So we left off last week with Adriana convincing Diego to let her float away into the ether and help Monica with her quest. What happens next, you say? Read on, amigos!

So, while Diego and Adriana are chatting Emi calls and says she thinks she’s betrayed her mother and wants to talk to her later. Not sure what that’s about – maybe allowing the wedding between Gerardo and Elena to take place at the mansion? Either way, it makes Adriana more determined to “go away” so Monica and Diego can save the girls.

Then, ooh Eddie! I forgot he popped in last week. He wants to ask Elena questions about the shooting. He wants to know how many gunshots there were. Elena insists it was a “rainstorm of bullets” (haha – Eddie’s skeptical face is the best) and that the car was close, maybe 5 or 10 metres away. He says that struck his boss too, because despite this “closeness” only three bullet holes were found, therefore it was probably a set up. OOOOOHHH. Burn, Elena, burn. Or they were lousy shooters. Then he starts asking her about Carlos Ricalde’s involvement at Larrea Wines. Then Eddie wants to see the investor documents and Elena says he needs a court order. Then she starts putting on airs of being nauseous because she’s pregnant and Eddie leaves offering to call her a doctor. *rolls eyes*

At Casa Lupe, Lupe is telling Rodrigo that she’s marrying again for the seventh and final time. Then they all celebrate Maite and Valeria being granted asylum and decide to throw a party. What a coincidence, Rodrigo is there to ask if he can hold a party there for Gabriel and Jennifer. And everyone is squealing about the huge party they’re going to have.

At Selma’s, she is talking to Jorge about how Adriana will die if Monica doesn’t fulfil her destiny. Jorge is concerned Cristobal is a con artist. And I am concerned that they’re  having this boring conversation and not addressing their electric kiss on the cheek from last week. Then Diego bursts in with Adriana passed out in his arms. Selma calls the shaman. He turns up and starts lighting candles but Adriana wants a moment with Diego to say goodbye. Cue the tears. But as they’re embracing for the last time, she stops breathing and Cristobal has to rush in and try and save her? I guess? He takes the log necklace off and puts it into a box. Then Diego starts freaking out and Selma and Jorge have to pull him out of the room. He and Jorge bond outside in Selma’s loungeroom. Or rather, Diego cries and Jorge stands there. The shaman does his thing for AGES.

Back the mansion, after Eddie leaves, Gerardo wants an update from Elena. And she’s so nonchalant about the whole thing. She says they will tie up their last loose end on Saturday by getting married. Then they can’t testify against each other. I mean, honestly, how is this even valid? Anyway, Elena wants the big wedding and Gerardo thinks it should be a civil ceremony. Then she shows him some fancy cake she wants that’s super expensive. Then she starts feeling shivers and says she feels something strange. Gerardo offers to call the doctor and she says no. Is Monica’s ghost coming back?

Meanwhile, Pachuco and Rott are holed up at Pachuco’s place. Rott is upset because he apparently loves Jennifer but she’s with Gabriel now. Uh oh. He says he’s going to make them pay.

Speaking of, Jennifer and Gabriel are walking around the neighbourhood reminiscing about how they met and how they love it there. Then they head back to Lupe’s to set up for the party. Rodrigo hands Jennifer a letter that came for her. Oh my god, she got the scholarship! The marine biology scholarship! Then Gabriel reminds her she’s pregnant so shouldn’t accept because she will need to be a stay at home mother. And there goes the mood – nice one Gabriel. But Maite and Eileen are like, um you can be a mum and a student! All the women in the room shoot him looks of pure loathing. Then Rodrigo pretty much accuses Gabriel of being sexist! LOL

Then, Oh no! Marta is wheeling Emi into the bathroom. Marta wants to help but Emi insists she needs to learn to do things alone. Noooooo don’t wash your hands Emi!!! There’s poison in there!

Finally, at Selma’s, Cristobal asks for a photo of Emi and Cami to be put near Adriana and asks Selma to whisper to “Monica” about the girls. And lo and behold, she’s awake. Is she Monica? Well, thank goodness there’s another episode, but surely yes she is.


  • Will Jennifer live long enough to take the scholarship, or is Rott going to have her killed?
  • How will Elena pull together the wedding so quickly? Unless she’s had the entire thing planned for months?
  • When are we meeting Lupe’s new husband?

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