Apologies for the delay in getting this recap up! After a long day of work and then Spanish class, I  knew I wouldn’t be able to give this my full attention last night. And you need attention for all the things that go on in this show. So, let’s get stuck into episode 141 of En Otra Piel (In Her Skin).

So, we left off with Gerardo telling Camila that Monicana was upstairs with Emi. Of course, Elena overhears and throws a tantrum. Then Lorena walks in and finds out and she’s also on the verge of throwing a tantrum. Like, come on Lorena, you’re the worst guardian EVER. Don’t try and act like you know what’s going on.

Upstairs, oblivious to the drama downstairs, Monicana and Emiliana chat about the conditions of Gerardo giving the house to Cami and Emi – i.e. that he and Elena must marry at the house first. I feel like this is a serious hint that either something is going to go down at the wedding, or that the wedding somehow legally binds Elena and Gerardo to the property.  Anyway, just as Monicana is about to leave, they finally hear the voices arguing downstairs. Everyone is ganging up on Gerardo, then Elena asks for Cami’s opinion. *eye roll* Cami cannot be trusted with sound judgement. She is so easily swayed. But she seems to think it will be good for Emi. Anyway, Monicana leaves, to threats from Elena and Lorena. She also leaves a parting message to freak Elena out – that she is convinced the piano music has been Monica’s soul all along.

Then we cut to Jennifer and Gabriel making out. Apparently because it’s their last night together before they are separated. I can’t even remember why they’re going to be separated…oh right, because Jennifer will be studying oceanography in San Francisco. There’s a whole sequence of shots from the party. The news is broken that Jennifer is going to school and it’s hugs and smiles all round. Except from Diego who is determined to sulk. Marta then gives a heartfelt speech about how proud she is of Gabriel and Jennifer, and reminisces about her romance with Rodrigo. Then Eddie shows up to Lupe’s and him and Valeria are sooooooo sweet. Holding hands and being introduced around. He ends up chatting to Diego about the case, that Elena makes him suspicious, and that he’s wondering if Elena and Pachuco are working together. I’m so glad there’s someone on this show that seems to have their head screwed on straight.

After Monicana leaves, Jorge goes back to the guest house where he’s staying now, and meets up with Monicana. She’s nervous that everyone will realise they are working together. He seems fairly confident everything is going to be ok. And he is seriously looking at her like he’s in love with her. And that would definitely complicate things, given she’s just a soul, she will probably turn back into Adriana and what about Selma? Yikes.

Back at Lupe’s, Lupe herself has her suitcase packed and she’s off!! And I’m in tears (I cry easily), because Diego thanks her for everything she’s ever done for him and it’s so sweet. And I am really sad to see Lupe go! She’s such a great character!

After the party ends, Diego is upstairs whispering I love you to a photo of Adriana, when Monicana turns up. And he’s not happy to see her. So much for helping her fulfil her mission so Adriana can come back. They agree to bury the log necklace. He chooses a spot at the beach among some palm trees. There’s lots of tears and emotional speeches from him and Monicana. Let’s hope this marks the beginning of things starting to get resolved. Because I’m sick of all these conversational episodes where there’s absolutely zero action. The plot is barely moving forward at this point. And the fast-pace of the show was what drew me in to start with.

Also, we end with Cami turning up at Selma’s house, wanting answers about Monicana. About time.


  • Is that it for Lupe on this show? She gets her happy ending and literally sails off into the sunset? I hope so!
  • Is Cami finally going to make up her mind about Monicana based on her chat with Selma?
  • How much do you think Diego would like to murder Monicana in her sleep? Because he was throwing her some serious shade when she was “talking to Adriana” at the “burial”.

One thought on “Recap: En Otra Piel/In Her Skin – Episode 141

  1. Lupe has hit the road with the Janitor from NBC Florida Telenova Productions, no speaking part just a stand and look interested.
    Diego is more possessive than Monicas soul, get a grip muchacho.
    Again Eddie arrives in same room as Jennifer only for her face to be obscured by the big bossom hug of Marta during the ‘meet everyone’ introductions.


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