K-drama Recap: Romance is a Bonus Book ep 3 and 4


I’ve got to say this show is making me want to wrap myself in chunky knitwear, curl up with a book for a week and eat kimchi stew. Anyone else? I’m in Australia where we’ve just come out of a heatwave (so knitwear isn’t really appropriate), and while I might have access to books all day, I certainly don’t know how to make kimchi stew. Anyway, enough about me and what this show is doing to me. Let’s dive into episodes 3 and 4 of Romance is a Bonus Book. Beware: spoilers ahead!

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K-drama Recap: Romance is a Bonus Book ep 1 and 2


K-drama fans, there’s a new release on our Netflix screens – and Aussie fans, this includes us! Romance is a Bonus Book just started airing in Korea and it looks like we will be getting episodes just one day later than Korean viewers.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of this drama. As an editor and book nerd, anything set in a publishing house immediately draws me in, and Romance is a Bonus Book didn’t disappoint. I’ll be recapping the episodes weekly. So spoilers ahead, and let’s dive in!

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The Roswell Reboot is Not an Echo of the Original

roswellnewmexico; roswell; roswellnm

“Every small town has a story, but my hometown has a legend.” These are the opening words of Roswell, New Mexico, the 2019 reboot of the 1999 TV series Roswell. Just like the original, it begins with narration from the female lead. But unlike her predecessor Liz Parker, Liz Ortecho doesn’t journal. The two shows will have similarities but Roswell, New Mexico will be more closely linked to the book series Roswell High. As a big fan of both the book series and the original TV series, here are my thoughts on the reboot.

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Riverdale Recap: Chapter 19, Death Proof

It’s been a loooong week but we finally made it! For Bughead shippers, in particular, it felt like 536 years since the last episode. We are 6 episodes in and so far we have learned that the Riverdale writers want to put Bughead shippers in an early grave, Jingle Jangle is here to stay and that everyone will dress with absolutely no regard to what the current season may or may not be. Here’s our recap of the best bits of Chapter 19 – Death Proof. 

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