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So. Unexpected death last episode. Can’t wait to see what episode 152 throws at us! Read on if you dare.

So Gerardo died. Honestly, I am shocked. Shocked at my reaction as much as the fact it actually happened. So we start this episode off with Monicana sobbing over Gerardo’s body.

We move quickly to Lorena who has been woken up by Jorge and Selma. Jorge wants Lorena to tell him everything she knows.

Back at the mansion, Eddie comes in gun drawn. Argh. Too late. And he’s with Diego! As if Diego is allowed to come along to this! Diego takes Monicana away from the body and Eddie demands to know where Elena was. She says Elena left with Pachuco and Eddie calls for backup. Monicana tells Diego she loved Gerardo despite everything. She says he didn’t know how to deal with the love he felt for her. He’d never been in love before. Puh-lease. I’m not sure you can excuse everything he did because of THAT.

Diego calls Selma and breaks the news that Gerardo was murdered. She tells Jorge and Lorena. Jorge insists Lorena tell him what she knows. Lorena admits Elena killed Monica, Ernesto, Vicky (eek, I forgot about Vicky!) and almost killed Emi. She tells them everything. And then Lorena tells Selma that Elena killed Esteban. FINALLY Selma finds out. Poor Selma. She really believed the psychic voodoo that “told” her he died in an accident. Lorena wants forgiveness. Selma wants Elena to pay. Her face is enough to make me think Selma might be the one to bring this all to an end.

At the mansion, police are everywhere taking photos. Diego tells Monicana they came to arrest Elena (not sure why? Did they already exhume and test Monica’s body?). Eddie wants to take Monicana’s statement but Diego convinces him to wait a day so Monicana can rest. Once he leaves, Monicana watches the confession Gerardo recorded.

At the hospital, Ricardo gets a call from Diego and breaks the news. Poor Diego. Official messenger of the Elena Victim Hotline.

Meanwhile, Pachuco takes Elena home and she seems to be in shock over what she did. She’s devastated Gerardo didn’t love her. Then she gets mad. She tells Pachuco that it was Monicana that killed Gerardo. And Pachuco, the idiot, believes her. He disappears and Elena pulls out her “pregnancy belly”. lol.

Then, it’s five days later, and Emi is up and hobbling around with a walking frame. YAY! This makes me so happy! The doctor tells her she can go home to recover. The doctor tells her an angel must have been looking over her and Emi says there was – it was her mother. Aww.

At the mansion, Marta and Rodrigo are setting up a welcome home party for Emi. And they’re very lovey-dovey. Then Eileen comes in and says the producer will be sending contracts to Rodrigo on Monday. And he almost faints. *eye roll*

At the bar, Eddie is telling Diego they haven’t had any luck finding Elena so far. Diego says she will want revenge. Eddie thinks she will be too restricted to be able to carry anything out, but Diego insists they don’t let their guard down. Eddie says the good news is that Rottweiler confessed his involvement and that Pachuco told Rott about killing Jacinto – Monicana’s brother. It’s easy to forget why Diego is so invested in making sure Eddie knows they can relax now. While Cami and Emi are still in danger, he can’t get Adriana back.

Monicana is at the cemetery, thanking Gerardo’s grave for all he did for her and her children. Uh oh. She’s being watched by Elena in the background. Monicana continues on about their “tragic romance”. Honestly I can’t believe Monicana is out in the open by herself knowing Elena could sneak up on her at any moment. Then, Selma shows up, she’s still fuming and bent on revenge. When they drive off, Elena leaves a black rose on Gerardo’s grave and swears she will avenge his death.

At the mansion, everyone hides as Jorge wheels Emi in. Then they all shout SURPRISE and it’s very sweet. And they go to approach Emi and she insists on walking to them herself. And I’m crying. I shouldn’t watch these shows. They’re too emotional. She hugs Marta and I am a wreck. And Eileen tells Cami she’s happy for Emi and for her. Eileen gives her a hug and they’re besties now. Aww.

Emi heads outside with Gabriel to see Pacho (who forgot about the dog?) and tells Gabriel she’ll miss him when she’s in Australia on holiday. Eek, then in the bushes, we see Pachuco in a security guard uniform, spying on her!

Monicana and Selma turn up at the mansion. Cami tells Monicana she feels so much anger at Elena and Lorena. Monicana tells her she needs to forgive because bitterness is only felt by the one feeling it, and it will stop her from being happy. Great motto to live by, but honestly, who could forgive Elena?!

