Jason Blossom Riverdale

Who killed Jason Blossom? It’s the biggest plot point of Season 1 of Riverdale and we’ve been trying to figure it out for 11 episodes.
Here’s what we know about Jason:
1. He was Cheryl’s twin.
2. He was captain of the school water polo team and a member of the football team.
3. He was heir to the Blossom maple syrup empire.
4. He impregnated and proposed to his girlfriend Polly Cooper.
5. They planned to run away together to raise their baby.
6. He made a deal with the Southside Serpents to deliver drugs for money.
7. He went missing on July 4th and was tortured and shot a week later.

Everyone is a suspect. But who actually had the motive, means and opportunity to kill Jason Blossom? Here are some of my theories.

The Suspects:

Polly Cooper

Musing Mola

A lot of possible motives for her to have killed her boyfriend: a heated lovers’ quarrel, discovering he had a fling with his music tutor Miss Grundy, finding out about the football team’s disgusting playbook. Polly seemed fairly unhinged when we first met her but that could be because she’d been locked up and dealing with teen pregnancy without her friends or family. Or it could be because she killed the father of her unborn child. I can see Alice and Hal knowing she killed him and covering it up and sending her away. The only question is where did she get the gun?

Betty Cooper


I don’t think Betty is capable of murder. Dark Betty however…raises a lot of red flags. She’s aggressive, unpredictable, violent and seems to appear whenever a loved one is threatened. Is it possible that she killed Jason to protect her sister and blacked the whole thing out? We still don’t really know why she’s on Adderall and how it’s affecting her. She even called Chuck Jason and said “apologise for what you did to me” during the disturbing hot tub scene. But Betty was supposed to be completing an internship over the summer so did she even have the opportunity to kill Jason?

Hal Cooper

Gram Union

Hal has motive up the wazoo. Not only did Jason get his daughter pregnant and plan to run away with her but he was also heir to the fortune that Hal believes the Coopers rightly deserve. He seems to be a fairly docile guy but any mention of the Blossoms and he’s off on a heated maple syrup rant. The fact that he stole Sheriff Keller’s murder board and other police evidence further incriminates him – what is he trying to hide? This might be reaching but Hal’s comment about it being “chilly” at the Register at night made me think of Jason’s body being frozen. Did the Coopers keep Jason’s body on ice?

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Madchen Amick Riverdale
Cheryl Bvmbshell

If Hal killed Jason, it’s easy to believe that Alice helped him cover it up. In addition to their mysterious abortion backstory (more on Chic Cooper in Season 2?), Alice’s threatening comment to Hal may be telling: “I think by now, you know what I’m capable of.” So is she targeting FP with her investigation to deflect attention from her family?

Cheryl Blossom

Gram Union

We all know Cheryl is NQR. Her obsession with Jason leads us to think TWINCEST and twincest leads to things like jealousy, loyalty and motive for murder. But Cheryl’s attachment could just be innocent sibling affection due to years of parental abuse and her lack of friends. Then again, I’d expect anything from her at this point.

Clifford and Penelope Blossom

Penelope Blossom Riverdale
Phebo Buffay

Clifford is hard, unemotional and shady AF and Penelope is constantly touching Archie inappropriately because he looks like Jason. For reasons unknown they were unhappy about Jason and Polly’s relationship. When parents are opposed to their children’s romantic unions, it’s usually due to status, money or because they’re secretly siblings. I’m leaning towards the latter. But does that mean that Penelope had an affair with Hal or that Alice had an affair with Clifford? Hal did say that he would “not be party to raising a child that has Blossom blood” – was he talking about Polly and Jason’s baby or something else entirely? Maybe this has nothing to do with personal and everything to do with business? Hiram’s in jail thanks to Clifford so there’s every possibility that his financial battles resulted in his son’s death.

Sidenote: What’s in the east wing? Along with the red wigs in his closet, is Cliff also hiding a floating rose under a glass dome?

FP Jones

FP Jones Skeet Ulrich Riverdale
Riverdale Wikia

They’re making us think it’s FP. He had Jason’s letterman jacket (which was in the torched car), he orchestrated the Joaquin/Kevin relationship to get an inside line to the Sheriff, he’s on Hiram Lodge’s payroll (who hates Clifford Blossom) and the Serpents had a drug deal set up with Jason. But it’s all a bit too obvious. There are more players behind FP’s involvement in this and he even admitted it: “We’ve all got a part to play. Including me.” Was he paid off by Hiram to kill Jason or just to torture him? Anyway, the most important thing to remember here is that they can’t get rid of Skeet Ulrich before Season 2. We need a Jones family reunion, damn it!

Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones Cole Sprouse Riverdale
Daily CW Riverdale

Why wouldn’t he give Sheriff Keller his alibi? Where was he when Jason was killed? He let Fred Andrews lie for him so it has to be something he doesn’t want getting out. I seriously doubt that the Sheriff is right about Jughead’s motive was him being him bullied by the football team. The flashbacks where Jughead sees Jason at school and in the diner are also kind of disturbing. Why is Jason looking directly at the camera? Is it just a directing style or was he actually looking at Jughead? Did they have some kind of relationship? Is that why Jughead is writing about his murder and why FP is questioning him about it?

Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller Casey Cott Riverdale
Riverdale Source

Kevin may seem completely innocent. But there’s something off about him. He found Jason’s body and seemed totally fine the next day. He even suggested to Joaquin that they go to Sweet Water River to fool around AFTER this. I don’t know how sexy and romantic I would feel in the place where I discovered a corpse. Was he in a secret relationship with Jason? Or did Jason run into Kevin in the woods with a guy? There’s also his drive-in movie suggestion – The Talented Mr. Ripley. Was he obsessed with Jason? He’d totally have access to his Dad’s gun.

Geraldine Grundy

Miss Grundy Riverdale
Riverdale Source

Never trust a teacher who seduces and statutory rapes her students. It’s possible that she was in a relationship with Jason before she moved onto Archie so that could be her motive. She also had access to a gun – which btw Alice Cooper has kept and seems to be holding in the promo for next week’s episode (0:12)!

Ethel Muggs

Ethel Muggs Riverdale

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, guys. Just look at her reaction to somebody being tortured in her hot tub. She may as well have PSYCHO KILLER stamped on her forehead.

So those are my theories! I didn’t think it was worth adding Hiram Lodge to the list since he’s in jail and clearly didn’t do the dirty work himself. But did I miss someone else?

Who do you think killed Jason Blossom and why? Vote below and comment with your theories.


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