EOP Recap

4 episodes to go. Who will live and who will die? And who will end up with whom? Read on to see what goes down in episode 151 of En Otra Piel (In Her Skin).

PS. I needed chocolate and tissues to get through this recap. Just saying.

At the end of last episode, Elena was on the brink of a meltdown of epic proportions on realising Diego had been in her apartment and stolen the poisoned shampoo. She was on the phone to Pachuco, who threatens to leave. But Elena insists he wait her for her call. And he will get half a million dollars. With that, she gathers all the phones in the apartment (?) and walks out, leaving Lorena drunk on the couch.

At the mansion, Gerardo is reminiscing about when Elena told him she was pregnant. Looks like he’s pretty angry she lied because he takes a gun out of the drawer behind him. He spends a long time looking at it and picking it up and putting it down. Then Elena turns up. It’s amazing. All the lights are turned off and everything’s in shadow making it even more dramatic than it needs to be. He asks her how her pregnancy is going. He’s got his hands behind his back, but alas no gun it turns out. He wants to talk. He tells her he loves her (remember, he had some stupid plan with Monicana? – the details of which I can’t remember). To prove his love for her, he wants to destroy her piano. This makes Elena happy.

At the hospital, Jorge is worried about leaving Lorena with Elena. He’s also lamenting what he will do if he finds out Elena really is his daughter. Camila overhears this of course, and is shocked. She walks off into Emi’s room where Monicana is waiting for the antidote to be given to Emi. The doctor comes in with it. He’s fairly confident (for once) that she will be cured.

Gabriel heads around to Lupe’s to speak to Susana. Susana is crying because she feels guilty over her involvement in spying for Elena. She admits she got caught up in the bribes but now she’s scared and feels awful. Well…at least she looks genuinely remorseful about her actions. Unlike all the other villains on this show.

Marta comes home and Eileen pushes Rodrigo to reveal his good news. Then she leaves with Maite and Valeria. He tells Marta and she’s thrilled to see him so happy. But then she says she has to go back to Emi.  Rodrigo wants her to stay and she agrees. Only if he agrees to not get depressed if the producer doesn’t call back. He’s apparently decided to fight for his dream no matter what. Argh. Sorry Rodrigo, but I just can’t believe you! But apparently it’s everything Marta has ever wanted to hear. This “strength” is what she fell in love with. Ew. He’s been pathetic for 150 episodes and this one little thing and suddenly they’re reuniting? Yuck. Sorry everyone. I’m just not a Marta/Rodrigo shipper.

Meanwhile, Diego turns up at the hospital. He was at the police station and unfortunately they didn’t find Elena’s fingerprints on the shampoo bottles. Move along. So many little sidenotes in this episode. It’s obvious the real action will be taking place at the mansion.

Speaking of, Elena decides she wants to go away tonight and spend her pregnancy on the beach. Gerardo doesn’t want to (obviously). He asks her if she poisoned Emi and Elena’s hackles go up. Meanwhile Monicana is downstairs in the secret room, waiting? Gerardo has a recording device planted. Elena goes to leave and Gerardo pulls his gun out! He tells her Monica has returned from the dead to get revenge. Then piano music starts playing through the sound system – so that’s why Monicana was in the basement. Hahaha! Perfecto! At this point I don’t know if Elena really believes what she’s saying…ok no, she’s seen the camera and is playing up to it. Gerardo tells her he knows she isn’t pregnant. This whole time the piano is going on and off, on and off, and Gerardo is brandishing his gun in her face. It’s edge-of-your-seat stuff.

At the police station, Gerardo’s lawyer turns up to give a file to the Inspector, a file asking for Monica’s body to be exhumed. Ok. Juicy, but again, let’s get back to the mansion.

At Elena’s apartment, Lorena is in a stupor, drinking of bottle of something.  At the hospital Jorge is frantic and Diego gives him the address to go find Lorena. He asks Diego to stay. Selma offers to go with him and he agrees. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Diego waits alone and Eddie calls with the news of the exhumation of Monica’s body. If they can prove foul play, then Elena’s days as a free woman are numbered. Now, normally I would say as if this is going to happen. But with only 3.5 episodes to go, maybe it finally will?

Anyway, back at the mansion, Gerardo is still trying to get Elena to confess. But she knows the camera is there so I really don’t see how this is ever going to be resolved. Does he not realise she can see the camera? He tells her he has no choice but to get rid of her if she’s not going to confess – he’s going to jail anyway. And he loads the gun, but then, NO, Pachuco pops up out of nowhere, also with a gun! So Gerardo puts down his gun, then Elena picks it up and tells Pachuco to leave. Then she raises the gun! Oh my goodness. I can’t watch….he even steps closer to her and tells her how much he only ever loved Monica and how Elena revolts him. OMG SHE SHOT HIM!!!! Monicana is down in the basement and hears the gun shot. I have goosebumps. Holy. Moly. And he falls to the ground and Elena starts howling like a psycho. With this Pachuco bursts in and takes the gun from Elena and carries her away.

Then we cut to Lupe’s where Eileen, Gabriel and the girls are gushing about the reunion of Marta and Rodrigo. ARGH. Who cares?! Get back to Gerardo!

So, Gerardo. He’s dying and Monicana rushes over and tells him to hold on because she’s called an ambulance. He tells her he won’t make it and tells her about the camera – which would have recorded Elena shooting him, even if he couldn’t get a confession out of her. He also admits he recorded his own confession and it’s on tape in the safe. You know what? This is actually really sad…I guess he was good in the end? Despite all the awful things he participated in? Is that dumb of me?

At the apartment, Lorena has completely passed out and Jorge and Selma burst in and insist the security guy call a doctor.

Back to Gerardo. He tells Monicana he is happy he did something good for her. And then he tells her he can see her soul. And light. She tells him he has to hold on. He asks her to forgive him. For not fighting for her. She says she forgives him with her whole heart and he says he really meant it when he said he always loved her. And she says she loves him and then he dies. And I’m crying and it’s very, very sad. Why am I sad? I mean, at the end of it all, he did cheat on her and was involved in her murder…and now all these confessions over the past few episodes and I am Team Gerardo? I need chocolate.


  • Who saw that coming?!
  • Were you Team Gerardo in the end?
  • Do you reckon there will be a ghost reunion between Monica and Gerardo’s souls?



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