Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that Season 1 of Fuller House, the reboot of Full House, was released on February 28 on Netflix and has just been renewed for a second season! Having grown up crushing on Uncle Jesse and wishing we were as cool as D.J., this was cause for great excitement here at Cactus Pop!

Fuller House recaps

You may remember in the lead up to the premiere, we posted a list of 10 things we wanted to see. Check out what we got and what we didn’t get before you dive into our season 1 episode recaps.

Episode 1: “Our Very First Show, Again”

AKA the episode where I cried because the nostalgia! From the opening credits showing Danny, Jesse, Joey and Becky “then” and “now”, to the incorporation of as many old catchphrases as is possible in thirty minutes, it hits you straight in the feels.

Fuller House
Uncle Jesse. My first TV crush.

So, it’s 29 years later and this episode catches you up on what everyone’s been up to, and sets up the rest of the season. And there’s A LOT of parallels. Essentially, D.J. is recently widowed with three kids. Stephanie, Kimmy and Kimmy’s daughter Ramona move in to help D.J. out. There’s a big going away shindig at the Tanner house – Danny is moving to LA. And it’s basically an excuse to reunite all the characters to the enthusiastic cheers and applause of the audience.

Best Awwwww moment

Fuller House
Flintstones, meet the Flintstones!

It just can’t get any more nostalgic than this! Seeing the two shows side-by-side singing the theme song of the Flintstones to Michelle (in 1987) and Tommy (in 2016). Tears. Welled. Up.

Funniest Moment

Fuller House
“I must be having an antacid flashback!”

Kimmy is such a stand out for me. I particularly loved when she burst into the Tanner kitchen and exclaimed she’s having an “antacid flashback”.

Best Outfit

For realz, D.J.’s skirt and top combo, seen here in a particularly awesome dance routine to New Kids on the Block.

Fuller House
D.J. Tanner

For lolz, Tommy’s Elvis onesie.

Fuller House
Thank you, thank you very much!


Episode 2: “Moving Day”

As the title suggests, this episode centres around Kimmy and Ramona moving in to the Tanner House. There’s a bedroom “fiasco” where Jackson and Max are forced to move in together so Ramona doesn’t have to sleep in the attic cupboard like Harry Potter.


Max is absolutely THRILLED to be sharing a room with his older brother. I think this is something only the younger sibling could ever be thrilled about, but it really is totally endearing. Followed closely by hearing D.J. speak about how close she ended up with Stephanie when they shared a room. Aww.

Funniest Moment

Stephanie speaking to D.J. via Tommy’s butt – yep, she lost her phone in his nappy.

Fuller House
“Must be a butt dial!”
  • “But Mom made her famous blueberry pancakes. And she used duck eggs for more nutrition and a deeper flavour profile!” – not only hilariously cute, but also proving Max is 7 going on 40?
  • Ramona – “THAT was SO evil…but extremely effective!” On Kimmy throwing her phone through to open door.
  • More of an FYI but I guess it could be kinda funny. Stephanie’s bedspread – look familiar? It’s the same one Bella Swan had on her bed in Twilight. Don’t ask me how I knew that…

Fuller House Bed Stephanie Twilight

Best Outfit

For realz. Jesse strutting in wearing aviators and a leather jacket. Holy. Moly. Have. Mercy.

Fuller House
Have. Mercy.

For lolz. Kimmy’s bacon and eggs scarf.

Fuller House
Why not wear your breakfast?


Episode 3: “Funner House”

This might be my favourite episode. Kimmy and Steph drag D.J. out for a girls night out in da club. There’s dance offs, tequila shots, she-wolf-pack-howling, great retro tunes, and guest appearances from the Chmerkovskiy brothers, and, wait for it, Macy Gray (and she’s shockingly hilarious!). This is pretty much a celebration of Candace Cameron’s time on Dancing with the Stars. Meanwhile, Joey is babysitting and initiates device-free war with the kids. Hilarity ensues.


When D.J. offers to dance with Kimmy in the dance-off so they can beat Fernando. Aww.

Funniest Moment

Fuller House
Everything is wiggling!

