EOP Recap

I cannot believe this is my second last recap for this show! It’s been a long week waiting for this finale. But we’re here, so let’s jump straight in and find out if Emi is going to be saved.

So Emi spends a good portion of her kidnapping, mouthing off to Elena who goes to slap her when Pachuco walks in and stops Elena – but then gags Emi. Then we see Monicana has been sneaking around outside the cabin and gets caught by Pachuco. He leads Monicana in to see Elena then leaves. Elena immediately points  her gun right at Monicana. Somehow Emi can hear everything. I got the impression Emi would have been upstairs, but turns out she’s somewhere that can hear perfectly everything that’s happening in the lounger. Anyway, Monicana is like, kill me, it won’t stop me from taking Emi. Not sure how that works.Then Elena bites back and threatens to prostitute Emi. Bit rough, isn’t it? Monicana changes tact then, and starts crying about how Elena could have made something of her life etc – tries the sentimental approach. The question on everyone’s lips is, of course, is she going to reveal that she’s actually Monica? She asks Elena why she didn’t say something earlier about being in love with Julian? Then she starts recalling word-for-word a conversation she had with a young Elena about the burnt doll and at this stage, Elena looks like she’s seen a ghost. But, she thinks Monicana could only know this level of detail from reading Monica’s old diaries.

All the while, at the mansion, Gabiel is unconscious and wakes up on the couch and doesn’t remember anything. Ricardo found the envelope that Pachuco left behind and it says if they call the police Emi will die. Of course.  At this point, Diego is trying to convince everyone Elena is behind the kidnapping. Cami screams at Lorena for her incompetence and involvement in keeping all of Elena’s many sins quiet. Lorena is abolsutely pathetic. Perdoname! Puh-lease. Ok, everyone get moving and find Emi for heaven’s sake!

Back at the cabin, Elena is behind Monicana with the gun to her head. And Monicana is like, cool this time you’re going to actually let me die a quick death. And Elena is like, uh…what do you mean this time? Remember, Emi is hearing all of this, so she’s going to know her mum has been in Adriana’s body this whole time. Which is awesome. But also, this could be heartbreaking!! Monicana starts reciting everything that happened when she died. How Elena injected her in the neck and all the things she said. This is amazing. Elena is totes freaked out. Finally she realises this has to be Monica when Monicana calls her nenunca – which is what her and Julian called Elena when she first arrived. Elena’s face is PRICELESS. This is amazing. She’s like, noooooo you can be! But just when you think Elena might have the upper hand still, we see that Monicana has the needle she took from the secret room, in her pocket. OMG. So then Emi falls to the ground in her room (she’s been trying to escape) and makes a noise and Elena is distracted and Monicana LUNGES with the needle!!! EEEKK! Is she actually going to kill her?! Holy moly. I didn’t expect this. In this moment Monicana actually looks as insane as Elena.

At the mansion, Jorge is cool as a cucumber it seems and wants to wait for Elena to contact them. Diego is like, we can’t wait, then he has a brain wave and rushes out of the house. To unchain Pacho, who will know where Emi is apparently. LOL.

At the cabin, Elena is slowly dying in a chair. Interestingly, Elena says Monicana can’t be Monica because Monica would never kill anyone (and I kind of agree), but Monicana is like, well you taught me to hate. You killed that Monica. And after a long rant by Monicana, Elena passes out. At least I assume she passes out. I’m not convinced yet she’s really going to die…and I was right. She was just having a nap. Then Monicana pulls out a new vial and says it’s the antidote to the poison and if Elena wants to live she needs to let Emi go. Um…she’s in the next room Monicana – you could have used the nap time to go looking!