Anyway, then all hell breaks lose. Outside, Gabriel tells Emi they should go back inside and goes to tether Pacho to a tree. With that, Pachuco knocks him out. Emi starts screaming and tries to get away and falls from her wheelchair. Pacho is barking and Pachuco grabs Emi! He drops an envelope on the ground and takes her away!

Inside, Marta can hear Pacho barking and Rodrigo tells her to stop worrying. And she sits down and they start kissing. Ew. Meanwhile, Cami and Monicana are still chatting about what will happen with Lorena.  And Selma asks if Jorge is upset knowing that Monica loved Gerardo, when he himself was in love with her for all those years. He insists his history with her died when she did. Selma tells Jorge she left flowers for Esteban. And Jorge admits he hates seeing her sad. She says she’s closing this chapter of her life and moving on and Jorge says he will be by her side. Now these two, I DO ship. Meanwhile, Cami is telling Monicana how much she reminds her of her mother. Yep, that’s nice, but hello? Emi has been kidnapped, can we get back to that?Jorge says he’s leaving for Australia and doesn’t care about the DNA results – Elena still needs to pay for what she’s done. Then Jorge says he loves being with Selma. And Selma looks a bit awkward and she says they can see each other every time he comes to LA to visit. Jorge says he’s going to Australia to check on his business but isn’t staying there and will be moving to LA permanelty because theres something going on in LA he doesnt want to lose. Aww.

Then Cami is outside having a romantic moment with Ricardo and he announces he got a scholarship to Berkeley. Again, great, but what about Emi? And all the while Pacho can still be heard barking in the background. And they start talking about how they are soon to be husband and wife…yet I’m not seeing a ring? When did this all happen?

Then Diego turns up. Monicana thanks him and wants to know how she can repay him. Hello? Let Adriana come back. She says tonight they will bring her back. Ummm you’re not all safe yet! For the love of all things holy, someone, please, go outside!

Turns out, Pachuco has taken Emi to the cabin where Elena is currently living. Elena orders Pachuaco to go lock Emi in her room.

Back at the mansion, Diego wants to know how Monicana can consider leaving when Elena is still at large. Diego thinks she should stick around a bit longer. She says she will make sure they have everything they need and Selma will look out for them. Then her phone rings and it’s Emi screaming, and then Elena gets on the line. Elena says she will kill Emi if Monicana doesn’t come to the cabin alone. Monicana makes some excuse to get away from Diego and rushes off.

Back out in the garden, Ricardo and Cami are still carrying on their conversation. Cami sees Monicana rushing off. (Turns out she’s going to the secret room and pulls out a syringe and a vial from a trunk of toys.) Inside, Diego is pacing and Selma asks what’s wrong. He explains about the call Monicana received  and tells her he thinks something fishy is going on. Then Lorena turns up and wants to see Emiliana.

Cami FINALLY heads down to see why Pacho is barking. They see Gabriel passed out and Cami starts screaming for Emi.

Inside Lorena wants forgiveness. She says she went to the police and told them everything she knew. Then Cami bursts in and tells everyone Emi is missing.

At the cabin, Elena gives Pachuco a key to her safety deposit box where his money is kept. But she wants him to watch over her while she kills Monicana first. Pachuco isn’t happy. He wants cash. Emi is in her room screaming and Elena comes in and screams at her – telling her to shut up or she will make sure she’s paralysed for good this time. Oops. Turns out Emi didn’t know that little detail. Elena says she’s using her as bait to get to Monicana and when she turns up, Elena will be sending them both to be with Monica. Eek!!

Until next week fans! For the finale. Cannot wait to see how this all ends, but so sad it’s almost over.


  • How is this going to end?!
  • How sad are you going to be when the finale airs and there’s no more episodes?






One thought on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 152

  1. Three predictions. Monica has to confront Elena with the paralysis syringe perhaps killing her or at least no leg moving until Eddie shows up. Selma and Jorge profess their love. Monica says good-bye (as mother) to her ninas and Adriana and Diego live happily ever after. Very annoyed that Jennifer has not come back from San Fran to see her brother Eddie. I gather the budget and ratings must have fell away, at the end it was all a very rushed few weeks. I will miss this novella a lot, perhaps SBS can buy a cheap one from the NBC back catlog subtitles already done. Thanks Pop for the weekly write ups.


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