Welcome to Part 2 of this round up of Historical Dramas on Netflix Australia. There really is plenty to choose from and covering all tastes and time periods. If you like your historical dramas to have a bit of romance then you can read Part 1 here. But if you prefer dramas with a bit of action then this is the list for you. Plenty of intrigue, violence and heroes here!

Peaky Blinders

3 seasons available

Named for the razor blades sown into the peaks of their caps, which turned them into weapons, the Peaky Blinders were a gang in Birmingham, England at the end of WWI. Mostly made up of the Shelby family, they are determined to move up in the world by any means. It has a great soundtrack too – Nick Cave, Arctic Monkeys and Jack White.

Source: Variety


4 seasons available

If you are missing Game of Thrones and you haven’t seen an episode of Vikings, then get watching ASAP! There’s territories at war, shifting alliances, competing religions, battles, battles and more battles, but with a smaller cast of characters so the story moves along nicely and there is always something happening. Plus it’s based on historical figures and events which makes it fascinating.

Source: History


2 seasons available

Outlander is purely worth watching just for Jamie Fraser. It follows a WWII nurse who goes back in time to Scotland in 1743 and gets caught up in the Jacobite risings (and falls in love with said Jamie Fraser). This one is a little more graphic and there are some scenes where you will find yourself watching through your fingers, but it’s an awesome ride.

Source: Wired

The Musketeers

1 season available

Based on The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, this show is such a fun one and packed full off heroes. There’s actually heaps of familiar faces too, as nearly every episode there is a guest star that I’ve seen in something else! There’s only one season on Netflix but three seasons in total. Hopefully we get the remaining seasons at some stage cos I wanna see what happens! I may have also fallen a little in love with D’Artagnan.

Source: Digital Spy

The Last Kingdom

2 seasons available

If you’re already a fan of Vikings, then maybe give The Last Kingdom a try (you’ll probably even recognise some of the names!) It’s based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell and follows Uhtred, born a Saxon but is raised by Vikings so never fully knows his place. Caught between two cultures, Saxons see him as a Viking, Vikings see him as a Saxon.

Source: Den of Geek

other historical dramas on my ‘to watch’ list…

Marco Polo – I love shows that are based on real people and events so I’ll have to give this one a go. I must admit it’s an era and a topic I don’t know much about.

Frontier – I’m intrigued by this show probably because it’s set in Canada, and after travelling there last year, I heard about the Hudson Bay Company. Plus it stars Khal Drogo too.

Spartacus – I’ve heard good things about this show and find the whole Roman/Gladiator era really interesting.


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