It’s been a loooong week but we finally made it! For Bughead shippers, in particular, it felt like 536 years since the last episode. We are 6 episodes in and so far we have learned that the Riverdale writers want to put Bughead shippers in an early grave, Jingle Jangle is here to stay and that everyone will dress with absolutely no regard to what the current season may or may not be. Here’s our recap of the best bits of Chapter 19 – Death Proof. 

If you missed the recap last week you can find it here Chapter 18: When a Stranger Calls


Cheryl Riverdale Death Proof
Image Source: Netflix


Cheryl had some fantastic outfits this week. She was the only character who didn’t look like they were “in costume” at the drag race between the Serpents and the Ghoulies, as 99% of the time she is already dressed like an extra-from Grease. I also loved the placement of her iconic spider brooch on her shoulder. I like to imagine people freaking out thinking that there is an actual spider on her.

Honourable mention goes to this guy who has fashioned himself a onesie? Or is it a jumpsuit? Either way, nothing screams “bad-arse” like draping yourself in a dressing gown emblazoned with skulls.

Ghoulie Riverdale
Image Source: Netflix



  • “I decided that we should come together to deal with this motley crew of liars, dope fiends and fornicators.” So just another weekly gathering of the Parents of Riverdale, right Alice?
  • “A bacchanalian free-for-all”. My favourite part of Riverdale is when I have to google something to understand what the characters are talking about. It makes me feel like maybe I’m not rotting my brain cells by watching a CW TV show that’s targeted at teenagers. For those interested, bacchanalian is used to describe any event that Bacchus, a Roman God, would have enjoyed. Seems like this dude loved a drink or 10.
  • “Saint Betty and Succubus Veronica”. 
  • Hashtag ‘Bughead is no more’?” NEVER
  • “Tall Boy wants to parley”. 
  • “You catch my Riverdale drift, boys?” FP then went on to explain his plan in DETAIL because these kids don’t get subtlety.
  • “I beg your misogynistic pardon?!” 
  • “Not the kind of drag race I ever imagined myself going to, but at least the guys are hot.” Hmm…that’s debatable, Kevin.
Ghoulies Riverdale Death Proof
Image Source: Netflix


  • “Not today, Cha-Cha. I was born for this moment”. Yes, you were.


Food Riverdale Death Proof
Image Source: Netflix

This was some intense egg cracking. It almost looks like Penelope has a miniature mallet.

Riverdale Death Proof Pop's
Image Source: Netflix

We also got a few scenes at Pop’s where the milkshakes were looking superb, as per usual. Cheryl seemed so vulnerable when she was eating her burger alone at Pop’s, which made her subsequent confrontation with Nick all the more painful to watch.



Riverdale Bughead 2x06 Death Proof
The only accurate caption for this is: Daaaaaaamn – Image Source: Netflix

I’ve changed the ‘Ship of the Week’ category to just encompass Bughead because they are currently the only ship that matters on this show to me and probably 90% of Riverdale viewers.

Firstly, I almost launched a brick through my TV in the opening scene. This is not even an exaggeration. I was so mad.

Bughead Riverdale Death Proof
Image Source: Netflix


Now that they have played out this Toni/Jughead/Betty love-triangle BS hopefully we can start seeing more of Toni, the tough Serpent with attitude, and less of Toni, the girl who is there purely to create drama between a popular couple. On a positive note, it’s great to see that they have stayed true to the Archie Comics and made Toni bisexual.

While the end scene showed us that Betty and Jughead have reconciled, there’s still so much that has been left up in the air. Does Betty know about the kiss and PG13 groping? Are they going to work on communicating and being honest with each other? Will they overcome the Northside/Southside divide and distance? Time will tell…

Riverdale Death Proof
Image Source: Netflix


Betty Riverdale Bedroom
Image Source: Netflix

I have never noticed the guitar poster up in Betty’s room before. Could we see Betty performing an acoustic number with Archie or the Pussycats in the future?


  • Does abbreviating Jingle Jangle to JJ make it more or less annoying to you?
  • Do you keep all your treasured memories in a Little Mermaid style treasure chest? You do? I thought so.
  • Was it literacy week in the US this week? There were so many scenes of people reading. I’m so glad that the kids in Riverdale have suddenly discovered books.
  • Do you ship Reggie and Josie and what is their ship name? Rosie? Josinald?
  • Do your parents casually play chess to pass the time?
  • Do you worry that one day a character will disappear into the shadows due to the ridiculous lighting on this show?
  • Were you shocked by the Sugar Man reveal? I definitely was!
  • We found out that Josie’s dad battled with addiction at the start of the episode, and then we saw Fred popping some pills at the end of the episode – is this foreshadowing?
  • What is the actual point of tying a flannel shirt around your waist if you never wear the shirt?
  • So the Black Hood didn’t kill Nick because he wasn’t one of “Riverdale’s sons” but he killed Ms Grundy?
  • Will we ever tire of Archie saying moronic things?
Archie Meme Riverdale Death proof
Image Source: Netflix


Drop a comment below and let us know what you thought of this episode!


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