This week we discover that Riverdale has so many new and interesting townsfolk. We meet Creepy Farmer and a beret-wearing wheelchair-bound German drug lord (and it totally makes sense because this is Riverdale). Keep reading for our recap of the best bits of Chapter 20 – Tales from the Darkside. 

If you missed the recap last week you can find it here Chapter 19: Death Proof


Riverdale pulls out all the stops when dressing their minor characters. Last week we had the delightful ghoulie dressing gown and who can forget ye olde hospital outfits from 2×01? This may be the one and only time when the aviator effect* (* a phenomenon whereby even an unattractive person will appear attractive while wearing aviator sunglasses) failed.


Riverdale Chapter 20



  • “What is it, Poirot?” Cute nicknames are my kryptonite.
  • “I’m not Whitney. Not yet, anyway”. 
  • “This town is seriously ill”. I’m assuming Cheryl is not using the definition of ‘ill’ to indicate that something is cool/dope/lit/phat etc. Although, it’s Cheryl so who knows?
  • “Out of the way, Bert and Ernie”. 
  • “It looks like they’re having an intense broment”. 



The scene in the diner when Farmer Creepy was carving up a slab of meat was disturbing, to say the least. As Josie would say, “Eww. No”. Also, that diner has nothing on Pop’s.

Riverdale Chapter 20 Josie
Image Source: Netflix

Sparks were flying across the table of chilli fries at Pop’s. Even though I haven’t forgiven Chuck for being a douchebag, I did think his date with Josie was cute.



Riverdale Chapter 20
Image Source: Netflix

This episode was a big let down for Bughead shippers since they only had one scene together and none of their issues from previous episodes were addressed.

The only silver lining was Betty wearing Jughead’s “S” shirt, and obviously, that they’ve officially made up because they were in bed together. Which begs the questions, does Alice know Betty is having trailer park sleepovers?!! I can’t see Mama Cooper being OK with this.



The crate of “pancake mix” (LOL) that Jughead and Archie were delivering was labelled, “Do not open. Miskatonic University via H.P. Lovecraft. Polar Expedition. Jan 13, 1923”. It’s a reference to horror stories written by American writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Riverdale Chapter 20
Image Source: Netflix


Sheriff Keller had hunting targets lining the walls of his basemant. I wouldn’t have thought too much of it but this episode featured deer (and dead deer) so it makes you think….

Riverdale Chapter 20
Image Source: Netflix



  • Approximately how many fanfics will be written after this episode that feature writer Jughead and musician Archie living in New York? 1000? 2000? Probably more.
  • Was Archie making the smartest decisions out of everyone this episode? I mean besides tagging along on Jughead’s pancake mix delivery. He called Jughead out on being Serpent, didn’t want him to get a lift with the creepy Deliverance farmer and went to the diner to rescue Jughead. Speaking of Farmer Creepy, I hope he pops up in future episodes. He was very compelling to watch.
  • How much of the budget was blown on creating a CGI deer? And also, why?
Riverdale deer Chapter 20
Image Source: Netflix
  • Do we think that there is a connection between the Riverdale Reaper and the Black Hood? The Black Hood lured Betty to an abandoned house near Fox Forest in a previous episode. The family that was murdered by the Reaper lived near Fox Forest. Could it be the same house? Does it mean anything or is Riverdale running short on eerie abandoned houses?
  • There is something up with the Janitor guy right? Right? I thought he was going to be Josie’s stalker.
  • Is this now the most iconic moment in the history of Riverdale?!!! I don’t know why or how it happened but I loved it.
Riverdale Chapter 20
Image Source: Netflix
  • If everyone in small town USA leaves a house key under a potted plant how are houses not getting robbed constantly?
  • What is going on with Cheryl? We may never know the answer to this question.
  • Will Greendale be the equivalent of Ravenswood? And if so, can we expect that the Sabrina the Teenage Witch spin-off will be cancelled after one season?

Drop a comment below and let us know what you thought of this episode!


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