EOP Recap

Last week we left off with Monicana passionately kissing Gerardo. I mean, really, is she crazy? I do tend to fluctuate when it comes to whether I think Gerardo is coming around to the good side, or whether he is bad to the bone. But regardless, she shouldn’t be kissing him! Anyway, let’s see what happens in episode 143 of En Otra Piel/In Her Skin.

Good. Monicana pushes Gerardo and his enormous ego away. She accuses him of some pretty heavy stuff – like not looking after the girls and being cruel etc. He swears he’s marrying Elena to save the girls. He swears it’s also to keep Elena from coming after Monicana. Argh. Maybe he is doing the right thing? Just in a really bad way? Monicana is like, well, regardless you’re still an accomplice to Elena’s crimes, and says she feels like an idiot for falling for a coward. Gerardo is almost smug when he calls in the lawyer dude, Ignacio, to prove he’s doing the right thing. Ignacio does this and Monicana is SHOCKED. Gerardo finally starts to piece together that Monicana’s investment in the girls is strange and wants to know what’s going on. Can you imagine if he realised she’s actually Monica? Monicana is even cryptic and says he can’t see what’s right in front of him. I guess we’ve only got 10 or so episodes to go, so surely all will be revealed fairly soon!

Meanwhile, Elena asks Cami and Emi for a happy day at her wedding with no family drama. Emi is the hero of this show as far as I am concerned. She’s like, sure thing Elena. I will wear your dress as long as you wear a black wedding gown. I will smile in your happy, family photo and you can feel free to photoshop out my wheelchair. Haha! Of course, Elena is saved from reacting by a phone call. Probably from Pachuco. Yep, he’s calling to say Rott got caught by the police.

At Rodrigo’s, the doctor tells Gabriel that Jennifer will be ok but wants to order an ultrasound anyway. Jennifer admits she thought Gabriel was going to kill Rott and would go to jail. Gabriel tells her that Rott was caught and they both start crying. Jennifer says the baby brought them luck. Rodrigo calls Marta and tells her the good news, with Susana looking scared in the background. Guilty conscience, huh Susana?

At the police station, Elena’s lawyer turns up to defend Rott and Eddie is forced to leave. And he’s not happy. The lawyer says he’s got a message from Pachuco – he will defend him as long as he does exactly what he’s told. He’s kinda threatening.

At the bar, Maite thanks Anselmo for helping Gabriel and Jennifer. Anselmo admits he has been talking to Chalado about wanting out of the gang. Aww he loves her!

At the mansion, Cami is reading Monica’s diaries. Then Elena comes downstairs and Cami tells her she’s going to let Emi move in with Marta because the stairs are becoming a problem. Well, that’s going to put a serious dint in Elena’s plans given she’s planted poison all through the ensuite. Then Elena catches sight of the diaries and Cami admits she’s trying to work out if Monicana learned everything she knows from stealing the diaries. The cogs are definitely turning in Elena’s head.

Diego shows up at the police station and Eddie tells him he couldn’t continue interrogating Rott because of the lawyer. Eddie is like, now we can’t do anything about Pachuco or Rott. Honestly, the police force almost seems as hopeless as the doctors at the hospital!

Marta heads around to Rodrigo’s and he decides to ask her to move in with him. Ew they’re being flirty. I don’t know…I’m just not a fan of Rodrigo. Anyway they’re about to kiss when Jennifer and Gabriel turn up after the ultrasound. Good timing guys!

At the hospital, Emi is having a checkup. The doctor has been discussing her case with some, clearly way more qualified, colleagues and has decided to test her spinal fluid. I mean, why this wasn’t done earlier is beyond me. Haven’t the writers for this show seen an episode of ER or Grey’s Anatomy? Emi wants to speak to Monicana about it. So Monicana rushes over, but then Lorena also turns up and throws a small tantrum. Jorge is on hand to defend Monicana but there’s no need. Monicana absolutely slays Lorena and Jorge just watches on in shock. So she convinces Emi to have the lumbar puncture, and Cami agrees to let Monicana go with her.

At the mansion, Susana confesses to Elena she thinks it’s their fault Jennifer and Gabriel were attacked. LOL. You idiot, Susana, don’t you realise what you’ve gotten yourself into? And Elena is like, meh. Then Emi comes home and Lorena is swanning around, proud of herself for instructing Marta to set up Emi’s new bed and make her a milkshake. Then Elena drags Cami off for a talk. She’s decided she was too tough on Monicana and thinks she should visit more often. Let’s bet she’s going to offer Monicana Emi’s room. Give it time.

When Elena is alone, Gerardo rocks up with the property transfer paperwork for Elena to sign. Looks like Elena thought he was bluffing. She thought they were moving out but keeping the title to the house. She says she won’t sign until after they’re married. I can’t help but think things aren’t going to go well for Gerardo.

Then we go through a weird montage of everyone – Cami and Ricardo cuddling, Emi looking sad, Lorena drinking and crying, Marta setting up wedding stuff? Ok…now it’s two days later. Oooh maybe the wedding is today? Jennifer and Gabriel are leaving for San Fran. Aww it’s kind of sad. Jennifer says a heartfelt goodbye to Rodrigo and it’s very emotional.

OMG guests are arriving at the mansion. I’m barely typing full sentences at this point, as I am sure you can tell. I’m just too excited. Emi and Cami are both looking stunning. If anyone reading this blog knows where the clothes on this show come from, leave me a comment below. I’ve tried my usual ShopYourTV and WornOnTV but they don’t seem to cover the telenovelas unfortunately. Anyway, back to the story. Elena is getting ready and tells Susana to keep her eye on things and let her know if she sees anything strange. Oooh, big hint something’s going to go down.

At Lupe’s, Diego and Eddie and Vale and Maite are eating breakfast together. Diego says he’s got to go, he has to get to the wedding and I got really exciting thinking about how attractive he would look in a tux, and then was let down when he said he wasn’t changing out of his t-shirt because he was crashing the wedding. Ok the wedding march is playing and everyone’s looking miserable. Elena looks amazing. Emi is repeating under her breath like a chant, I hope she falls, I hope she falls, and encourages Cami to do the same. Bless you, Emi. Anyway, Elena really does look stunning, and as she gets to the bottom of the staircase she realises that Monicana is turning up at the same time, also looking absolutely amazing, and on the arm of Jorge. Gerardo looks blown away by Monicana. And that’s where we leave things! WOW. Great episode. Reminder, there’s only 154 episodes in this series so we are so close to the finale. So many things are about to happen I’m sure of it!


  • Is Susana going to come around to the good side?
  • What is going to happen at the wedding?!
  • Will Jennifer and Gabriel make it to San Fran without any dramas? Is that the last we see of them?

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