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When you think of iconic Australian commercials, what comes to mind? “Not happy, Jan!” by Yellow Pages?  It’s hard to forget the creepy Smith’s Chips Gobbledok which was a cross between a Gremlin and ALF. Mortein’s Louie the Fly was practically an Aussie mascot (until they got rid of him – RIP Louie!). How about our latest advertising gem – the Rhonda and Ketut story by AAMI? Maybe it’s the ones with the catchy jingles that stick with you. Like the “My Dad picks the fruit” song by Cottee’s Cordial, “You ought to be congratulated” by Meadow Lea, “Make those bodies sing” for Australian Bananas, “Good on ya, Mum” by Tip Top or Banana Boat. But what about Aussie ads specifically from the ’90s? Check out our list of 19 unforgettable Australian commercials from the ’90s and see how many you remember!

1. Kraft Peanut Butter

A peanut butter Elvis Presley singing in a jar while dripping with oil? Brilliant.

2. Sorbent Toilet Paper

Arthur MacArthur from Hey Dad..! is having a terrible morning. Magda Szubanski did a parody of this on Fast Forward which landed her a starring role in a follow-up Sorbent ad.

3. Kellogg’s Special K

This guy is the worst. You can do better, lady. Especially in that new skirt.

4. Ajax Spray n’ Wipe

There have been different versions of this catchy jingle through the years – all of them fun! So thank you, Spray n’ Wipe.

5. Yellow Pages

“G.O.G.G.O.” An unforgettable quote from this Scottish man who just wants some help to fix his Goggomobil.

6. Samboy Chips

An assortment of Aussie celebrities singing the iconic “Hit me with a Samboy Chip” song including Effie from Acropolis Now, Dave Gleeson from The Screaming Jets, Agro from Agro’s Cartoon Connection, footballer Dermott Brereton, actress Kym Wilson, actress Sophie Lee, Red Symons from Hey Hey It’s Saturday and actor Marcus Graham.

7. Movieland Video Libraries

Video shops are pretty rare these days (they’re almost all DVD kiosks now *sob*) but you’ll still recognise the names Blockbuster and Video Ezy. Probably not Movieland though, right? Their catchy jingle sung by Tina Arena, on the other hand, is unforgettable.

8. Cadbury Roses

Before they were upgraded, Cadbury Roses boxes were bright blue and awesomely vintage. The sentiment is nice but can you imagine buying someone a box of chocolates for giving you driving lessons these days?

9. Kraft Vegemite

No, it’s not as iconic as the original ad from the ’60s but by the ’90s they could actually make the kids’ cheeks rosy!

10. Rheem Hot Water

For years I thought they were singing “It’s dollar Rheem”. I realise that doesn’t make sense but I was a kid and I didn’t know, nor did I need to know, what Rheem was.

11. DON Ham and Shaved Meats

Tommy Dysart is an Australian gem – after the mega success of the Yellow Pages ad, he appeared as meat Mafioso Don in this memorable campaign.

12. The Good Guys – Discount Warehouses

I still can’t listen to the Beach Boy’s song Good Vibrations without thinking about this commercial and that daggy dancing.

13. SunRice

Some incredible animation makes a fairly boring food fun and interesting!

14. Coca Cola

In the days before YouTube lyric music videos, there was this.

15. Muncheros Corn Curls

One of the most beloved Australian discontinued products are Muncheros (they were basically Fritos). Sure, the ad was incredibly offensive, but the jingle was epic! “Munch-munch-munch on Muncheros!”

16. Arnott’s Tim Tam

Everyone wanted a Tim Tam genie in the ’90s.

17. Chicken Tonight Simmer Sauce

Mums all around the country groaned when their kids asked, “Can we have chicken tonight, tomorrow?”

18. Yoplait Petit Miam

This little French girl was so cute in the original Yoplait ad that they brought her back with her equally cute brother Gérôme.

19. NESCAFÉ Coffee

’90s kids might have wondered why the haunting Picnic at Hanging Rock panpipe theme reminded them of coffee. Mystery solved! The open up song NESCAFÉ used later is also memorable.

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Did I miss your favourite? Let me know below!

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