Silversun Australian Kids TV Show

Silversun was one of the greatest Australian kids tv shows of the early 2000s. Set in the year 2052, Silversun was a sci-fi children’s show that had aliens, romance, cool gadgets and horrible special effects. The series was short-lived and ended on a cliffhanger that people are still upset about today (#SilversunSeason3 #Revival). Thankfully, ABC hasn’t shut down the official Silversun website so us diehard fans (Silvies? Sunnies?) can relive some of those magical moments.

Being a kids tv show the majority of the cast were young at the time of filming. If you have ever wanted to know what happened to your favourite Silversun characters keep reading to find out!

Thomas BlackburneTane Wilson

Silversun where are they now

Tane Wilson was the “action hero…brave, athletic and loyal. He believes his destiny is to command the ship and that his way is the always the right way”. Since Silversun ended in 2004, Thomas Blackburne has appeared in a few small roles on other Australian tv dramas (Holly’s Heroes, Rush,  Killing Time, The Secret River) and most recently in the 2016 Australian movie Spin Out as a minor character called Rooter. Blackburne’s Linkedin lists him as a Communications and Media Professional/Actor.

Angus McLarenDegenhardt Bell

Silversun where are they now

Degenhardt was the “man most likely to lead a mutiny. He’s a bit of a loner who dislikes and questions authority. Naturally, this makes him Tane’s rival.”  McLaren, has acted steadily since Silversun, appearing on a host of Australian tv shows. He appeared as a guest on Blue Hellers and All Saints before getting a long-running part on H20: Just Add Water, another Australian teen drama (although this drama was set in the ocean rather than space). He is probably most well known for his role in Packed to the Rafters which ended in 2013. Since then, McLaren hasn’t been in much, however, he has a part in an upcoming movie with Dev Patel called Hotel Mumbai. Watch this space!

Ryan CorrSheng Zammett

Silversun Sheng Ryan Corr

With his gravity-defying frosted tips and nerdy personality, it was hard not to love Sheng. Corr has consistently acted since Silversun ended, gaining roles on BanishedLove Child and Underbelly: The Golden Mile. He was on Neighbours and acted alongside McLaren in Packed to the Rafters. Corr has also had roles in the movies Where the Wild Things Are and Wolf Creek 2.

Cleopatra ColemanZandie Brokow

silversun zandie

Zandie was the “outsider” of the crew and her default mode was surly. She was an “expert in martial arts, first aid and mechanical repairs”. On a personal note, I totally shipped Zandenhardt. Coleman has continued acting since the end of Silversun. She appeared on Neighbours as Glenn Forrest aka the girl that Boyd cheated on Janae (Eliza Taylor-Cotter) with. These days she is best known for playing the part of Erica on the post-apocalyptic comedy show Last Man on Earth.

Cherise Donovan – Leonella Reiss

Silversun Australian Kids TV Show Leonella

Leonella was the peacemaker of the group and had a relationship with Tane. Like the majority of actors in Silversun, Donovan appeared on Neighbours once the show ended. After her brief stint on Neighbours and a small role in the movie BoyTown Donovan retired her acting career. These days she works in the criminal justice system. Leonella’s still fighting the good fight!

Eloise MignonMara Lomax

Silversun Australian Kids TV Show Mara

Mara was a perfectionist and, let’s face it, a bit uptight. She was also one-third of the Zandie-Deegs-Mara love triangle. After Silversun, Mignon was on Neighbours for two years playing Didge Parker (the girl Susan ran over). Post Neighbours, Mignon has taken on more performance and dance based roles, working with various theatre companies in Melbourne.

Sarah Walker – Pancha McCaskill

Silversun Pancha Sarah Walker

Half computer, half girl, Pancha was a bit…odd.  But like Sheng, her eccentricities just made her all the more lovable. Walker is another victim of the BoyTown curse. After appearing in the 2004 movie alongside Donovan, Walker never acted again. She now works as a photographer.

Karli Dinardo – Cinnamon Everson

Silversun Australian Kids TV Show Cinnamon

Cinnamon was one of the youngest kids on the show. She, along with her little brother Tycho, loved annoying the older crew members. Dinardo has gone on to make a career for herself in the US performing in a number of musicals. She is currently performing in the national tour of Hamilton and recently met Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet while on tour #lifegoals.

Orpheus PledgerTycho Everson

Silversun Tycho

Tycho was cute as a button and a troublemaker. Most notably, Tycho was the first one to discover the green blob that attacked Cyriax. Like everyone else, Pledger has appeared on Neighbours as well as Blue Heelers and House Husbands. He currently plays Mason Morgan on Home and Away. You can catch those abs weeknights on Channel 7 at 7.

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