Christmas Ads of 2015: The 10 Best Ads

Christmas ads 2015

I normally can’t stand ads. I mute the tv whenever commercials come on. However, there is one time of the year where I will happily watch ads. Christmas. Christmas ads are in a class of their own. Every year all the major department stores release their Christmas ad and I will eagerly watch them all. Most of the best ones come from the UK, because those guys know how to do Christmas. Even though I have no idea what half of the stores sell, they are still entertaining to watch. Here are some of the best (and sappiest) Christmas ads released in 2015:

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What to Watch on Halloween if You’re a Wimp

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit but can’t stomach slasher flicks and find yourself wide-eyed in bed after watching anything spooky, try on these scaredy-cat friendly movies for size. Note: Although most of these movies are okay for adult wimps and come with a PG rating, some are PG-13 and definitely aren’t for little kids, namely The Witches, Edward Scissorhands and Return to Oz which have some creepy scenes.

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One episode and you’re hooked!

Sometimes, all it takes is one episode. It probably isn’t even the first episode of the series. Or the second. In fact it’s probably strategically placed mid-season to make sure you keep watching. You know the episode I’m talking about. Where all the tension builds up and you know  it’s about to all blow up. Maybe literally. But from that episode you are totally hooked and wait with baited breath for the next episode. We can probably all pick an episode from a favourite tv show. It’s the one you use to try and sell it to your friends. Well, here’s us putting our selling skills to the test. Beware of spoilers?

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10 Reasons You Should Be Watching En Otra Piel/In Her Skin

En Otra Piel. A fantastic gem of a Spanish telenovela currently airing on SBS (as Part of Me and/or In Her Skin) with all the previous episodes available at SBS On Demand. Produced by Telemundo  (an American Spanish-language television network) the basic plot centres around two women – 53-year-old famous pianist Monica from LA and 20-something waitress Adriana from Mexico City. Both die and somehow, through a bunch of bizarre circumstances involving a ‘talisman’, Monica’s soul ends up taking over Adriana’s body (while Adriana’s soul is wandering around lost apparently).

Monica Serrano in Monica Serrano's body and Monica Serrano in Adriana Aguilar's body.
Monica Serrano in Monica Serrano’s body and Monica Serrano in Adriana Aguilar’s body. Source 

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Gilmore Girls, Scott Patterson and Oz Comic Con

Gilmore Girls
Ready for a Gilmore Girls marathon!

When asked about my favourite tv show, the answer is unequivocally the same every time: Gilmore Girls. A Saturday night staple during my high school years, my mum, sister and I would settle down at 7.30 and have ‘girl time’. Feet tucked under us on the couch, dessert in hand (I mean, I challenge you, I really do, to watch this show without eating!), ready to laugh at Lorelai and Rory’s antics and wax lyrical about how Luke was “a bit of all right”.



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