EOP Recap

Well, any thoughts of sleeping after episode 145 of En Otra Piel/In Her Skin went right out the window with that revelation! What’s next?!

So, straight into it. Jorge can’t believe Lorena has lied to him all this time, so why would she change her mind now? She admits she was never sure. But she says it’s possible. She says she fell in love with him. He thought she just wanted a good time. Awks. She says she knew he only wanted her because he was heartbroken over Monica. He’s fairly angry. He thinks he might have been able to make a difference by helping to raise Elena and maybe then she wouldn’t have become a murderer. Yep that’s right – he basically tells Lorena he knows what happened to Monica. Then Lorena dares him to go against what could be his own flesh and blood.

At the apartment, Gerardo is sulking. Then he calls Monicana but doesn’t say anything. Elena comes out  and he says he doesn’t want to argue. He begs her to try starting over. Of course, then she redials the last number and figures out he was calling Monicana. Watch out Gerardo – you might be next on Elena’s hit list.

At the bar, Diego is refusing to name who his “friend” is, that knows so much about Elena. Diego tells Eddie his “friend” doesn’t have proof but knows Elena killed Monica Serrano. Although it seems Eddie isn’t convinced Elena could be a murderer, but asks Diego to convince the friend to tell Eddie her story anyway.

Meanwhile Cami and Ricardo are discussing the days events and Cami has decided she trusts Gerardo (*eye roll*). Ricardo isn’t so sure (thank goodness he still seems to be thinking straight) and wants to show a copy of the will to Tomas. He thinks there might still be hope for Cami and Emi to get everything back.

At Lupe’s, or should I say Valeria’s and Maite’s, they’re discussing Maite’s relationship with Anselmo, and then move on to the kisses Valeria shared with Eddie. Aww. They’re in love. But Valeria is scared of going further with Eddie given her past.

Love is in the air it seems, Rodrigo and Marta share an almost-kiss in the kitchen. Almost, because Ricardo walks in on them.

At the apartment, Gerardo has slept on the couch. So wedded bliss is off to a good start. Elena stalks out and then Gerardo makes a call, saying he thinks someone stole his wife’s car. Is he trying to track her?

Then, Cami is getting in a car with Ricardo and it all seems very suspicious. Apparently “the cop” called and wants to meet with her. I assume this means Eddie. But honestly I am expecting the car to explode at any moment.

At the mansion, Lorena has made breakfast for Emi, and sends Susana off to take it to her. Of course, Susana sticks around to eavesdrop and overhears Jorge ask for a paternity test. He doesn’t even want to ask Elena for it. He wants to do it behind her back. For heaven’s sake, Lorena even brings him Elena’s brush. Then Lorena asks if he will drop the custody battle now and he says no. And leaves with the hair brush.

Turns out Elena was on her way to Pachuco’s. She hands him a wad of cash and tells him she wants him to destroy a house and all the people in it. He doesn’t seem to keen on the job. But he agrees. While there, Susana calls Elena. And tells her the news. Her face is priceless.

At the station, Eddie is with Cami. He shows her some photos and asks her to pick out her shooter. She picks out Rott. He says Rott was behind the attack on Jennifer. Eddie says there’s a connection but he hasn’t figured it out yet. Eddie asks her if Elena told her he had spoken to her about theories regarding the shooting and Cami admits she hasn’t heard anything about it. Eddie tells her he thinks it was all a set up.

At Jorge’s, he is replaying his conversation with Lorena. Selma shows up. He tells her he’s getting a DNA test done and tells her why. Haha Selma – you could be Elena’s new stepmother!

Then Susana shows up at Elena’s apartment and Elena wants to know all the details. Elena pours herself a drink and Susana starts going on and and on and on about how that couldn’t be good for the baby. Then Elena gives her $500 and tells her to go away. Susana leaves and then Elena is like, the brother of the first man to reject me is my father? Isn’t she more upset that she was trying to crack onto her uncle? And then killed him?

Pachuco then gets another visitor. It’s Gerardo. With a gun. Demanding to know what Elena is planning. Finally, Gerardo! Act now!

And the end scene. So much drama. Monicana is at the mansion and is brushing Emi’s hair and trying to cheer her up and they discover some sort of weird blister on the back of her ear. So she calls The Hopeless Doctor from the hospital, who wants to do a biopsy on Emi’s ear. Then Emi starts crying hysterically. She can’t feel her hand!! She can’t feel her hand! I can’t bear this! Poor Emi!!


  • I know I asked this last time, but really, is Jorge really, truly, Elena’s father?
  • EMI! What’s going to happen to her? Is she going to be ok?
  • Is Cami going to come to her senses about everything? Ever?





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