Even if you’ve never seen Full House, you probably still know that John Stamos (and John Stamos’ hair) was in it, it launched the careers of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and the theme song had a series of lengthy ‘ahhhhs’. I mean it was on the air from 1987-1995 so you should at least know it existed. Since nostalgia is a thing these days, it’s getting a Netflix sequel series called Fuller House. Like, of course. Also, it’s coming real soon. February 26th to be exact. As a long-time fan, I have to say this – HAVE MERCY! Also, I’ve got demands.

Fuller House Demands

*Update 06/03/16: We have now watched Fuller House (twice) and added in the demands that were met to the bottom of the post! Enjoy.

Okay, so here’s a quick ‘Who’s Who’ in Full House, in case you’ve never seen it or if your memory is a bit fuzzy after 21 years:

  • Danny Tanner (Bob Saget): Wife died in a car accident. Has three daughters. Clean freak. Likes hugging.
  • Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos): Danny’s brother-in-law. Moved into the house to help raise his nieces. Obsessed with his hair. Idolises Elvis. 
  • Joey Gladstone (David Coulier): Danny’s best friend. Also moved into the house to help raise the girls (P.S. That’s totally normal). Goofball. Good at different voices.
  • D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure): Danny’s eldest daughter. Good student. Great hair. 
  • Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin): Danny’s second daughter. Pretty sarcastic. Likes to dance.
  • Michelle Tanner (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen): Danny’s youngest daughter. Gets her own way a lot. Loves cake, cookies and ice cream. 
  • Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis (Lori Loughlin): Danny’s Wake Up San Francisco co-host. Married to Jesse. Can’t cook. Also has great hair.
  • Nicky and Alex Katsopolis (Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit): Jesse and Rebecca’s twin sons. Epic bowl cuts.
  • Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber): Neighbour  who always drops in without an invite. D.J.’s best friend. Smelly feet.
  • Steve Hale (Scott Weinger): D.J.’s boyfriend. Jock. Eats a lot.

Okay, so I’m excited. But I’m also needy and demanding. Which is why I’ve compiled a list of very reasonable things that I require from Fuller House.


1. Mr. Bear and D.J.’s Pillow Person

Full House Pillow Person Mr Bear
Source: FullHouseReviewed

If the beloved stuffed friends of the eldest Tanner girls are not visible somewhere in the house, I will be most seriously displeased. Jodie Sweetin had a replica of Mr. Bear in her daughter’s nursery and still has the original!

2. Jesse and the Rippers

Full House Jesse and the Rippers band
Source: Bustle

This is a given. They were the hippest band around. If they don’t reunite and perform at The Smash Club, I will riot in the streets.

3. Wake Up, San Francisco

Wake Up San Francisco mugs
Source: GIPHY

Is anyone else hypnotised by this gif or is it just me? These two as co-hosts were hilar. I have to know that Wake Up is still airing in San Francisco.

4. Mr. Woodchuck

Full House Mr Woodchuck
Source: Tumblr

Okay, so he was a bit annoying. But I could stand to hear one more lame wood joke for old time’s sake.

5. Old Friends, Foes and Beaus

Full House Gia smoking
Source: FullHouseWikia

Let’s see some old faces! Like Stephanie’s peer-pressuring friend Gia. Or D.J.’s old flame Viper! Just because Mary-Kate and Ashley are “too busy” to come back, doesn’t mean Michelle’s friends couldn’t pop their heads in. Teddy, Denise, Derek and Aaron would all be acceptable.

6. Comet (or Another Family Dog)

Full House dog Comet
Source: FullHouseWikia

Remember when Stephanie made him a meatloaf cake with cheese frosting? LOL. Good times. Realistically, Comet is dead (RIP fictional dream dog). But they need a new family pet.

7. The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys Full House
Source: Reddit

Make this magic happen again, Netflix.

8. A Vacation Episode

Full House Hawaii
Source: AFullHouse

I’m not saying it has to be Disney World or Hawaii again but preferably somewhere tropical.

9. Catch Phrases

Full House How Rude
Source: Gifrific

How rude if this doesn’t happen. Oh, Mylanta! Well pin a rose on your nose. Hola, Tanneritos! Have mercy! Cut it out. So many catch phrases to cash in on.

10. Heart-to-Hearts

Full House Heart to Heart
Source: FullHouseReviewed

Full House 
was known for its ‘lame’ heart-to-heart scenes set to instrumental music. TV these days isn’t lame enough. I think one scene an episode should do the trick.

Who remembers?

Back in Season 3 of Full House, there was an episode called “Those Better Not Be the Days” which featured a daydream sequence of the family years in the future. The only thing they got right is that someone’s wearing animal print. Wrong Katsopolis though!

Those Better Not Be the Days Full House
Source: FullHouseReviewed


Fuller House cast
Source: People


*Update: Okay, we’ve seen Season 1! So, how did we do? Turns out, pretty well. Here’s what we got:

Number 2: Jesse and the Rippers

One episode in and Jesse reunites his band for a special performance of “Forever”. Look…it was sweet, and it got the goosebumps. But I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a little bit awkward. Maybe that’s just me.

Jesse and the Rippers Fuller House

Number 3: Wake Up, San Francisco

There’s half a Wake Up, San Francisco reunion when Danny lets Fire Chief Mulrooney sing “Danny Boy” after he cut his performance on the show years ago. Wish we could actually see him and Becky in the studio!

Wake Up San Francisco Fuller House

 Number 4: Mr. Woodchuck

Mr. Woodchuck appears in a few episodes – 1, 3 and 13. The highlight is definitely in episode 1 where Joey tries to entertain baby Tommy but he’s equal parts terrified and willing it to stop.

Fuller House
Mr. Woodchuck returns…
Fuller House
…but not everyone is happy about it!

Number 5: Old Friends, Foes and Beaus

No sign of Gia, Viper or any of Michelle’s friends but there was a brief mention of Kathy Santoni in Episode 13 and Harry Takayama came back in Episode 9 to kiss Stephanie’s hand one more time!

Harry Takayama Fuller House

Number 6: Comet

Well, Comet would be way too old, but his grand-doggy Comet Jr Jr takes a starring role!

Fuller House
Comet Jr Jr is having puppies!

Number 9: Catch Phrases

Honestly…were any missed? I don’t think so. From “How rude!” to “Hola Tanneritos”, you won’t be disappointed. But my favourite? There’s even a “Cut it out!” from Joey!

Fuller House
Cut, it, out!

Number 10: Heart-to-Hearts

There’s a family meeting at the end of the second episode, where D.J. needs to placate Jackson about sharing a room with his younger brother, Max. She reminisces about how sharing a room with Stephanie was the best growing up. Then Max initiates a group hug. And there’s instrumental music playing. Done.

That’s a total of 7 out of 10 demands met! Not bad. Here’s hoping Season 2 will give us Stephanie’s Mr. Bear and D.J.’s pillow person, The Beach Boys AND a vacation episode!

What else do you want to see in Season 2?


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