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Really, I could not have flicked to the next episode of this fast enough. Thank goodness for SBS OnDemand. Anyway let’s get straight into it! What an episode! I hope I can do it all justice.

So, Monicana rocks up looking like a supermodel, strutting alongside Jorge in a stunning blue gown. Soon everyone is whispering about her. Lorena is sending her a deathly stare. This is amazing. Gerardo can barely look away. The minister asks if there’s any reason why the wedding shouldn’t take place. It’s tense, but sadly no one says anything. But then Marta gets up and walks away!

Back at Lupe’s, Eddie and Valeria are alone and they are just too cute with each other. He starts pouring his heart out to her and I’m a gooey puddle. Anyway, next thing they’re getting heavy on the couch and Valeria starts to freak out. But he loves her and he’s so lovely and will wait for her to be ready. He’s a good guy. And normally I would gush a bit more, but hello, there’s a wedding going on!

So Marta walks off and kills time in the kitchen with Rodrigo, whinging. Turns out Elena has requested exactly the same appetisers and the same minister as at Monica and Gerardo’s wedding. Rodrigo clearly wants to talk about her moving in again, but Marta wants to talk about Gabriel and Jennifer, who arrived safely in San Fran. (Thank goodness).

Back outside, Gerardo and Elena are saying their vows. This is intense. Is Gerardo going to follow through???? He’s hesitating!! Dammit, he says, I do. But before they are pronounced husband and wife, Elena wants to pause and make an announcement. She wants to recite her own vows. With this Emi starts with really bad bout of coughing and Cami and Ricardo rush to help her. With that she throws Monicana a huge wink. Ha! Elena finishes up and then asks Gerardo to say something. He’s not impressed. He rambles something uncomfortable about wanting a family with her and mumbles, I love you. And, they’re married!! ARGH.

In the kitchen after a long bout of laughing, Emi is tucking into a milkshake and Eileen is congratulating her on her Oscar-worthy performance. For the rest of the episode they proceed to play a game of Monopoly, and take it in turns to go out to the party.

At their table, Monicana is admitting to Selma she timed her entrance to perfection and they are laughing with Jorge. Unfortunately Lorena overheard. Haha. She gets more and more surly with each episode. Monicana and Lorena argue and Monicana threatens to tell everyone how much Lorena has betrayed her sister and nieces. And with that Lorena storms off. Next thing, Diego is turning up outside the shed. He’s got a box and looks like he’s headed for the secret room. He must drop the box off and then go for a stroll because then he’s walking along behind a sobbing Monicana. OMG and my heart is bursting because Diego has been a bit of a jerk to Monicana. And rightfully so, I guess. But he hasn’t been particularly sympathetic to her cause. But in this moment, he sees how upset she is and tells her that Gerardo is a bastard that doesn’t deserve her tears. She tells him when she’s gone, Adriana should have the dress she’s wearing so they can go out dancing and have a nice time celebrating being back together. Which is kinda sweet in a kinda creep way. It’s also quite a bittersweet moment because he wants Adriana to come back, but he’s literally staring at someone who knows they’re going to die soon. I’m definitely going to be crying in the last episode. Anyway, she then asks if he has everything ready. There’s a plan in motion!

So, all the while guests are mingling and Elena is wandering around alone.

Monicana ends up finishing her walk alone, and of course, here’s Gerardo. He accuses her of being a gold digger because she turned up with Jorge. Then she propositions him to walk out the door with her forever. Why? I don’t get it. She goes to kiss him and he won’t kiss her back. He screams he feels nothing for Elena. Is she trying to get him to kiss her in front of other people? And try and break up the wedding? I’m just not sure.

At the same time, Maite turns up at the bar – she needs to tell Martin she’s resigning to run Lupe’s. And Martin is really happy for her. Everything coming up roses. For some characters anyway. Then she sees Anselmo across the bar and he’s all beaten up. Martin says that was the price he paid for leaving the gang. So of course she goes over, offers to help him patch up his wounds. And I’m sure patch up their relationship.

