Today the post is a bit later than usual. I actually started off watching this to help with my Spanish studies, but then it’s taken on a life of its own and I am totally hooked. So now I am home, let’s get stuck into it! Spoilers ahead, as always!

So, there was a lot of conversations and arguments going on tonight – most of which we’ve already heard before so I am going to try and keep this quick. First, the Jorge and Elena showdown. He disses her for having an affair with Gerardo. Then disses her for being Julian’s mistress. Then, he asks if she killed Julian because he abused her. Elena says she’s not a murderer and then tearfully tells him that Julian and her were in love, but then he decided he only wanted her body and took advantage of her. Then he had an accident and fell off a horse. She saw it happen, didn’t want anyone to know he had seduced her so she threatened Vicky to not tell anyone. Jorge doesn’t believe her. Any of it. But she leaves saying she doesn’t need this, especially from him. Obviously some sort of cryptic clue that will come back to haunt him later.

Then there was the awkward conversation Emi and Adriana were having. Where Adriana speaks in an entirely different accent and Emi calls her on it.  Of course, then Camila and then Lorena walk in and kick Adriana out so that didn’t last too long. But not before Adriana tells Camila that her mother is worried and that really confuses the hell out of Camila.

The awkwardness continues – this time with Rodrigo and Marta. HA! She shuts his feelings down, down, down. He just wants to be grandparents growing old together and she doesn’t think they can get back together. But, surprisingly they actually lean in for a kiss! But then Gabriel interrupts, oblivious and the moment is broken. Rodrigo says he should have called him Bad Timing, instead of Gabriel. Lol. Sometimes he comes out with Dad Jokes and I can’t help but laugh. Lame I know.

This whole time, Diego is frantically searching for Adriana. Doesn’t he realise she would have gone straight to see Emi? Sometimes, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s walking down the street looking in every window. I’m surprised he isn’t looking under tables or in bins! Then he heads back to Lupe’s and runs around the house looking for her. ARGH! He’s an idiot. Then Emi calls and tells him where she is.

Pachuco and Rottweiler have a meeting about poisonous needles. Apparently the poison Elena procured, is from a Chinese insect and it destroys your nervous system. Seems like Rott isn’t too keen on messing with kids but Pachuco knows how to push his buttons though. Looks like $20K is his price and now it seems Rott will be off to the hospital with Emi in his sights. But first, Elena turns up. She has another job for Pachuco. The “job of a lifetime”.

Back at the mansion, Marta is looking for Susana, finds the house empty and decides to go poking around in the secret room. This isn’t going to end well. She asks the empty room, Señora are you there? What are you trying to tell us? This will be really cool if Marta ends up working for Monica! From beyond the grave!

Outside the hospital, Gerardo comes after Adriana. She, of course, is like who are you?! Then she realises he’s the one who called her and was “in love with her” and tells him he’s a bastard. As you do. She wants him to back up and leave her alone and he looks at her like she’s insane. It’s almost beautiful to watch. He’s like come on, you love me! And she’s like bugger off you freeloader, I love the most amazing man ever, Diego! Priceless. Then he grabs her and starts yelling in her face! Of course, then Diego comes and saves her and hits Gerardo in the face. Of course, this leads Gerardo to run into the hospital and tell Camila and Lorena that he’s barring Diego and Adriana from coming anywhere near Emi. Looks like he can turn his love off fairly quickly!


Now, to my favourite part of the whole episode. Which I will describe in great detail. Valeria is sitting with Maite, worrying she did the wrong thing by putting the log necklace in Adriana’s bag, when, lo and behold, Eddie walks in. Right. He better mean business this time. Romantic business. Enough skirting around, mister! OMG and Valeria is VERY nonchalant is says, Diego’s not here so see ya! Looks like she’s sick of the skirting too. Pull up your socks, Eddie! Eddie says he’s sorry he’s been caught up with secret investigative business but wants to go for a walk. Maite practically shoves them out the door. OMG this is so cute. I need Maite in my life. Then, Eddie winks at Maite on the way out! hahaha! What a cutie. Anyway, they head off for their walk and  are talking about his job. He says he’s too sensitive to be a cop, and he falls  in love too easily. Not sure how falling in love easily makes him a bad cop….Yikes, but then the gang turns up, Anselmo at the helm, they think he’s still part of the El Perros gang (remember, he was undercover for a time). They’ve all got big sticks and are ready to pounce! But Valieria is like, hey this is my boyfriend, leave him alone LOL. Anselmo is super protective and agrees not to harm Eddie right now, but will break his nose if he hurts Valeria. Then once that’s agreed, he asks Valeria to help him out with Maite LOL. OMG this is almost too sweet, but I LOVE IT! Vale is like, thank god our lie worked and Eddie is like, I loved pretending to be your boyfriend. And then he says it sounds nice even saying it, and that’s the only thing he wants to be other than a cop. AND THEY KISS!!!! FINALLY!! OMG. So romantic. Probably the most cliched trope in the world, but I loved every second of it!

Finally, we end the episode back at the mansion, where Elena, Susana and Marta have all heard a noise. Marta said she heard something at the door, she opens it and there’s a rock with a note. The notes says “I’ll kill you all, starting with those damn brats.” Eep!


  • Who’s happy Eddie and Valeria finally kissed?
  • Rodrigo and Marta – yay or nay?
  • Pachuco threw the note at the door, right? Surely this late in the game there can’t be a new villain?
  • Pachuco’s job of a lifetime…to kill Jorge?





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