Recently I was at a friend’s house for a dinner and someone quoted ‘The IT Crowd.’ I’m not even exaggerating when I say that everyone literally stopped and started quoting their fave moments. So obviously the next minute we were watching some of our favourite episodes.

A couple of weeks later I was at work and someone sitting behind me (who happens to work in IT) made some comment about it and their entire team started talking about their favourite moments too. I was just sitting at my desk smirking…I didn’t realise it was such a cult classic.

So if you haven’t seen it you are seriously missing out. Here are 10 reasons to get watching…

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have you tried turning it off and on again?

It seems like people who haven’t seen this show still know the famous line. You gotta love the ways in which Moss and Roy deal with their annoying IT-challenged co-workers. They come up with ingenious ways to avoid doing work and instead spend their days playing guitar hero, making prank calls, and jousting on bikes with mops.

it crowd
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jen’s computer incompetence

Jen knows nothing about computers (or as she says ‘comp-uters’) and yet she’s the manager of the department. Yes she knows how to send and receive emails and she can even double click but that’s about it. She’s very gullible and the boys have great fun in feeding her dodgy information. Like that time she believes the internet is a box and presents it to the company in a meeting.

the internet
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Denholm is the eccentric boss of Reynholm Industries. He’s only in it for a season and a bit but every time he’s on the screen I’m laughing. He’s always doing something ridiculous…declaring war on stress, wearing earplugs around the office, giving piggybacks, obsessing over teamwork, and forgetting about taking over ITV. He is the Greatest Man in the World (according to himself).

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Denholm’s son Douglas is the crazy new boss of Reynholm Industries after Denholm jumps out of a window. If you think Denholm is weird you haven’t seen anything yet!. Douglas does absolutely nothing, he’s obsessed with Jen even though he never seems to know her name and is an absolute womaniser. I think it’s the intonation of his voice that gets me. Everything he says sounds funny. ‘Hells Horses!’

douglas 1 douglas 2douglas 3douglas 4

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tv and social media

I love their take on modern social media and the spoof advertisements. There’s the ad for the new emergency services phone number which I can still remember thanks to the catch jingle, and the new piracy warning ad which goes a bit further than what you’re typically used to. Moss, Jen and Roy also use a fair bit of social media, specifically Chitter and Friend Face. Oh and they make an appearance on Dragon’s Den.

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the nerdiness

According to Denholm, Moss and Roy are ‘standard nerds’ and they have all sorts of nerdy adventures. My absolute favourite would be when Moss appears on the TV show Countdown (and the resulting game of Street Countdown that follows). He is definitely the nerdier one of the two. He emails the fire brigade after he starts a small fire, he orders both the Adult and Child’s versions of Harry Potter to make sure there’s no differences in the text, he counts staples and he corrects people’s grammar.

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reynholm industries hijinks

What exactly does Reynholm Industries do? We never find out which is part of the fun. No one seems to do any work but yet Denholm triumphantly states that they made ‘eighteen hundred billion billion’ pounds. They have iPod parties, surprise parties, memorials, aerobics classes, and meetings where staff pretend to swim and run on the spot.

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What other show would have a surprisingly-sensitive goth character lurking in the basement of a huge building? Richmond was once a main partner at Reynholm Industries but after turning into a goth, was banished to the server room. He pops up every now and then always scaring Jen with his ability to appear and disappear (and the fact the looks like ghost).

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the wackiness

There’s literally the most random storylines which are hilarious. I don’t want to spoil the laughs so I’ll try not to give too much away. There’s the work outing to the theatre where Roy and Moss find themselves out of their depth, Moss getting stuck somewhere trying to get a new iPhone, and that time when Aunt Irma visits the boys. Those who have already seen the show will know what I am talking about!

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the dating scene

Jen attracts the most random people. Douglas is obsessed with her, and she ends up dating a string of weird and wonderful characters. There’s the man who looks like a magician, Peter File, Norman the keyboard player, and Phillip (a gay man who tries to date her because she looks a bit like a man). Roy and Moss don’t have much luck either. I wonder why…

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Have you seen any of The IT Crowd? What’s your favourite moment? I’m off to watch the entire series again from the start!

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