they’ve been casting heart eyes at each other and skirting around each other. They’re clearly in love but he still hasn’t made a move.


Speaking of Eddie, one of our readers, suggested (in the comments of our recap) that Eddie might be reunited with his long lost sister – Jennifer! We think this is a great theory and had to include it in this list! To review, though this is testing my memory somewhat, Eddie became a cop because his sister was kidnapped and his dream has been to find her once again. Could his sister really be Jennifer? Testing my memory even further…do we know much about Jennifer’s back story? Apart from being Rottweiler’s ex?


We finally find out what’s going on with Jorge. Apart from the rest of the details of his “near death” experience, part of me is wondering if there hasn’t been a good old fashioned twin swap and he’s been Julian all along. There seems to have been a lot of time spent talking about how both brothers were in love with Monica, and how Jorge and Julian were estranged. Maybe Jorge was really the father to Camila and Emiliana all along? I don’t know…but either way, I think there’s more than meets the eye and I am looking forward to knowing what it is. And put it this way, if he’s their father, then they won’t be alone at the end of the show. They will have actually got some sense of family back, and Monica can rest in peace, which would be a beautiful way to end In Her Skin!


Lupe finds true and lasting love with her seventh (or is it eighth?) husband. We haven’t seen much of Lupe lately. I can only assume she’s out dating some new guy. I miss her, bring her back for some fun!


I don’t want this whole list to be about everyone finding love so…how about Selma finding out the truth about Esteban? That’s going to be heartbreaking, but surely everything will be out in the open at the end. I was really upset when Esteban died. Selma is so lovely and knowing that she was going to finally tell Esteban how she felt and then he was cruelly taken away from her was just heartbreaking stuff. And now I am going to make this once again about finding love…


Selma and Jorge. I think it’s on. Anyone else?


Eileen lands a dream acting role and moves away. But before that, I would love for her to be true friends with Camila. In Her Skin has given them some truly great scenes together and I think that if Camila treated Ricardo a bit better, Eileen would respect her more and they could just be besties.


What other predictions do you have? We would love to hear them. Drop us a line below!


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