Elena ends up chatting with Mariana, the receptionist at Larrea Wines. Mariano mentions how rude Monicana was arriving in the way she did, and that she thought she was rude ever since she saw her at the office the other day. Uh oh. Elena’s then pulled aside by Jorge. He wants to remind her of her promise to leave and she just smirks and walks off. She goes in search of Gerardo, with Mariana’s news front-of-mind I’m sure. She drags Gerardo away from Monicana. Time to cut the cake.

Meanwhile, Diego is in the secret room pulling out…something? Speakers?

Then, Susana is pulling Lorena outside. There’s a man with a a delivery. She’s being taken to court over the custody of Emi. So Lorena locks herself in her room and reads the document. Of course, there’s a bottle of alcohol in her cupboard calling her name so she cracks it open and starts chugging away.


So yes, Diego is hanging speakers in the secret room. Seriously. What is he up to? He’s hung them all around the room and then he presses some buttons on a remote and gets static.

And, while the cake is being cut, Monicana texts Diego the signal. He presses play and piano music blasts through the house. And Elena looses her the plot. Completely. Her reaction is actually comical. And Monicana and Jorge and Selma are just smirking from the sidelines. Haha!

WOW. What an episode everyone! Can’t wait to see further evidence of Elena’s meltdown, which I am sure is coming next week. Until then, fellow fans!


  • Will Elena need to be sedated to calm down?
  • What’s next in The Big Plan?
  • Who will be the first person to use Emiliana’s ensuite and get poisoned?

12 thoughts on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 144

  1. Plot lines seem to revolve around the amount of time left and production budget. This last episode I feel some characters won’t be seen much again if it at all. Gabriel and Jennifer? Martin, the bar set and Anselmo and Maite? The poison ensuite plot appears to have dissolved down the plug hole. Will Jorge insist on an ambulance for Elena after her mini melt down or will she head to her room to rest and see her “own Doctore”, when is the phantom or real pregnancy plot line ending?


    1. Hi Lucy, I am hoping it is just on break – for at least two weeks from what I can tell. I tried tweeting SBS but they didn’t reply 😦 Hopefully it will return soon!


      1. Hi thanks for your reply, I have emailed SBS too.
        Also awaiting their reply. Was really enjoying the series


      2. Hi, I just received a reply from SBS and confirmed it will be returning. I just saw your reply as well. Thank you, finally I can stop searching ??


      3. One of my colleagues also emailed SBS and she heard back today – they said it will be returning on March 20th 🙂 Phew!


  2. Hi there, we’re loving this telenovela and will be sad to see it come to an end soon, but we bought several series’ on dvd of other telenovelas while we were in the USA laat year, to keep us busy when this ends… my question is, is en otra piel available for sale on dvd? We have checked in the USA and in Mexico but couldn’t find anything and even contacted Telemundo but never received a reply.


    1. Hi Mikayil – glad to hear you are loving this telenovela – I definitely hope SBS decides to start a new one once this has finished. I’m not 100% sure about the DVD situation – I did a quick google search myself and it looks like it might be available (I saw one on eBay that had already sold). Being in Australian definitely makes it harder to source though! Good luck – I hope you manage to get your hands on a copy. Just out of curiosity, do the DVDs generally have English subtitles on them?


      1. Hi Sam, most of the telenovelas we bought do have English subtitles, but a few didn’t. Time to brush up on that Spanish I think hehe

        I did see one on eBay also, I think the seller is in the Dominican Republic and they were quite pricey. We had contacted him about subtitles but I don’t recall getting a reply.


  3. I’m absolutely hooked on this show ? been going on and on about it to my friends but as its in a late time slot on a Sunday night no one but I watches it
    I’ve seen the last episode on YouTube but I’d love to get my hands on earlier episodes cause I started watching it later ! If I’d only known ? so looking forward to being on this Sunday ? oh and I love your recaps ? keep up the good work


    1. Thank you so much Grace – I’m glad you’re enjoying the recaps! I am the same – I wish more of my friends watched it so I had more people to discuss the show with – but I’m glad I at least get to discuss it on here 🙂 You should be able to watch most, if not all, of the earlier episodes on SBS On Demand – that’s how I initially started watching. It takes a great deal of self control on my behalf not to go on to YouTube and spoil the ending for myself. Luckily my Spanish is only beginner-level so it would be too hard for me to watch without subtitles hehe 🙂


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