Crossing my fingers and toes for some action peeps. Is retribution going to happen tonight? Let’s hope so! Read on!

So, we continue the burial of the log necklace. Right, let’s move on now. The first step is to get custody of Emi from Lorena, according to Monicana. Then move on to find evidence she was murdered. Diego tells her Eddie is also struggling to find evidence to incriminate Elena.

At the mansion, Jennifer and Gabriel are saying goodbye to Emi. Then the doorbell rings and Jennifer goes to answer. It’s Elena. Oops. Neither are happy to see each other. Jennifer has decided to bite back now she doesn’t work there. Don’t get too aggressive Jennifer or you will end up on Elena’s hit list. (Also, why did Elena even knock if it’s her own home?!) Anyway, Elena gets straight on the phone and calls Pachuco and asks to speak to Rott. Elena has also bought a new dress for Susana – talk about obvious bribing.

At Selma’s, Cami finally wants to know about Monicana. She wants to know why Monicana is so “obsessed” with her and Emi. Come on Selma, just spill the beans. But she spins the same story about her being a friend of Monica’s. The main thing to come out of the conversation is that Selma warned Cami not to trust Elena. Then the doorbell rang just as Cami asked why. And it’s Jorge! Asking her out on a date?! For a drink!

Then, Maite and Valeria are walking around looking for a shop that sells paper. Seriously. At the same time, Jennifer and Gabriel are walking home along a kinda suss looking street. Honestly, I’m expecting Rott to turn up. OMG yes!!! He grabs Jennifer and Pachucho holds a gun to Gabriel’s head. FINALLY some action!

Maite and Valeria have been successful buying paper, and they see whats happening in the alley. They run off to get Eddie and Anselmo. Don’t either of them have phones? So Maite sprints to the bar and they all head off.  But while they’re wasting time running all over the place, Jennifer and Gabriel are being pushed towards a car. Hurry!

At the office, Gerardo is with his lawyer, examining the ‘doctored’ papers to hide stuff from Eddie and Elena. The lawyer says he uncovered some large deposits made by Ernesto to the Cayman Islands. Assuming that’s significant somehow. Gerardo won’t give anything away, he just says no one can find out about that money. And with that, the lawyer is ready to resign. I don’t think he wants to be involved in anything illegal. But Gerardo seems to think the payment will outweigh the risk. And suddenly the lawyer is happy.

Back to the important storyline – Jennifer bites Rott on the arm and manages to get away. Then Gabriel outmanoeuvres Pachuco and takes off after Jennifer. But, ALAS, Rott catches Jennifer and throws her head first into a wall!!! And she’s unconscious! Then the other gang turns up, shots are fired and the police turn up.

On the “date”, Selma and Jorge talk about Elena and the confrontation when she discovered Monicana was upstairs. Then they talk about how Jorge would have been a great father, and then Selma turns on the flirt asking how he managed to fend off women all his life. OMG they’re blushing at each other. This is too cute. She asks if he is going back to Australia and he starts talking about how it’s hard when you start to care for someone. Hint, hint. But Selma isn’t convinced. Apparently he swore never to love anyone again after he and Monica called it quits. Looks like Jorge is going to have to work a bit harder at this.

At Rodrigo’s, he’s having lunch with Eileen. I can’t even remember why they’re friends. I think they’re looking at the comic? Oh for heaven’s sake, Gabriel busts in carrying an unconscious Jennifer! How was he able to leave the scene? Why didn’t he go to the hospital?! Back at the scene, Valeria and Maite are telling Eddie what happened. Of course, Pachuco got away, but it seems Rott was caught. Also looks like Maite might be ready to forgive Anselmo. The doctor is called to Rodrigo’s house and Gabriel spends time blaming himself with Diego and Eileen. Now Rodrigo is walking down the street, having bought medicine for Jennifer. He’s on the phone telling Marta and she’s crying and Susana is eavesdropping. Susana seems to realise what she’s done by partnering with Elena.

At the police station, Eddie is interrogating Rott, whose real name we find out is Jaime Gonzalez. Rott doesn’t want to talk, and Eddie is like, dude we have so many charges against you, including stabbing an FBI agent. I totally forgot he was the one who stabbed Eddie! Must be so satisfying for Eddie.

At the mansion, Cami returns. She tells Emi about her chat with Selma. Of course Elena is eavesdropping. She interrupts before the conversation can go any further. She says she has a surprise. Dresses for her wedding. Emi decides to take Monicana’s advice and be very “zen” with Elena. Which annoys Elena, so mission accomplished.

At the office, Monicana turns up and starts yelling at Gerardo over Elena. So Gerardo starts dishing back about how she’s been having an affair with Diego and she slaps him. haha! But that seems to turn him on because then he’s all up in her face kissing her! ARGH! Why is Monicana kissing him back?! And that’s where we finish.


  • Is Jennifer going to be ok?!
  • Is Susana going to come to her senses? And will Elena let her go?
  • Jorge and Selma’s first kiss – next episode?




2 thoughts on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 142

  1. Amazing Gabriel runs away with Jennifer before Eddie arrives to interview them, more evidence of the long lost sister story coming to an episode soon.
    With this show they do kill off the hired help a lot, attorneys, henchmen, domestics, maybe Jennifer doesn’t make it and dies on Eddies arms so he can exact revenge on Elena?
    Poor Esteban, Selma’s onto the next one. Hasn’t it only been a few months?


    1. Oh my goodness I hope Jennifer doesn’t die! That would be so sad. Definitely looking forward to seeing the Eddie/Jennifer thing play out. It definitely seems suss – especially given she is friends with Valeria who is now dating him.

      Yes, Selma has moved on fairly quickly hasn’t she? It will be interesting to see if she finds out the truth about Esteban and then feels guilty for forgetting about him so soon.


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