It seems like we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to friendships on our TV screens. These days I sometimes find myself more invested in the friendship between two characters rather than the main romantic pairing. I love that friendship is getting airtime, whether it’s bromance, BFFs or purely platonic, TV is showing that romantic relationships are not the only relationships that matter.

Sure there are some iconic friendships like JD and Turk or Joey and Chandler. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Scrubs or Friends before you’ll know of them. Just google ‘bromance’ and you’ll find lists of famous duos that have been best friends since forever. But what about those who, unlike JD and Turk, do not start out as besties. These are my favourite ones to watch. I love seeing the backstory behind the friendship – seeing two people become friends, or even overcome their differences is so much fun to watch. So which TV friendships do we love to watch unfold?

Merlin and Arthur (Merlin)

These two may not openly acknowledge that they are the best of friends (in fact they always seem to be bickering) but they would die for each other without a second thought. They are completely different, one an arrogant prince, the other his humble servant. They start out hating each other but over time they are always by each other’s side. If you haven’t seen this show then check out these reasons it could be your new favourite.

Source: Playbuzz

Leslie and Ann (Parks and Recreation)

You can’t have a list of TV friendships without including the creator of Galentine’s Day herself, Leslie Knope. Leslie and her bestie Ann are true squad goals. I love that they know the importance of female friendship and acknowledge that sometimes you need your best friend, even if it is just to talk about Sandra Bullock skirt length. When they have to say goodbye to each other it brings a tear to my eye!

Source: The Odyssey Online

Sherlock and Dr Watson (Sherlock)

One of the reasons why I love this show is because I love watching Sherlock slowly realise that John is his best friend and the most important person in his life. The pairing of the high functioning sociopath and the empathetic doctor works so well.

Source: DigitalSpy

Rory and Paris (Gilmore Girls)

Most people talk about Lorelei and Rory, or Rory and Lane, or even Lorelei and Sookie. But the friendship between Rory and Paris is one of my favourites. They start out as mortal enemies but rely on each other more and more over their years at Chiltern and Yale. They probably wouldn’t acknowledge that they are best friends but we all know that they are.

Source: Celebuzz

Ragnar and Athelstan (Vikings)

A Viking warrior and a Christian monk – how’s that for overcoming your differences. The best part of Vikings in the early seasons was watching these two become each other’s family. Even though Ragnar raids a monastery in England and captures the young monk Athelstan, a mutual respect slowly builds between the two and they even come to acknowledge the other’s beliefs.

Source: Tumblr

Veronica and Wallace (Veronica Mars)

It’s actually quite rare to find a male/female platonic friendship that doesn’t (at some point) have a do-they-don’t-they scenario. But I love that Veronica and Wallace never have that moment. They are friends and that’s it. I mean, who else is going to help her get students’ personal files? They prove that men and women can be friends!

Source: Paper Mag

Emma and Regina (Once Upon a Time)

You can’t get two characters more different than Emma and Regina, or should I say, the Saviour and the Evil Queen. But as co-mums of Henry they put aside their differences and learn to not only tolerate the other, but team up together.

Source: Rebloggy



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