Fernando. Dancing. “Look what you’ve done to my hips. Look what you’ve done to my shoulders. Everything is wiggling.” Hahaha!

Fuller House
Device-free war

Runner up: Joey blasting the kids with toilet-paper-via-leaf-blower.

Fuller House

Second runner up: The Chmerkovskiy brothers dancing together, shirts unbuttoned, in the dance-off.

Best Outfit

For realz and for lolz: Kimmy’s donut handbag. I want.

Fuller House
Donut purse. Want. Now.


Episode 4: “The Not-So Great Escape”

Ramona is struggling to make friends at school, and isn’t helped when Jackson attempts to help her skip class. Also, bring on the BOYS. Stephanie meets a cutie pie at the coffee shop and D.J. meets one of her own at work. And it’s time for Max to choose a puppy. SO. CUTE.


Every single scene with Max in the pen with all the puppies. 

Fuller House
Puppy time!!

Also, Steph meets a cute guy in the coffee shop and she can’t afford to buy a muffin and a coffee. Later, she’s helping D.J. out at the clinic and he comes past, having bought her the muffin and coffee. Who doesn’t want a sweet guy like that?

Funniest Moment

When Max pulls out a slice of baloney out of his jacket pocket and slaps it all over his face. To attract the puppies. Of course.

Stephanie, Max and Tommy ending up in vats of tomato soup to get rid of the skunk smell. Kinda torn between thinking it was funny and also thinking WTF?! I’m Aussie so help me out here – is this a thing?

Best Outfit

For realz, D.J. has the best clothes on the show.

Fuller House
Love! Denim D.J.

For lolz, Max decides he needs to look “snazzy” to go pick out his new doggy.

Fuller House
Looking snazzy, Maxwell!

Episode 5: “Mad Max”

It’s Max’s trumpet recital and he’s super nervous. So Aunt Stephanie gives him her “lucky scarf” to help him be brave. Only problem is, Steph’s friend Shannon turns up and whisks her and her scarf away to a music festival, leaving Max to have a complete meltdown.

Fuller House


Stephanie videocalls Max at his recital, gets him to play his song and she broadcasts it at Coachella and it totally makes his night and it’s super unrealistic and totally cute!

Fuller House
Maxwell in da house!

But then legitimately, there’s a sad moment when Stephanie reveals she can’t have kids. And the awww turns into serious tears.

Fuller House


Kimmy creates an online dating profile for D.J. and when one of the matches turns up for a “pre-date meeting”, Kimmy decides to weigh him to make sure he was accurate.

Fuller House
More like 207!

In fact there’s a whole series of plumbing innuendos that are corny, but you know, funny, when D.J. mistakes her date for the plumber she called to fix her toilet. And he’s not bad…

Fuller House
Abs alert!


For realz, Cosmo wearing Max’s boxers.

Fuller House
Practising imagining the audience in their underwear.

For lolz, this example of “festival fashion”. Fully aware of what outfit I’ve put in each category, but honestly this outfit it just hideous to me.

Fuller House

Episode 6: “The Legend of El Explosivo”

It’s Mexican wrestling time for the Fuller family. Poor D.J. has no idea what Lucha Kaboom is, but everyone else is super excited. But it turns out, D.J. isn’t as much of a stranger to wrestling as they all think. Meanwhile, Ramona’s dance group is rehearsing and Kimmy decides to impart her wisdom on them – Gibbler Gallop style.


Maybe it’s because the doggy looks so sad, but this definitely made me say awww!

Fuller House
Come back!


Kimmy joining in on the dance performance at Lucha Kaboom.

Fuller House

Then D.J. jumping in the ring to defend her son. What a champ!

Fuller House


For realz, D.J.’s navy jumper and pink necklace ensemble. Want the necklace. Stat.

Fuller House
Where is this necklace from?

For lolz, it’s between Max’s King Jaguarito outfit and Kimmy’s “stuck in the 80s” parachute jacket and scrunchy.

