Shannon Purser Oz Comic Con

Oz Comic Con hit Melbourne, Australia this weekend (July 1-2) and we jumped at the chance to unleash our inner geeks and do some celebrity spotting. Not only were cast members from iZombie in attendance (you can see our posts on iZombie brain food here and here), but the amazingly awesome Shannon Purser was down under for Oz Comic Con. You may know Shannon for her role as Barb on Stranger Things or more recently as Ethel Muggs on Riverdale. We were lucky enough to sit in on her panel and get the inside scoop on everything Riverdale.

We were blown away by how sweet Shannon was and she had lovely things to say about the entire Riverdale cast. For people who follow the cast on social media, it will come as no surprise that she said that KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) is always goofing off on set and Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) and Cami Mendes (Veronica Lodge) are so sweet.

While Shannon couldn’t say much about Ethel’s storyline in Season 2 of Riverdale as she hasn’t been sent the scripts yet, being an obsessed Bughead shipper I still had to ask her about the possibility of a romance between Ethel and Jughead.

This is what she had to say:

That is definitely part of the comics. It is funny because I’ve talked about Ethel before and the idea of a love interest for her has been mentioned. So I’m not really sure what direction they will want to go with that. I do know that there will be a lot of angry Bughead shippers if I got involved in that couple. So I’m feeling like maybe I shouldn’t because I don’t, you know, want to get attacked. It would be interesting. I mean Cole is obviously like super talented and good to work with so I would totally be down to do it if it was written in a way that makes sense. But right now I do not want to get in between Jughead and Betty. Like nope.

Someone also asked her what song she would sing in a lip sync battle and she said that she would like to do Africa by Toto and would love to battle Cole Sprouse. She said she feels pretty good about her chances and would win. Someone make this happen! Other cool Shannon facts: she’s a massive Harry Potter fan and has bonded over HP with Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom), who is also a big fan.

What are your thoughts on a possible Ethel / Jughead romance? Who do you think would win a lip sync battle between Shannon and Cole? Romance or not, I think we can all agree that we want to see more Ethel in Season 2!

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