Episode 140 people! Not long to do now, only 14 episodes. We are getting so close to the finale. If you haven’t checked out the predictions, do so now. But in the meantime, let’s get stuck into this episode.

So the body of Adriana wakes up and…..she’s Monicana again! First thing she says is, where’s Emi? And Diego runs from the room, devastated. Cristobal says he needs to respect her decision. He hands over the box with the necklace and tells him to bury it somewhere Adriana would like. Until he body is ready for her to return. He says when he buries it, Monicana needs to be there. When the moment is right only Diego’s love can ensure Adriana’s return. Cryptic perhaps.

Look, I’ve got to say, with the exception of Monicana returning (which, let’s face it, we knew that was going to happen), this episode was pretty dull. I was excited last week because I felt like we’d reached a turning point where things were going to start escalating. And maybe that’s still the case. But this week’s episodes felt a lot like “in between” episodes, setting up and explaining stuff rather than there being real action. So with that in mind, here’s a quick snapshot of what else went down. Not my usual style, but there really wasn’t much happening tonight:

  • Monicana can’t remember what happened at all. Selma and Jorge explain. Then Jorge drops the bombshell that Elena “saved” Camila. Monicana, true to form, sees right through it as a set up. But Jorge is convinced Elena was the hero. Earning him a glare from both Monicana and Selma. Then he says it’s not the only good thing she’s done lately – she’s agreed to give the house to Cami and Emi. Jorge the Gullible. No more words.
  • Lorena cries over how hard Emi’s life is now. Oh my goodness she is so pathetic.
  • After the previous episode’s fiasco where Gabriel wanted Jennifer to stay home and be a mum, not a student, the women all gang up on him.
  • At the office, Gerardo has an emergency meeting with his lawyer. He explains Eddie might want to audit the office and the lawyer says that will pose issues. Gerardo tells him to destroy all evidence of Carlos Ricalde’s involvement in the business.
  • Diego spends the whole episode crying and reminiscing about Adriana.
  • The party at Lupe’s: the girls have a great time doing the macarena dances moves to a song  other than the macarena. Jennifer is in a bad mood and Gabriel tells her to take the scholarship and he will support her. Sweet, but at the same time, too little too late in my opinion.
  • Also, we meet Lupe’s fiance. Apparently he’s from the Philippines and doesn’t speak English or Spanish so they can only communicate in the language of love. haha!
  • Then Jorge comes over to move into the guest house. While they walk away we pan to the door and someone creeps in – it’s Monicana! She creeps up to Emi’s room. Awww I could cry. But then Gerardo walks in. Uh oh. He’s not happy she’s there but let’s her stay for 15 minutes because he’s generous like that.
  • While Elena is “settling” Jorge in, they seem to bond. Argh. Surely he doesn’t actually believe her?! They chat about her pregnancy and the wedding. He asks about the honeymoon and Elena freaks out and wants to leave. Jorge apologises for prying. I guess he was just trying to give Monica time to chat with Emi?
  • And the episode ends with Camila coming home and Gerardo telling  her that Monicana is upstairs with Emi and she looks angry and, of course, Elena overhears.


  • What’s the deal with Lupe’s fiance?
  • How is Monicana going to save her daughters?
  • Will Diego be able to snap out of his sadness to help Monicana?

One thought on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 140

  1. Lupe has to move overseas for the girls to run the pensione.
    Lorena and Camilla got close this episode, I feel Lorena is coming around to the goodside.
    Gerardo also showed signs of weakness, can only end in tears or a hail of bullets!
    I’m guessing the series will end as it started but roles reversed, Monica jabbing Elena to death.
    What am I going to watch now!


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