The end is near! *sob* We left off with an ultimatum last week. Let’s see what’s happening now, in Episode 137 of In Her Skin.

We start with Gerardo demanding to know why Elena wants Emiliana home. Apparently she doesn’t want anyone else to die, and she loves Gerardo. So he gave her the ultimatum to leave and go live in Ernesto’s apartment.

And at Lupe’s, Adriana has gone into some sort of trance, in bed staring into space without moving or acknowledging Diego’s presence. So we know something is wrong, because I don’t think there’s a woman alive who could remain impassive with him in the room. Anyway, he ascertains she’s wearing the log necklace, so who knows what’s going on now! So he calls Selma for help and Valeria creeps upstairs to find out what’s going on. Then they decide to call the shaman. Cristobal recommended Diego hold Adriana, tell her how much he loves her. OMG, so he climbs into bed behind her and strokes her hair and her face and it’s kind of creepy to be honest. Especially because Selma is sitting at the end of the bed watching. Anyway, he starts humming some song from her childhood. He tells her about how she used to read as a child. If this is supposed to snap her out of this stupor, I don’t think these boring memories are going to help! Then he talks about how they used to dance and he’s crying and Selma is crying, and then she wakes up! And doesn’t remember anything that’s happened. She assumes she’s been asleep so Diego goes along with it.

At the mansion, Camila, Ricardo and Marta are chatting about the shooting. Looks like Marta and Ricardo are pretty sceptical about the whole scenario. Meanwhile, Gerardo is in the study remising about when Adriana didn’t know who he was at the hospital – i.e., one of my favourite moments. Then Elena interrupts and tells him she will leave everyone behind and move to Ernesto’s. Ahhh Gerardo, if you fall for this you’re even more stupid than I thought. As to what her plan is…I don’t know.

Next morning Gerardo is looking out the window at the most ridiculously fake scene of…I don’t know, a desert? And it seems he’s been with Elena overnight. Gross.

Now Adriana is waking up for real and Diego brings her breakfast (wearing a truly hideous shirt). Apparently she feels like she can’t focus and has cobwebs in her head. She reckons her soul is trying to leave again. And pretty soon they’re both ugly crying about her leaving before the shaman turns up. Adriana even tells him not to hate Monicana if she comes back and to help her save Emi and Cami, then she can go in peace. But Diego swears he will never give up on her.

At Selma’s, Jorge has come over to chat about the shooting. Jorge wishes he followed the truck rather than run to Elena and Camila. Looks like Jorge has now decided Elena might not be a monster. Selma is livid with him. I guess we know where Camila gets her stupidity from. Selma is so angry and Jorge starts getting angry too. Then they have a long chat about how much Selma misses her friend.  And then they’re holding hands and he’s apologising for making her doubt him. Then he’s kissing her cheek and it’s charged. CHARGED, I tell you. And they have their own special guitar music playing in the background now. It’s on. It’s ON. You guys know, as soon as a couple gets their own ship song, it’s on.

But on to more important things: OMG LUPE!!!! SHE’S BACK AND SHE’S GETTING MARRIED! I KNEW IT! Ok, turning the caps lock off now. I’m just very excited. Apparently she’s been seeing some guy called Ermenegildo (thank you SBS for the subtitles or I would not be typing his name out!). He’s the man she’s been waiting for her whole life. Yay, go Lupe. Seventh time’s the charm, she says. LOVE IT. She says he’s a combination of all her other husbands. And he’s a big bad wolf LOL. Apparently Ermene (thank goodness his name can be shortened) wants to get married on the cruise ship he works on. And then she offers to leave Valeria and Maite to run the boarding house while she’s away.

Gerardo and Elena want to have a chat with Camila. They don’t want Emi to go to Jorge’s. They want her to come home and Gerardo offers to move out. Elena turns on the tears at this point.

We end on three important scenes. First, Elena is having the secret room boarded up. Second, Cami tells Emi about the shooting. Ok maybe that’s not even important. I’m already over hearing about the shooting. Finally, Diego and Adriana turn up at Selma’s, Adriana having fainted. Then Cristobal, the shaman, turns up and says her eyes are in two worlds at once. He says Monica’s soul hasn’t completely left and needs to return!



  • Who is looking forward to the wedding of Elena and Gerardo?
  • Who is looking forward to Lupe’s wedding? And, Ermene – friend or foe? (This show has made me trust no one).
  • Who is more gullible? Camila or Jorge?

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