Fuller House

Episode 7: “Ramona’s Not-So-Epic Party”

Ramona has a fabulous party in the backyard to celebrate her 13th birthday (flashback to D.J. becoming a teenager in “13 Candles” – Episode 17, Season 3) but a power outage and arguing parents threaten to ruin the night. Steve tries to set Matt up with Kimmy to keep him away from D.J. but it backfires after Kimmy and Fernando kiss and Matt tells D.J. that he thinks she’s cute. Elsewhere in the house, Jackson tries to impress Lola and Max attempts to potty train Cosmo.

Fuller House


The “Gibbler family” have a heart-to-heart when Kimmy and Fernando put their disagreements aside and tell their daughter they will always be there for her. Then everyone comes into Ramona’s bedroom to sing happy birthday to her in the dark.


  • There’s a framed portrait of Danny from Season 1 on a table in the living room. LOL.
  • Ramona: “I got my first designer dress for the party. It’s an Elizabeth and James by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.” Kimmy: “At these prices, no wonder they don’t need to act anymore.”
  • “Nothing says family like pizza with wieners hiding in the crust.” – Fernando
  • Birthday cake soup!
    Fuller House Birthday Cake Soup
  • Fernando slapping Matt with a rubber glove! One of the funniest moments of the whole season.
    Fuller House slap


For realz – Kimmy’s black and gold dress. For lolz – Fernando’s flamboyant shirt.

Fuller House

Unrelated to clothing but doesn’t Fernando have a nice stomach? Disregard the pork fried rice tattoo.

Fuller House Fernando Tattoo

Episode 8: “Secrets, Lies and Firetrucks”

Cosmo chews up the couch cushion and D.J. tries unsuccessfully to hide it from Danny. Jackson teaches Max how to lie but it backfires when he swears that he can get a fire truck to his friend’s birthday party. D.J. and Matt become closer after their first date and fiery first kiss (after which she says “Oh, Mylanta!”). Meanwhile in Gibbler-land, Kimmy and Fernando are back together but hiding it from everyone.

Fuller House Matt D.J. Kiss


There are a few cute brotherly scenes where Jackson tries to help Max with his firetruck problem (see below – AWW!). Also sweet was when D.J. suggested they have a “Dad Day” where they watch old home movies and eat her late husband’s favourite meal.

Fuller House Max Jackson


  •  “Whoa, I can live without the zoo and the bears, but the American Girl store? They’re not just dolls. They’re heroes with emotional stories!” – Fernando
  • Kimmy: “Isn’t it kinda sad when they drag out the old cast for some lame reunion show?” Danny: “Not when the show is adored by millions and the stars are beloved cultural icons.”
  • “What is an upstairs blanket doing on a downstairs couch?” – Danny
  • This is more of a goof in the continuity department than a funny moment but did anyone else notice that the backyard trees and shrubs appear and then disappear as required by the scene? Sometimes it’s a forest and then other times it’s a huge party venue. Trees on wheels?
    Fuller House backyard


For realz – D.J.’s sparkly grey jumper…and Kimmy’s cat jacket! Anyone else find it super cute?

Fuller House Kimmy Cat

For lolz – Danny’s couch jacket! It’s sad how emotional I became over the thought of losing this couch upholstery.

Fuller House Couch Jacket


Episode 9: “War of the Roses”

This was another episode that reminded me of an older one – “Secret Admirer” – Episode 11, Season 4. An “insane amount of roses” is delivered to the house and although Cosmo has stolen the card, D.J., Kimmy and Stephanie all think they’re the recipients. Aunt Becky loves the drama and tries to figure out if it was Matt, Steve, Fernando or one of Stephanie’s many suitors (including Harry Takayama) who sent them. Jackson (who reminds me of a young Topher Grace) tries to get Lola to go on a date with him after Ramona tells him he’s been kicked into the friend zone.

Roses Fuller House


Look, Becky is totally OTT obsessed with Tommy but the little fashion show she put on was legitimately adorbs.

Fuller House Tommy Viking

Fuller House Tommy Sailor

Fuller House Tommy Astronaut


Elias Harger’s physical comedy was on point this ep! Max eats “nine hundred and ninety nine M&Ms and one skittle!” and ends up mega-hyper, running around the living room and dancing on the bed like a loon! He also whips out his catchphrase, “Holy chalupas!”


