Welcome to another week of Riverdale where, thankfully, *SPOILER ALERT*, no one dies. I swear the Riverdale writers are trying to send fans to an early grave with all of this drama. This week we FINALLY get to see more Kevin Keller and are taken into the belly of the beast that is Southside High (news flash – the students are not as friendly as we were originally led to believe). Keep reading for our recap of the best bits of Chapter 16 – The Watcher in the Woods.

If you missed the recap last week you can find it here Chapter 15: Nighthawks 


Archie Masked Riverdale
Image Source: Netflix

Someone, please explain to me why they are shirtless and masked. Kthxbai.


  • “I was just night-jogging, you know, as one does”. 
Night jogging Riverdale
Image Source: Netflix
  • “Can we agree that there’s a killer on the loose?” “With terrible aim”. 
  • “There’s a shooter terrorizing the town. You really want us to watch a gross reality dating show?”. I see no problem with this, Jughead.
  • “I’m gonna sit alone, just, you know, finish my book and brood”. It’s like we are the same person.
  • “I self-identify as a loner, I’m not a pack animal.” 
  • “…they’ll make you their bitch faster than you can say American History X”. 
  • “Archie going Travis Bickle is my favourite Archie yet.” I googled this. Travis Bickle is the character Robert De Niro plays in Taxi Driver.
  • “..kudos on finding your safe space, snowflake”. 
  • “You precious, beautiful, compulsive piece of trash”. I will be shocked if there is ever an episode where Cheryl doesn’t say something quotable.


Protective Jughead Riverdale
Image Source: Netflix
Protective Jughead is my favourite Jughead.


Jughead Popcorn Riverdale
Image Source: Netflix

The gang have popcorn while watching the Matchlerette premiere; as long as there is food Jughead is happy. Other minor food moments: Reggie eating pudding (or was it Jello?) at the hospital; Cheryl dining alone at Pop’s; Pozole at the Lodge Residence; and Archie making a sandwich for Fred. I swear someone is making a sandwich in nearly every episode.


  • A mum telling her daughter that she’s being too “thirsty”
  • A “Matchlerette” viewing party
  • Someone showing the new kid around the school and pointing out the different cliques (classic teen drama trope)
  • Everyone touching a letter that is key evidence in a murder investigation i.e. why didn’t the Sheriff get fingerprints off it?
  • Two school newspapers: one is called the “Blue & Gold” and the other the “Red & Black”
  • A 16-year-old polishing cutlery by choice
  • A16-year-old gets offered rum by his GF’s dad


Sheriff Keller Riverdale
Image Source: Netflix
Sheriff Keller may be an incompetent Sheriff but he’s a pretty good dad.


Riverdale High
Image Source: Netflix
The English blackboard has me questioning the standard of teaching at Riverdale High. Nouns, adjectives, verbs – isn’t that stuff you learn in primary/elementary school?

Kevin Keller House Riverdale
Image Source: Netflix
I don’t quite get the aesthetic of the Sheriff’s house. There’s a fancy chandelier light and a champagne flute on the counter. There has never been any mention of the Sheriff having a wife / Kevin’s mother.


  • For any teens reading this – is cruising the forest to pick-up an actual thing?
  • Did anyone else scream at the TV when they faked Kevin’s death? I’m sure I’m not the only one whose heart stopped.
  • Did you notice all the horror movie references in this episode? I picked up on Michael Meyers, Carrie & Pugsley. Loving these little nods to pop-culture and the creepy vibe this season.
  • Do you also think that Hiram is one scary mo-fo? He gave me chills when he told Hermione he overheard her conversation with Veronica. I was getting major abusive husband vibes. You in danger, girl!
  • What do you think Dilton was whittling while Archie gave his speech at school? I would put money on a spirit stick.
Dilton Riverdale
Image Source: Netflix
  • Jughead is totally the Betty Cooper of Southside High, right?
  • What are your thoughts on the new characters? Personally, I liked Sweet Pea and Toni – she had some great lines!
  • Farm? What farm? – Literally, everyone watching Riverdale when Polly announced she was leaving. This was so random. Did I miss this being mentioned in an earlier episode? Anyway, Polly is definitely one of the smartest people in Riverdale. She is getting out of this messed up town while she still can.
  • Were you blown away by Casey Cott’s acting in this episode? I was SO GLAD that they finally gave Kevin more air time and his storyline gave me major feels. Cott knocked it out of the park in his scene with Moose and Sheriff Keller.
  • Did you hear Archie say to Ethel “don’t be sorry”?. It was such a tiny detail but it made me fall a little bit in love with Archie. Even though he can be such a “bro” and an idiot the majority of the time, he is genuinely a nice guy.
  • Do you think Jughead lying to Betty is a sign that their relationship is headed for disaster? I don’t necessarily think this will be the end of Bughead, however, I do think that we are starting to see the strain in their relationship as a consequence of them being in different “worlds” now

Drop a comment below and let us know what you thought of this episode! I hope all you snowflakes find your safe space this week 🙂


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