This week we say goodbye to some characters (whose names you may or may not know), hello to Reggie 2.0 and welcome back to the man, the myth, the legend – Skeet Ulrich. Hold on tight because Season 2 of Riverdale is set to be a bumpy ride! Keep reading for our recap of the best bits of Chapter 15: Nighthawks.

Recap of the previous episode Chapter 14: A Kiss Before Dying.


Image Source: Netflix

Honourable mention goes to Betty. Her outfits were super cute and so on point this week.

Image Source: Netflix

I couldn’t go past Penelope’s glamorous 1920s style bedazzled turban and lacy high-neck undergarment? bodysuit?


  • “TTFN, Smithers”. If only Veronica knew this would be one of the last times she would TT Smithers. More like TT-FOREVER.
  • “I can’t take on any more social issues right now”.
  • “You’re the one that looks like a Dream Warrior from Nightmare on Elm Street 3
  • “You look like my nuts after football practice”. What a charming visual. Thanks, Reggie.
  • “The answer is a double-cherry-on-top no”.
  • “Hobo. Bride of hobo“. I know this was an insult but I still thought it was cute. 


Image Source: Netflix

Cheryl is always pretty savage; calling V & B “Humpty and Dumpty”, flat-out refusing to help lessen FP’s sentence by testifying at his court hearing and taking the River Vixens back from Veronica. HOWEVER, we can not go past Betty’s actions in this week’s episodes. Threatening Cheryl with the footage of her father murdering Jason was, as Cheryl put it, “a stone-cold bitch” move and just goes to show how fiercely protective Betty is of the things she loves.


Image Source: Netflix
If every episode was filmed entirely at Pop’s I would be OK with that. Why? Because it means we get to see an abundance of scenes with milkshakes, burgers and fries.
Archie failing at cooking breakfast for Fred was amusing. He should really stick to his strengths: football, music and flexing. I cringed super hard when he licked a knife! No, no, no!
Image Source: Netflix
Things Jughead consumed in this episode: 1 burger, fries and coffee with Betty at Pop’s, 1 cupcake at Riverdale High with Veronica and a cup of coffee at Pop’s Retro Night. Special mention to the uneaten sandwich he was making when FP called.
Image Source: Netflix



They see me schemin’, they hatin’. Image Source: Netflix.


Hiram and Hermione are Riverdale’s new power couple. So devious and shady and I love it. You can just tell that there is going to be lots more scheming from these two. While it did seem like Hermione’s loyalty to Hiram was wavering in Season 1 (exhibit A: her affair with Fred), now that her boo is back it looks like she is sticking firmly by his side; even going so far as to lie to Veronica about writing the blackmail letter from Hiram.



Image Source: Netflix


We all know that FP has done A LOT of questionable stuff in the past but I have never doubted how much he cares for Jughead. The hug that they shared at the courtroom nearly broke me (side note: Juggie was looking mighty fine in his green sweater). You can see the terror on FP’s face when he rings up Jughead to warn him away from the Serpent lawyer, Penny Peabody. I’m sure this is going to come back to bite Jughead, and honestly, I’m scared for him. If FP is alarmed by this chick she has gotta be bad news!



Archie must have been on the Jingle-Jangle when he created this. Image Source: Netflix


Image Source: Netflix

Fred’s pyjama pants seem to be made of the exact same fabric as his couch – or is that a throw? Either way, Mr Andrews is living his best plaid life.

Hiram and Hermione Lodge
Image Source: Netflix

Meanwhile, over at The Pembrooke they have a GOLD OCTOPUS ON THEIR DINNER TABLE.



  • Will we ever see Smithers again? Do we want to see Smithers again? The new butler is niiiice.

    SMithers Riverdale
    I wonder if The Tipton is hiring? Image Source: Netflix
  • How many social issues does the average American teenager take on these days? 2? 3? Is it dependant on how many murders they also need to solve?
  • Are Moose and Midge really dead? There were a lot of shots and blood splatter but I really don’t want to believe they are dead! #gonetoosoon
  • So Reggie 2.0  is a hardcore drug dealer? Huh.
  • Would Betty have actually gone through with releasing the video? I know we have seen her dark side but is she that cold?
  • How many takes do you think it took the cast to say “Daddy” in the scene with Hiram without bursting out laughing?
  • Do you have a goulish friend?
  • Will an insignificant character die at the end of every episode? And if so, who’s next? Dilton and Ethel had better watch out.

I would love to hear your comments and theories on this episode. Until then, make sure to keep away from the Jingle-Jangle!


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