Outside, Diego has just rocked up with Pacho. Watching him sneak around bushes with the dog is hilarious. Diego calls Selma and tells her where he is. He gives her Eddie’s number and tells her to call him. Omg…what if Diego dies? I’m freaking out. Meanwhile, inside, Elena can’t feel her hands. Monicana tells her to confess and she will get the antidote. And she does! Elena admits to killing Monica and says she doesnt regret it. And enjoyed it even. But then Pachuco calls out for her and goes to come inside and Monicana freaks out then. But our hero, Diego, grabs him and throws him on the the lawn. I love watching Diego throw his fists around like it’s a game and he’s a kid in the schoolyard. Monicana ends up grabbing Elena’s gun and threatens her with it. And all the while, Diego is still fighting Pachuco and….breaks his arm? and then head butts him “for Jacinto”. Then a van turns up with police who were screaming in English (I’ve always found it odd that whenever emergency services are called on this show, they automatically speak Spanish and yet here’s this team of policemen yelling in English). Eddie is there! YAY! And he drags Diego away and inside. And Pachuco is in handcuffs. Thank goodness.

Then, we cut back to the mansion, and Selma gets a call from Diego saying everyone’s ok. SO…are we going back to see what actually happens? Hello? What is this?

We get cut straight to a reunion with Monicana and Emi. And Emi is like, are you really my mum? OMG I have the biggest goose bumps right now. But before they can have a proper reunion, Eddie calls out for her. Elena is asking for the antidote. Eddie is like, chill there’s an ambulance on the way. And Eddie is like did you really poison her? And Monicana is like. yep…but only with a mild sedative LOL!! Well played Monicana, well played. With this, Elena bursts out of her chair to attack and that’s when Eddie decides to hand cuff her.  And then, the best moment of the episode so far (surely it can’t be topped), is when Elena is being led outside and Cami comes sprinting up the driveway in a green, fringed top and lands the most epic slap across Elena’s face. And Eddie is like uhhhh…. And Elena laughs. She laughs the most maniacal, evil sounding laugh.

Inside Diego is having a chat with Monicana and Emi limps out and Diego rushes to her side to help her. And Emi and Monicana embrace. Then Monicana collapses and Diego catches her. Oh no. Looks like it’s all over! Emi is screaming Mama, Mama! And Emi is so sad, so of course, I am crying.

In direct contrast, Elena is still laughing outside like an absolute lunatic. Like…seriously, it actually sounds terrifying. That’s going to haunt me. Then Cami hears Emi screaming and goes inside.

At the police station, the Inspector is like, welcome Pachuco, i’ve been waiting for this for ages. Ummm maybe you should have done some actual work then? It’s only taken 153 episodes to catch him and even then, he was caught by Diego! Diego should become a cop after this, clearly he has more intelligence and better instincts. Then Elena starts hearing piano music. What?!

At the hospital, Monicana is rushed in on a stretcher. And Diego is upset because he might lose Adriana, because Monicana won’t be around to dig up the log necklace with him.

Emi and everyone else is back at the mansion. Everyone is pretty much celebrating the demise of Elena while Lorena looks on really depressed. Emi begs Jorge to take her to the hospital to see Monicana.

At the police station, Pachuco says he won’t say anything until he gets a lawyer. The Inspector doesn’t seem to think it’s likely anyone will want to defend him. At the same time, Eddie is interrogating Elena who just glares at him. And she hears piano music again. And Eddie is like what music? And she’s like, you won’t break me with these cheap tricks. So…is she actually legitimately insane? Maybe she’s hallucinating from the sedative?

Back home, Tomas drops in on Jorge. He has a letter Jorge needs to see. It’s the DNA results!!

At court, Elena is being advised by Gerardo’s lawyer and she’s busy thinking about when she shot Gerardo. And then when Monicana tricked her into confessing with the help of the sedative. The lawyer suggests she needs a mental health specialist and that they’ll plead insanity to get her in a psychiatric hospital and that grabs her attention and she starts screaming.

At the hospital, Selma and Diego are waiting, when the Hopeless Doctor comes out and says Monicana is in a coma! ARGH! There’s no brain activity and he has no explanation. Which isn’t surprising given his history. But still. Devastating news for all involved. And that’s the end of the episode, which means the finale is next!


  • Is Diego going to get Adriana back?
  • Is Jorge going to open the DNA results?
  • Are we going to get a big happy reunion next episode?

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