For realz – Kimmy’s cute pink number with the bows! For lolz – see fashion show above.Kimmy Gibbler Fuller House Top

Episode 10: “A Giant Leap”

Stephanie’s new boyfriend Hunter Pence (actual baseball player for the San Francisco Giants) gets the family tickets to a game but instead of a fun family day out it turns into a drama-filled soap opera! D.J. gets caught between two men’s lips, Stephanie must choose between Hunter and her city and Jackson finally manages to get out of the friend zone. Meanwhile, all Max wants is a foul ball to take to Show and Tell on Monday.

Fuller House San Francisco Baseball


“You always hear about couples who were each other’s first loves and then later in life they find their way back to each other.” – Steve actually being sweet and not creepy for once.
Fuller House Steve DJ Kiss


  • Max feeding Tommy Pup-Peroni.
  • “Oh my gosh! Am I a floozy?!” – D.J.
  • “Dakota Fanning, Tatum Channing, they all love my party planning!” – Kimmy’s Gibbler Style chant.Fuller House Gibbler Style
  • Steve trying to get past the San Francisco Giants mascot: “Out of my way, Lou Seal. This doesn’t concern you, Lou!”
  • Steve: “I’m not interested in being in some kind of competition.” Matt: “I agree, I’m out.” Steve: “Okay, if he’s out, I’m totally back in.” Matt: “Then I’m back in too.” They both lean in to kiss D.J. but she backs away! Steve: “I was not impressed. Not impressed at all.” Matt: “I wasn’t even trying!”Man Kiss Steve Matt Fuller House


The pizza fork that Hunter Pence’s wears around his neck wins best accessory for realz and lolz!Fuller House Hunter Pence Pizza Fork

Episode 11: “Partnerships in the Night”

D.J.’s boss Dr. Harmon is retiring and moving to India and although he’d always talked about giving her the pet clinic, he gives it to his son Matt. D.J. thinks it’s time for her to go out on her own but then Matt offers her a partnership. Kimmy enlists Stephanie’s help to put together the Indian-themed retirement party (which takes place in the backyard of course) and Kimmy’s so impressed that she offers Stephanie a junior partnership at Gibbler Style. Meanwhile, Ramona and Jackson need to loan some money from Max to remove a virus from D.J.’s laptop and Max gets power hungry.

11. Dance


More adorbs baby moments – Toga Tommy and Turban Tommy!Toga Toilet Paper Tommy Fuller House

Fuller House Turban Tommy


  • D.J.: “Aspirin?” Stephanie: “Ugh, no, Mylanta.” D.J.: “Are you mocking me? How rude!”
  • Stephanie: “I get it. Some decisions are just tough. Like when I’m in bed today, do I watch The View, The Talk or The Real?” D.J.: “A. You need a job. B. Always go with The View!”
  • Max doing his best evil mastermind impression!
    Max Fuller House
  • Max: “You’ll pay me back as soon as possible and until then you have to make interest payments.” Ramona: “What does that mean?” Max: “Show interest in me.”
  • Kimmy calling D.J. for a reference check on Stephanie before hiring her to work at Gibbler Style!Reference Call Fuller House Kitchen
  • Maharaja Max!Max Fuller House Indian
  • Kimmy: “This is the last straw!” Stephanie: “What now?” Kimmy: “I just said, this is the last straw.”


Probably Kimmy’s best season 1 ensemble. Spotty tights, a cupcake scarf, a cheesecake purse and kitchy accessories. On point, Gibbler. I suppose this would be “for lolz” for some…

Kimmy Gibbler Wardrobe Outfit Fuller House
For realz D.J. looking amaze in this sparkly number.11. DJ


Episode 12: “Save the Dates”

Stephanie encourages Jackson to lose a game to Max to boost his confidence but it backfires and Max feels like even more of a loser. D.J. and Stephanie have a rematch of Twister after years of D.J. claiming “she’s just that good” at beating her sister. Ramona catches her parents (“Fernimmy”) kissing and they finally reveal that they’re back together. Fernando organises a romantic scavenger hunt for Kimmy which ends with him asking her for a divorce (on bended knee) and then proposing. Meanwhile, D.J. goes on a nostalgic date with Steve which makes her fall for him all over again.

