Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 136

Well, I should be going to sleep rather than staying up late watching and recapping, but I need to see what happened after the end of the previous episode of In Her Skin. Big stuff. So read on!

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En Otra Piel/In Her Skin Finale Predictions

In Her Skin Prediction Banner

We’re getting close to the end peeps. There’s only 154 episodes of In Her Skin (En Otra Piel) and we finished 132 this week. So the time has come, I feel, to start a list of predictions for the final episodes. I absolutely can’t wait to find out how this series is going to end and I have a fair few ideas. Some are completely unrealistic. Although…given some of the crazy stuff that’s happened on this show, they probably aren’t totally out of the ballpark. Here are my predictions below. Of course, they are assuming that all the characters mentioned are actually alive by the end of the series.

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