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One of the best things about Netflix’s Japanese TV romance Good Morning Call is all of the delicious food that they eat! Nao is a great cook and loves to make lunch and dinner for her boyfriend Uehara to make him happy – since he’s a “skinny pig”. Aside from the food, this is such a great show to binge so if you haven’t already, maybe this post will entice you (warning: mild spoilers ahead)! Get ready to call Uber Eats because these are the 15 Japanese foods you’ll be craving after watching Good Morning Call!

Good Morning Call Dinner Food Nao Yoshikawa Haruka Fukuhara

1. Onigiri

You might recognise this as that weird emoji in between the prawn and bowl of rice. Onigiri is white rice moulded into a triangle or cylinder shape and wrapped in nori (seaweed). Hold onto yours tight so it doesn’t roll down the stairs!

Shun'ya Shiraishi Onigiri omusbubi nigirimeshi rice ball Japan food good morning call uehara
2. Stamina Building Potato Salad

When Uehara collapsed, Nao found this recipe in a cookbook titled Popular Recipes for Restoring Health and Building Strength (LOL). It’s not really Japanese but Nao’s love and care make it appealing.

Good Morning Call potato salad yoshikawa food japan
3. Kagami Mochi

This is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration that’s made of two round mochi (rice cakes) with a daidai (bitter orange) on top. This is one of many awesome foods Yuri introduced to Nao – she’s a total foodie.

Haruka Fukuhara Erika Mori kagami mochi mirror rice cake good morning call japan yuri yoshikawa
4. Cabbage Rolls

After Nao discovers Uehara loves these, she makes them for him frequently. They’re cabbage leaves filled with ground meat and vegetables and wrapped in bacon. Nao is all for kawaii (cute) food so she tops them with heart-shaped carrots!

Cabbage Rolls Good Morning Call Japan Food
5. Bento

This is probably one you’re already familiar with. Bento is a packaged or boxed meal and features a lot in Good Morning Call for school lunches. Nao likes to prepare hers with sausages, potato salad, onigiri and salad.

Bento Lunch Japan Food Good Morning Call
6. Skytree Sundae

Daichi takes Nao to the Sakura Café to have a sundae replica of the Tokyo Skytree Tower (second tallest structure in the world). I don’t think it’s sold anymore which is a shame because it was 60cm of pure sugary delight!

Dôri Sakurada Sky Tree Sundae Japan Tokyo Food Good morning Call Daichi Yoshikawa Nao
7. Paletas Bar

At first I thought this was an ice cream but after some digging I discovered that the place Yuri takes Nao is called Paletas and although they do have gelato and ice cream, this is actually a tart (on a stick). Nao is eating a fruit tart but I’m not really sure what Yuri’s purple thing with sugar cubes (?) is…

Paletas Ice Cream Gelato Tokyo Food Good Morning Call
8. Pancakes

After Natsume kisses Nao and Uehara has no reaction, Nao hoes into this banana chocolate stack like there’s no tomorrow!

Pancakes Good Morning Call Japan Food
9. Uehara’s Birthday Banquet

My heart broke after Nao spent so much time and effort putting this delicious banquet together and then the Natsume drama happened and it was forgotten! The feast includes omurice (rice wrapped in an omelette and topped with tomato sauce – heart shaped!), cabbage rolls, croquettes, sliders, scotch eggs and lots of other things I can’t identify.

Uehara Birthday Dinner Good morning call japan food
10. Pork Fried Rice

While Icchan stays with Nao and Uehara, he cooks some pretty mouthwatering stuff but the Evening Star special pork roast fried rice is my favourite.

Pork fried rice Good morning call japan food
11. Korokke

Nao’s mother won over her father when she made him these special potato korokke (croquettes). Now there’s a man who’s got his priorities sorted!

Croquettes Yoshikawa Good Morning Call Japan Food
12. Nabemono

Nabemono, or hot pot, is cooked at the table with a portable stove. There’s a broth base and you throw in ingredients like meat, vegetables, meatballs and noodles and allow them to cook and soak up the flavour. I hated when Yuri just came in and ate it all but at the same time I really can’t blame her.

Hot Pot Japan Food Good Morning Call Yuri Uehara Yoshikawa
13. Cake

They LOVE cake on this show. They aren’t boring sponge cakes either, they’re totally kawaii and totally make my mouth water.

Yoshikawa Cake Good morning call japan

Even though Uehara squashed this Christmas cake by running all the way home to bring it to Nao, I still would have eaten it. Look at the Santa with the pink hat! Christmas Cake Good Morning Call Japan Food

Uehara’s 19th birthday cake was probably the most kawaii cake. Check out the hearts and coloured meringue on the side!Uehara Birthday Cake Good Morning Call Japan Food

Nao’s homemade chocolate Valentine’s Day cake reminds me of her crying in the rain but it help up pretty well considering!Valentine's Cake Good Morning Call Japan Food

God bless Nao’s friends for bringing her this happy-looking cake for her birthday.Yoshikawa Birthday Cake Good Morning Call Japan Food

Yuri the foodie strikes again! This is the “something cake from somewhere” that Uehara likes.Fruit Cake Yuri Japan Food Good Morning Call Patissere Minami

Although I don’t find this sushi cake particularly appetising, I appreciate the kawaii-ness.Sushi Cake Good Morning Call Japan Food

14. Milk Pudding

The most romantic packaged dessert ever! I will go to every Asian supermarket in Melbourne if I have to. I will find this Morinaga milk pudding!

Milk Pudding Morinaga Good Morning Call Japan Food
15. Ramen

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve never actually tried ramen. Soup (or soupy meals) is the last thing I’d order on a menu since there are normally more appealing things on offer. Well, now I find myself craving ramen all the time! Thankfully I live in a city that is bursting at the seams with it. Pity none of them are called Evening Star but maybe I’ll find a cute Icchan-like ramen master to make me some?

Ramen Japan Food Good Morning Call Evening Star Ramen

1. Carry ramen to table and try NOT to break the dishes.Ramen Good Morning Call Japan Food Evening Star Ramen

2. Itadakimasu! Kind of like the Japanese version of bon appétit. Ramen Good Morning Call Japan Food Evening Star Ramen

3. Snap those chopsticks.Ramen Good Morning Call Japan Food Evening Star Ramen

4. Dig in and don’t be afraid to slurp!Ramen Good Morning Call Japan Food Evening Star Ramen

5. Drink the broth straight from the bowl.Ramen Good Morning Call Japan Food Evening Star Ramen

6. Compliment the chef!Ramen Good Morning Call Japan Food Evening Star Ramen


And that finishes up the list of 15 Japanese foods you’ll crave after watching Good Morning Call!

Is your mouth watering yet? What was your favourite food on Good Morning Call? Let me know below!


5 thoughts on “15 Japanese Foods You’ll Crave After Watching Good Morning Call

  1. How good everyone! I’d eat them all! By the way, what is the brand of the flan/pudding? I can not find it…


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