If you are looking for unique foods to eat at Universal Studios Singapore – keep reading!

Eat Universal Studios Singapore

I recently traveled to Singapore and I knew as soon as I booked the trip that a visit to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) was a must. Universal Studios Singapore is, as expected, a lot smaller than other Universal Studios. Singapore is a tiny island after all! However, there were still some fun rides and attractions so I would recommend a visit if you are in Singapore and love visiting theme parks.

In my previous travels to Disney World (check out our list of the 25 Disney Must Eats) and Universal Studios in Florida and Tokyo DisneySea in Japan, I have loved trying the unique foods that are on offer at the parks. DisneySea, in particular, had some unusual snacks like the Gyoza Dog (a steamed bun with a gyoza filling) and Toy Story alien mochi dumplings filled with chocolate, strawberry and custard cream. So I was excited to find out what food items might be unique to Universal Studios Singapore. 

Here are three foods I ate at Universal Studios Singapore that were unique to the park and worth a taste!

1. Chilli Crab Hot Dog

Chili Crab is one of Singapore’s national dishes and is probably the first thing that comes to mind for most people when thinking about Singaporean food. Mud crabs are stir-fried in a tomato and chili sauce to create a tasty and spicy dish. Universal Studios Singapore put a spin on this traditional dish and served it up theme park style by creating a Chili Crab Hot Dog. Spicy chili crab style sauce adorns your standard theme park hot dog to create something unique. I particularly liked the shredded cucumber and spring onions on top of the hot dog as it gave some freshness and relief to the spice of the sauce.

Where to find: Fossil Fuels, The Lost World, USS

Eat Universal Studios Singapore Chili Crab

2. Shrek Waffles

These Shrek Waffles not only had the kawaii factor they were delicious. Much like the Mickey Waffles that can be found at Disney, the Shrek Waffles have an imprint of Shrek’s face on them. The batter is also a lovely shade of green because what else would expect from a waffle depicting your favourite ogre. My favourite part of the waffle was that it came with a scoop of your choice of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Where to find: Goldilocks, Far Far Away, USS

Eat Universal Studios Singapore Shrek Waffle

3. Corn Bar

To be honest, when I ordered this I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting. Was it sweet? Salty? Corny? Who knew? The Corn Bars on offer at Gloria’s Snack Shack come in three different varieties: Corn Flake, Cereal Crunch, and Crispy Rice. They are served with mustard or Korean sauce (what makes it Korean is another mystery that may never be solved). It is essentially a corn dog with a fancy coating. I tried the Corn Flake one and it was pretty good! The Corn Flakes gave it a nice crunch and made what is normally a pretty boring theme park snack into something a bit special.

Where to find: Gloria’s Snack Shack, Madagascar, USS

Eat Universal Studios Singapore Corn Bar

Let me know what snacks you’ve tried at Universal Studios Singapore in the comments below!

If you’re just getting started on your Singapore vacation planning, check out this helpful guide, as well as our post on The Best of Singapore:

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