EOP Recap

Last episode was quite full of revelations. Here’s hoping to some action-packed follow up to those revelations in episode 150 of En Otra Piel (In Her Skin).

At the hospital, Susana is back in Emi’s room. Emi is crying and Susana is crying. Let’s be real here. Even if they find the antidote to the poison sometime in the next 30 seconds, surely nerve damage is actually irreparable?

In the waiting room, Diego turns up and tells Selma that the cops are looking into the poison. And that Gerardo was going to the police but didn’t turn up. He seems pretty excited and convinced this is all good. Poor love. He clearly hasn’t realised how hopeless doctors and cops are on this show. Anyway, then he goes in to see Emi and suddenly she loses her vision and has a seizure. OMG. This is bad!!! Susana is saying forgive me, forgive me and Diego hears her. He demands to know what she knows. And she confesses! She says the bottles are still at Elena’s apartment and Diego takes off.

At the tv network, Eileen and Rodridgo meet with Chato, the tv producer. But who really cares about this storyline? Take us back to Emi!

At the courthouse, Tomas is suggesting Jorge reveal the truth about Lorena’s past to tip the scales in his favour. Jorge doesn’t want to hurt Lorena though. Court begins but Lorena isn’t there. As Elena is telling the judge that Lorena won’t leave Emi’s side, Lorena herself stumbles in completely drunk. I wouldn’t mind betting this is an act to force the judge’s hand in assigning custody to Jorge. Lorena tells the judge she’s an alcoholic and she’s not a good role model. She says Jorge is a great man and no one else could take better care of her. Naturally after all this, the judge awards Jorge sole custody of Emiliana. YAY!! A victory. After court, Elena threatens Lorena and says she will kill Emi now.

While all this is going on, Diego is breaking in to Elena’s apartment wearing white latex gloves. He grabs the bottles out of the bin. HOORAY! Someone on this show has some sense. NO! Diego leaves the apartment, picked up by Eddie, but Pachuco follows behind with a gun. Eddie also isn’t happy Diego broke in. He wanted to wait for a search warrant. They rush off to the hospital though.

Monicana turns up at the hospital and Selma fills her in on Diego’s news. Then Monicana reveals she told Gerardo the whole truth. Monicana says she doesn’t think Gerardo is a bad person and Selma looks skeptical.

At the mansion, Gerardo is staring at a photo of Monica and crying. Susana tiptoes in rushes into the study having heard someone in there. Gerardo tells Susana he misses Monica and owes her everything. Then Susana goes to pack a bag. And Gerardo wishes her luck. Susana flashes back to when she confronted Elena about injecting herself with something to make it look like she was pregnant. She hands the vial to Gerardo and tells him to look it up online. And then she leaves. YAY. Another victory. Good on you Susana.

At the hospital, the Doctor tells everyone the paralysis has reached Emi’s chest making it hard for her to breathe. Monicana is devastated and sobs at Emi’s bedside. This is just heartbreaking. Surely she isn’t going to die? Then Diego comes in. He pulls Monicana aside and says the doctors are testing the shampoo and Monicana hugs him and says he’s an angel. OMG Diego is so attractive right now. The dashing hero.

At the mansion, Gerardo realises Elena isn’t pregnant. This is just amazing. So much action tonight.

Cami and Jorge head back to the hospital and tell Selma that Jorge got custody. Of course, they don’t know what’s happened to Emi. Monicana is beaming when she tells Cami about what Diego has done. I really hope this works. Cami thinks the bottles were found at Pachuco’s place. Selma says Cami needs to know the truth. They tell her they found the bottles at Elena’s apartment. She is devastated. She tells Ricardo what’s been happening and she admits she thinks maybe Elena killed her mum too.

Eddie then shows up and Diego can’t understand why Eddie isn’t off arresting Elena. Eddie says there’s not enough evidence. Plus they acquired the bottles illegally. They also need Susana to provide a statement but she’s gone.

Susana isn’t far, it turns out. She’s just turned up at Lupe’s.

At the mansion, Gerardo meets with his lawyer. Apparently they’re changing the will. Then he tells him he wants to exhume Monica’s body. Hmm not sure what that would achieve…but he must have a plan. He says he knows Monica was murdered and needs to prove it.

At Rodrigo’s, he and Eileen tell Gabriel that the production company are interested, but also that the producer is going to try and get the rights to Rodrigo’s original screenplay back. That’s great, but not important right now.

Then, at the hospital, the Hopeless Doctor rushes over and tells everyone they’ve isolated the toxin and are working on an antidote. I’m not celebrating yet. It seems too easy that Emi gets cured.

Back at the apartment, Lorena is trying to convince Elena to leave and never come back. She pours Lorena a drink. Surely that’s poisoned.

In Emi’s room, Marta is praying and Monicana bursts in and breaks the good news to her. And it’s happy tears all round. Ok, let’s hope the doctors actually give Emi the antidote before all this celebrating goes to waste. Emi wakes up and says, Mama? and Monicana says yes. Awwwww!

Then, in the end, Pachuco calls Elena and tells her he saw Diego and Eddie outside her apartment. And she realises he stole the shampoo. Oops Elena. All your plans are coming undone. She starts to freak out. Big time.

That. Was. Amazing.


  • What is going to happen next?!
  • Will the doctors administer the antidote in time?
  • Will Elena come after Susana?
  • Who will still be alive in four episodes time?

One thought on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 150

  1. At this point I really only see Gerardo crossing the threshold of mortality and perhaps Diego killing Pachuco in self defence. Surely all the remaining good guys all live now. Looking forward to a good cat fight between Moni and Elena, it has to be soon.


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