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Our time is coming to end with this one. After this week’s episodes, we only have four to go. I have to say, I am going to be sad to lose this show – it’s been fun! But enough of that, Monicana was going to “reveal all” to Gerardo at the end of the last episode, so let’s see if she followed through.

Elena hears the doorbell ring and it’s Lorena. She’s here to plead Emi’s case. And, predictably, Elena has zero sympathy. Looks like Lorena might finally be realising just how evil Elena is. Then, as Elena is drinking down a whiskey, Lorena FINALLY realises Elena isn’t actually pregnant. Did everyone feel that subtle shift in the space/time continuum? But Elena doesn’t seem to mind that her mother knows the truth. She just starts sobbing about how Gerardo has abandoned her. Uh oh. Then Lorena admits she didn’t turn Elena in to the police because she didn’t want her grandchild born in prison. She wants to help Emi. Elena responds by calling her a piece of trash, and then Lorena slaps her! Then Elena then lists all the people she’s killed – not sure what that was meant to achieve. Then, the final bombshell, she tells Lorena that she started the fire when she was little and should have made sure Lorena died in it!. GEEZ. This is nasty!

At the hospital, Susana has come past to visit Emi. Looks like she might be having an attack off the guilty kind. Emi is in a bad way, seems she’s ready to die. Everyone’s crying. Me included. Marta seems to think Susana is hiding something. Susana flashes back to when Elena told her she needs to keep this secret otherwise everything will think it was actually Susana that poisoned Emi – after all, Susana is the one who runs Emi’s bath every night. So doubtful Susana is about to offer up any information.

Anyway, on to more important parts of the storyline. Gerardo turns up at the mansion, and lo and behold, Monicana is belting away at the piano. Clue numero uno, Gerardo. And all Monicana says to him is that this is the truth, now you know. Of course, Gerardo is hopeless and doesn’t get it. She reminds him that what she just played was the last piece she played at her concert in Mexico. Then she proceeds to play his favourite song, reminding him of when they first met. Finally, she ends on the last piece she played that she couldn’t finish because she passed out from Elena’s poison. She recalls the sweet nothings he whispered in her ear over the years they were together. And he seems to finally realise what she’s saying. She tells him her soul didn’t die. She tells him she knows Elena murdered her. He says he didn’t want to be involved and that he truly loved her. He tells her that he almost turned himself in to the police, but knew that if he did, Cami and Emi wouldn’t get what is theirs. Not exactly sure how one prevents the other, but nothing much in this show makes sense. OMG, then he starts crying!!! I am so torn. I just don’t know if I believe him! Either way, Monicana says she believes him and she needs him to stay to help save Emi. She tells him that he needs to get back together with Elena. HAHA! He needs to gain her trust to find out which poison was used.

Other brief elements of this episode included Rodrigo getting ready to go meet Eileen’s TV producer, Jorge heading off with Cami to the custody hearing, and the police chief telling Eddie that he had a call from Gerardo who never showed up and it was very suspicious.

Finally, the episode ends with Gerardo calling Elena. He says he couldn’t turn himself in. He says what matters most to him is her and their child. He gets her to agree to come to the mansion tonight after the custody hearing. After he hangs up, he tells Monicana that he promises to get Elena to talk.


  • Do we really believe Gerardo? I mean, he says he really loved Monica…but, putting all the murder stuff aside, he still cheated on her with Elena, so how much did he really love Monica? Really.
  • Is Lorena going to make it to the last episode alive? Or will Elena try and finish the job she started all those years ago?
  • Who is going to get custody of Emi? And will it matter? Is she going to die? *sob*

2 thoughts on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 149

  1. I knew Gerardo would have a heroic bone, just behind his goiter. Gerardo will save the day and I hope Monica 1 and 2 end up with
    him, and When Elena kills Susanna for dobbing, i hope Adriana’s spirit enters S’s body, so Diego will have his love back, and Emi her Mother. Or, Monica 1 could take over Evil Elenas body?


    1. Ooooh all very good theories. I have to admit, as much as I don’t want anyone else to die, I am kind of hoping there’s a way for both Monica and Adriana to stay. Fingers crossed!


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