Be warned: spoilers are aplenty. Don’t read if you don’t want to know!

So, we left off last week knowing that Elena had found the secret room and was now going through all the stuff. Plus, she realised that Monicana (our name for Monica/Adriana) was probably behind all the ghostly piano-playing. Dun dun dun!!!

Meanwhile, Diego is in the garden drinking a long, cool something. Because HE is a long, cool something. Seriously I think I just watch this show because he looks so attractive. But then Gerardo come over and wants to know exactly who Adriana is! They end up having a wrestling match until Susanna catches them and runs to Elena. Seriously…the fight scenes in this show. Hilarious.

Meanwhile at Casa Selma, she’s having a pow wow with Jorge and Monicana. Remember, Jorge just found out Elena killed his brother, Julian. They spend most of the show talking in circles about whether they have enough to go to the police about Elena. Unrelated, is anyone else shipping Jorge and Monicana? Or at least wishing that Monica could come back and live happily ever after with him? Because I do. I love Jorge!

The big drama of tonight’s episode is Emiliana. She’s taken to her bed in a fit of depression and she’s next on Elena’s hit list, when Elena comes in with a tray of pancakes. Come on Elena, don’t do it!! Emiliana, DON’T EAT THE PANCAKES!! The music is telling her no but, of course, she goes ahead!! Jennifer finds her some time later, unconscious and she is rushed to hospital! Everyone gathers at the hospital and the doctor tries to tell them all she’s fine and proceeds to blame this episode on too many hormones. Seriously?

So, who forgot Ricardo was let out of prison last week? I sure did. I really don’t care for this stupid storyline. And lo and hold, there’s Camila at the door and the strains of Para Olvidarte by Ender Thomas bursts our ear drums (for the first of many, many times in this episode). I guess I grudgingly ship them too. (Speaking of ships, when is Rodrigo going to get a grip and stop being such an idiot? He just can’t get it right with Marta can he?) So Ricardo and Camila have a huge fight over how he can’t trust her and seeing her hurts too much and Camila leaves in tears. Then he has a heart to heart with his mother who essentially tells him to get a grip (well said, Tita) and then has another one with Eileen – who is one of my favourite characters. Things are so much less angsty when she’s around.

With five minutes to go we check in briefly with Maite and Anselmo at the bar. Remember last week Maite told Anselmo to bugger off because she found out he was the one who stole her money when she and Valeria first arrived? He’s trying to pay her back and she’s having none of it.

And finally, the cliffhanger, Adriana is leaving the hospital and of course, Gerardo comes after her. And Elena sees them. OMG and she sees Gerardo passionately kiss Monicana!! Uh oh, you’re totes in the firing line now Gerardo!


  • Is Selma ever going to find out the truth about Esteban’s death?
  • What’s in the box, has Susanna delivered to Elena?
  • When is Camila going to find out the truth about Monicana? How many nicknames does Monicana have to say before Camila realises her mum is speaking?
  • What is the record for the number of times Para Olvidarte can play in one episode?
  • Who is the better fighter? Diego or Gerardo? LOL

Recap: Episode 122 coming soon!


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