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After seven (LONG) years of twists, turns, plot holes and ridiculous storylines, Pretty Little Liars has ended and everyone’s life is now a bit more empty because of it. Luckily, before the post-PLL funk could really set in, Keegan Allen, who plays Toby Cavanaugh, visited the land down under to attend Oz Comic Con 2017 (July 1-2) in Melbourne, Australia. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Tobias while watching PLL, Keegan Allen is such a cool guy and listening to him answer fan questions made me appreciate not only the actor but the character he played. Here are 14 things I learned about Keegan Allen at Oz Comic Con.

*** If you haven’t seen the ending of PLL do not pass go! There are spoilers ahead ***

1. I. Marlene King Revealed who “A” was to Keegan in a bush 

Keegan found out about “A” in a very unconventional way. He had noticed that Troian (Spencer Hastings) was acting strangely on set and Troian and Marlene would often be “scheming” in the corner. When he approached Marlene she pulled him over to a bush (an actual bush) on set and unveiled the whole thing. Keegan said that “how you guys felt in the finale, I felt in 2 seconds”.

2. He loves Tobias and Spoby

Keegan is a total Toby and Spoby fan. He said that if he could say anything to Toby it would be that he “loves him”. Keegan likes to think that Toby is the best parts of him and said that it was a “..privilege to play a character that was so romantic and insightful and thoughtful”. Swoon. He also would want Toby to enjoy his life now that it’s all over. Not only is he super supportive of Toby’s character but you can tell he ships Spoby. His most memorable moment shooting PLL was Toby and Spencer’s first kiss. It was his first on-screen kiss and he said that the kiss in the finale, which mirrored the first Spoby kiss from Season 1, was a special moment for him to watch.

3. He was originally supposed to be “A”

According to Keegan they originally thought there would only be 5 seasons of the show and when they got 7 seasons they had to think of a different ending with a different “A”. He also said that Marlene liked that Toby was a “good character”. While he loved that Alex Drake was “A”, even he wanted Toby to be “A” for a while because it would have been such a shocking and “unhinged” plot twist. Keegan also liked the idea of Aria being “A” after he read a fan theory on Tumblr that blew his mind.

4. HE would have liked to play Ezra

Keegan would read lines with Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) and thought that it would have been cool to play his character. Fun fact: they only ever had one scene together.

5. He has tried Vegemite and thinks it tastes like Soy Sauce

Like most American celebs, Keegan has tried Vegemite and wasn’t a fan. He was amazed that Australian’s eat vegemite every day. However, he did admit that he probably “did Vegemite wrong” and that someone needs to correctly give him a vegemite experience. I’m sure they are plenty of people willing to help him out with this experience 😉

6. He would date Spencer IRL

A fan asked what character from PLL he would date (as Keegan) and he picked Spencer (insert awwing and applause from the audience here). He said he would pick her “not because of the canon of the show or because of fan fiction” but because Spencer is the kind of girl he would be attracted to in real life. He also had lovely things to say about Troian. Apparently, she is one of his closest friends and sends him dank memes all day. No joke. He explained, in detail, about a meme that Troian sent him right before he came on the stage.

7. HE had a crazy idea for how PLL could have ended

The Liars walk outside and it starts snowing. But wait, it doesn’t snow in Rosewood. The camera zooms out. The girls aren’t outside at all. They are actually figurines trapped in a snow globe in Alison’s room at Radley Sanitarium. The entire show was just a figment of Alison’s deluded imagination. I think I would have preferred Keegan’s ending.

8. He swims every day

In a speedo. You can thank me for that visual later. He has been trying to get Shay Mitchell to race him but he reckons she is so scared to “get wrecked”. He swims in the ocean in L.A. (because of course) and used to be a lifeguard.

9. HE HAD to HAVE His hair dyed brown for 7 years

This was probably the most surprising thing I learned at Oz Comic Con. Keegan is a natural blonde and has a glorious mane of golden hair.

10. He had a super creepy fan encounter WITH HIS OWN “A”

Like all celebrities, he has had his fair share of weird fan encounters. He seems to take it all in good stride though as he reckons they are “good stories to tell in the dark”. I’ll take your word for it, Keegan. He shared one particularly chilling story with the audience. Shortly after the show first aired life imitated art when Keegan started receiving notes from his very own “A”. He would regularly ride his motorbike around L.A. and began getting creepy letters left on his bike. One said, “I see you – A” and the other “You look so pretty when you walk away”. Eek! He thought it might have been a friend but when it happened three more times and no one owned up to it he freaked out and had to stop riding his motorcycle. To this day he still has no clue who it was and it creeps him out thinking about it.

11. He is addicted to photography

Diehard Keegan fans are probably already all over this, but Keegan is quite the photographer. He released a photography book in 2015 called and he has another book in the works, Hollywood, that will be released in April 2018. His passion for photography really came through as he spoke about how he got into photography and how it became a way for him to express himself.

12. If he could be anyone for a day it would be Paramahansa Yogananda

Keegan is a seriously chill guy. If he could be anyone for a day he would be Paramahansa Yogananda (yes, I totally had to google who that was) because he was so at peace.

13. He would be down for a PLL Movie or Spin-Off

Keegan could definitely see there being a PLL movie or spin-off sometime in the future. He said that everyone needs some time away from their characters but that PLL is endless and he could see it coming back in a decade. He can already envision a trailer for it: creepy piano music and “A” writing “I’m back bitches” in red lipstick on a mirror. He doesn’t know when, and if, it would happen but he said, “I would be in. It would be sick”. Keegan has even pictured Toby’s future as a “hardboiled detective” who “hadn’t worked out in 6 years”.


Last but not least, I was totally blown away by how sweet Keegan was. Every time someone asked him a question he would ask them what their name was. Not only that, but he was engaging, funny and seemed very down to earth.


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