Group Hug Fuller House


The group hug? Although that was more weird than sweet. 


  • “I saw the boys playing Jenga so I thought I’d try it with lunch meats.” – Kimmy being totally relatable.
    Fuller House Kimmy Sandwich Jenga
  • Mrs Pham the manicurist and Magic Fingers Boris the masseuse hiding in Ramona’s closet.
    Fuller House Masseuse
  • Steve: “We are outtie 5000. I got Alanis Morissette pumpin’ in the car.” D.J.: “Oh, you know who that song is really about?”
  • D.J. and Steve reenacting the pottery scene (with mince meat) from their favourite movie Ghost complete with their own rendition of “Unchained Melody”! D.J. singing, “I neeeeed some singing lessons!”Steve D.J. Fuller House Ghost
  • “Look at me! I’m a case of baskets!” – Fernando mid-way through singing his song “Kimberlina, Mi Amor”.
  • Kimmy getting carried away with Stephanie after she stands in for basket case Fernando.12. Cheap Thrills
  • Steve and D.J.’s on-point reactions!
    12. Reaction
  • “My life has been so empty since we got divorced twenty seconds ago.” – Fernando


Kimmy takes out the for lolz trophy for this hella mismatched outfit!
Fernimmy Fuller House Fernando Ramona Kimmy
She also takes out the for realz trophy for this suh-weet sparkly number!Kimmy Dress Fuller House

Episode 13: “Love is in the Air”

D.J. and Matt open the new Harmon-Fuller Pet Car pet clinic and Steve, as usual, turns up unexpectedly and third wheels it. Ramona isn’t happy with the idea of moving out of the house to go on the racing circuit with her parents and secretly, neither is Kimmy. Jackson finally gets a kiss from Lola. Jesse and Becky are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows and Fernimmy is planning on making it a double ceremony – surprise! After both Steve and Matt show up as D.J.’s dates to the ceremony, she finally has to make a decision between them. The end result of “I pick myself” leaves the bachelors reeling. After Kimmy runs out on the ceremony almost three times, she decides she’s not ready to marry Fernando and the she-wolf pack remains in tact!

Pet Clinic Fuller House


  • Tommy eating a cheeseburger. Ca-yute.
    Tommy Cheeseburger Fuller House
  • There were a lot of heart-to-hearts in this episode but it was Max unexpectedly telling Kimmy that he loves her that got me! Kimmy Max Fuller House


  • The girls coming home from Kimmy’s bachelorette party singing “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.
    Spice Girls Fuller House
  • The late night phone call to Michelle followed by a she-wolf pack howl.13. She Wolf Pack
  • Kimmy eating what looks like a sponge but is apparently a block of cheese.Kimmy Cheese Fuller House
  • Kimmy outdid herself with Jesse and Becky’s love nest! Love Heart Jesse Becky Fuller House Attic
  • “What’s a fallogroo?” – Jesse
  • “You’re Uncle Yesse, you’re everyone’s uncle!” – Fernando
  • The montage of everyone looking lovingly at their loved one while Stephanie sings – Jesse to Becky, Fernando to Kimmy, D.J. to Steve and Matt, Jackson to Lola, Ramona to Tommy, Max to Cosmo and then…Joey to Mr. Woodchuck!
    Mr Woodchuck Fuller House
  • “I starved myself for an hour and a half to fit into this dress!” – Kimmy
  • Everyone digging into the wedding cake was chuckle-worthy but just really made me want some icing.Wedding Cake Fuller House
  • “I don’t need a man! I’m going back out there to marry Fernando!” – Kimmy
  • D.J.’s Bachelorette moment!Bachelorette Fuller House

For lolz – Joey and his hockey jersey over a long white…bedsheet?
Joey Hockey Fuller House Wedding

For realz – the brides took this one out for sure.Wedding Dress Fuller House Kimmy Becky


Until season 2, folks! Awooooo!

13. Pack

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