Well, I should be going to sleep rather than staying up late watching and recapping, but I need to see what happened after the end of the previous episode of In Her Skin. Big stuff. So read on!

So, as you know, the ladies of the house got a threatening message delivered by rock last episode. Marta calls the police and Elena races off to find her cousins.

Meanwhile Selma is on the phone talking to someone called Cristobal – sounds like he might be the shaman Esteban had contacted about the log necklace “soul catcher”.

At Lupe’s Adriana is about to faint. Diego wants her to promise not to go out alone again. She says ok but that she felt good seeing how happy Emi was to see her. Adriana is convinced that Emi knows in her heart that Monicana was really her mother. Looks like Adriana is smarter than I give her credit for. Then they have an argument about fate, because Adriana believes everything happens for a reason and she was meant to meet Monica in Mexico. And she owes her life to her, because Monica kept her body alive. There’s a greater power etc etc. But Diego just wants them to take care of themselves and not get involved in the Larrea family business. Then Selma turns up and says she spoke to the shaman about making Adriana feel better. Can’t wait to meet him!

At the hospital, Emi and Camila have the same argument about being nicer to Lorena and not seeing Monicana. Camila says Jorge is on his way with good, secret news. Then he phone rings and it’s Elena. Elena is waiting in a car out the front and wants Camila to come down and meet her. Then she calls someone and tells them to wait for her signal. Eek! So Camila leaves. OMG she’s not going to die is she? This is…bad.

Then Jorge pulls up and Elena is waiting out front. Camila comes out. They’re chatting, then a car comes past and starts shooting. Elena jumps on Camila to shield her! and Jorge comes running. Looks like everyone is ok. Hmmm. They head in and Jorge says the police are on their way. He asks Elena what happened. She tells him about the note and the shooting. And Camila says she recognised the shooter as the person who kidnapped her and took her to Carlos Ricalde. Wonder if Elena planned for that to happen?

Back at the mansion, Eddie is taking evidence. Is he the only cop in town? Then Gerardo walks in and finds out what happened. And it’s mistrust all round. Looks like Eddie is on the right track. He thinks it’s strange someone is so well informed about the family. Eddie says he will be interviewing everyone in the house and company. Not just Pachuco. Gerardo is nervous.

At the hospital, I am wondering what is Elena’s game? Jorge thanks her for saving Camila and then the nurse comes over asking to check her out. Jorge insists because she’s pregnant. Ha! Don’t think she planned on that either. But she manages to get out of it. Then Gerardo calls and she has a fairly one sided conversation where he says nothing and she talks sweet nothings at him. Jorge insists Elena and Camila go home together and he will stay and look after Emi.

A bit later on, tere’s a family meeting going on at the mansion. Jorge says he wants Emi out of the hospital and at his place being looked after. The house is a target. Elena is definitely not happy about that. When Elena walks off, Camila says maybe Emi should stay at the mansion. Argh. Then Gerardo and Elena chat and she all but admits to being behind the attack, with the look she gives him. But then repeatedly denies it. She’s interested in blaming Adriana. Gerardo admits Elena was right about Adriana, that she’s a scammer and he’s over her. Played right into Elena’s hands, you idiot. Though, he then tells her he wants to live in Ernesto’s apartment and leave everyone behind. He wants her to prove to him she loves him above her ambition. Nobody likes an ultimatum Gerardo!

Meanwhile Rott and Pachuco are celebrating their success – apparently shooting blanks at Camila, but then letting off actual bullets somewhere else just so there’s casings left behind. They’re both high on the thrill and the idea of the money coming their way.

At the hospital, Eddie is wandering around the parking lot, picking up bullet casings. He tells another cop he can’t believe how bad a shot the shooters were.

Finally, we end with Adriana, who has been sleeping all the while. Diego comes up with a tray of food and Adriana is laying there looking weird, eyes half closed and spooky music is playing in the background. And she’s completely unresponsive. The end.


  • Monicana will be back next episode, right?
  • How is Camila still this oblivious to absolutely everything?
  • Where is Lupe at? I miss her!

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