New week, new episodes and we are getting closer and closer to the finish line for this very addictive Telemundo telenovela, In Her Skin (En Otra Piel). I’m starting to get very excited about how this is going to finish. But let’s jump in and see how Episode 133 goes down.

Last week we ended with Selma telling Adriana what’s been going down – that is, that Monica died. Selma hands over the video that Monicana made. Hopefully if Monicana can’t come back, this might help Adriana understand and perhaps put on a show for Emiliana’s sake. Anyway, Selma leaves after handing the video over – I thought she might have stuck around to answer the questions Adriana is surely going to have!

Meanwhile in the basement, Gerardo is trying to figure out how the piano is playing itself, when Elena comes down with a gun and starts shooting at the piano! LOL! If Gerardo didn’t think she was crazy before, his face certainly says he believes it now! Jennifer is upstairs and hears the gunshots and gets out of bed. Marta is also creeping through the kitchen, having heard the shots. Gerardo all but tackles Elena and grabs the gun while she’s screaming her head off. And OMG, then Marta comes down the stairs into the secret room. And this is where the plot thickens. Gerardo explains he and Elena heard the piano, came downstairs to shoot what must have been a burglar. Only, Marta said she couldn’t heard any piano. Only gunshots. Elena accuses her of lying and Marta is clearly terrified of her. Elena is seriously losing the plot. I really love Gerardo in this moment. He is the king of eye rolling.

At the hospital, the guards finally give up restraining Diego, at Jorge’s request (remember, last week, Diego tried to catch Pachuco poisoning Emiliana but security latched on to him instead, letting Pachuco run away). Diego explains what he saw to Jorge. He also tells Jorge he knows Pachuco used to work for Carlos Ricalde. Thank goodness Jorge believes him. Now they just need to find the needle. Diego also confesses he is working with Eddie to help capture Pachuco. Frustratingly they all seem to believe Pachuco is doing this to avenge Carlos and just aren’t putting it together that Elena is behind it all.

Back at Lupe’s, Adriana goes upstairs to Valeria and Maite who are dying to know what’s going on. Adriana is equally confused and then cottons on that six months have passed since she last remembers seeing Diego (on their anniversary). She demands to know how the three of them met. Maite caves and tells her about Carlos Ricalde and Adriana looks like she’s about to pass out. Maite asks Adriana if she remembers him, and she flashes back to the time she cut him on the face (of course, that was BEFORE she turned into Monicana). Later when Adriana is alone, she continues flashing back to what happened with Carlos, and Diego walks in. She just wants to sleep and be held by Diego. Why she doesn’t ask him some questions, I don’t know. It’s like he walks in and she forgets absolutely everything in the world. Can’t say I blame her, really. He is kind of distractingly handsome!

After the shoot-out, Elena heads back to her room takes a phone call from Pachuco. He admits he failed in killing Emiliana because Diego attacked him. Nooooooo! Elena isn’t happy. At all.

Next morning, Marta has decided the best plan of action is to send Gabriel and Jennifer off to a friend’s place in San Diego! Gabriel doesn’t want to leave while he is working on the comic with Rodrigo. Lol. #priorities Of course, Susana is listening at the door, so something is bound to go wrong with this move.

Having taken a call from Pachuco last night, where he admits he failed at eliminating Emi thanks to Diego, Elena pays Pachuco a visit. She wants to know everything about Diego and her face means business. He tells her Carlos was obsessed with Adriana, but she only had eyes for Diego, and that infuriated Carlos. He also told her Diego escaped from jail – and that he was in jail, accused of killing Jacinto, Adriana’s brother. You can pretty much see the cogs turning in Elena’s brain. How is she going to use this?

At the house, Gerardo is drinking and staring at a photo of Monica and music is playing. Lorena walks in and wants to know why he’s drinking and playing such loud music. He wants to know if she believes in ghosts which freaks her right out. They have a bit of a heart-to-heart about how they’ve both betrayed Monica. Lorena tells him it’s not too late for him to give Camila and Emi back their inheritance and he can feel better about himself (yeah, right). But he says he deserves this for all the evil he’s done. Yes, Gerardo, you do. It’s times like these I wonder if he really did love Monica? Then he tells her he witnessed the piano playing itself and she got even more freaked out.  He even says he actually did fall in love with Monica and that all he ever felt for Elena was passion. He goes on to say he only every felt true love with Monica. Argh! Gerardo! Why did you get so sucked in by Elena and all this? But then, I realise he’s actually talking about feeling true love for Monicana!! Which I guess it kind of the same thing…but not really. Really doing my head in at this point.

At Lupe’s, Adriana starts watching the video. She sees herself on the screen and her eyes are huge. And Diego walks in. Neither of them can believe their ears. But at the same time Adriana looks very sympathic to the story – which is a side of her we haven’t seen recently. I feel like all we see is her being quite rough and aggressive, or else, jumping on Diego. So this new side is refreshing. It seems like they both believe this story could be true. Adriana wants to know what she’s been doing these past few months and Diego tells her she’s been tutoring Emiliana. Can’t wait to see her find out about her relationship with Gerardo!

At the hospital, Ricardo and Rodrigo are visiting Emi. Rodrigo gives her a couple of travel books and that just makes her more upset because she will never be able to travel. Good one, Rodrigo! Rodrigo is telling her to cheer up, which is extremely rich of him given how much time on this show he has spent sulking and drinking away his many sorrows. *eye roll*

Finally, in the cafeteria, Jorge and Camila talk about Diego. She wants to go to the police but Jorge says they can’t without proof and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with her. They talk a bit about security and then Jorge decides now is the right time to tell Camila he wants to get custody of Emi in order to keep her safe. But does Camila think this is a good idea?! Stay tuned!


  • Is Gerardo betraying Monica’s memory by falling in love with Monicana, when they are the same person? And if he feels true love for Monicana, does that mean he really did love Monica?
  • Thoughts on Marta? I feel like she might be the type dying to protect Emiliana and Camila? I don’t know…I just got bad vibes from this episode.
  • How will Adriana react when she finds out about her romance with Gerardo?

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