Once again, spoilers for In Her Skin are fair game, so don’t read ahead if you don’t want to know!

So let’s review, last episode we left off with Elena catching Gerardo and Monicana in a passionate embrace outside the hospital. If looks could kill Elena! Meanwhile WHY is Monicana kissing him back?!

At the bar Maite and Anselmo are arguing. I love Maite. She holds her own and she’s great. Later at Mrs Lupe’s, she’s whinging to Valeria about Anselmo. And Valeria realises that Maite is in love despite Anselmo’s indiscretions. Awwww!

It’s Jennifer and Gabriel’s turn for a fight this time round. Jennifer’s been listening to stories of his past from Susanna and decides to give Gabriel the cold shoulder. They have a big blew ending in a confrontation with Susanna where Marta has to intervene and admit she did see Susanna and Gabriel kissing. While Jennifer forgives Gabriel for his flirty past in the end, she still kicks him out of her room, so I think things are still rocky.

Meanwhile at the hospital Emiliana wakes up and doesn’t know why she’s there. Camila comes in and instead of talking about Emiliana being sick, they talk about boys. Go figure. Emiliana won’t eat, gives Lorena the cold shoulder, and then ends up being released later that day! Crisis over, I guess?

Lorena and Jorge have a chat and Jorge insinuates that Lorena might know what Elena has been up to, causing Lorena to run away like a scared rabbit.

Monicana and Gerardo have a long fight outside the hospital where he begs her to come back to him and she scathingly tells him where to go. Oy. So much drama.

Eddie turns up at Mrs Lupe’s and tells Diego he wants help finding Ricalde’s partner – Pachuco, but he wants Adriana to help. Diego won’t take the deal and says he would rather go to jail than involve Adriana. Then Valeria walks in and Eddie asks her out for ice cream and the argument is on hold for now.

Back at the hospital Emiliana won’t eat and just wants to see Monicana.

Ricardo and Eileen are chatting over lunch. She wants to get to the bottom of the nude photo scandal. She asks him did Camila look like she was enjoying herself with Ernesto. Haha, Ricardo is seriously clueless. Hello, listen to Eileen, you idiot! Camila was asleep in the photos and he realises maybe Camila was drugged and taken advantage of. And then he acts surprised when Eileen says Camila was worried. #totallyclueless

At Selma’s house Monicana is upset about rearranging custody for Emiliana. She let’s slip that Jorge died once and it wouldn’t be good for that to get out, if they want him to be able to have custody of Emiliana. So obviously that’s going to be part of whatever the next storyline is going to be. Stay tuned.

Finally, Elena has a meltdown and calls Camila and says she must speak with her urgently. Camila turns up and so does¬†Gerardo. And OMG, Elena’s showing them the secret room and tells them Monicana¬†is behind the creepy music! What’s up next for Monicana? How will Gerardo and Camila react to this news?


  • Is Elena even really pregnant? Surely not and therefore when is Gerardo going to find out?
  • When will Lorena wake up to herself?
  • When is Eddie going to kiss Valeria?



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