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The Vending Machine dispenses tasty internet snacks to satisfy your taste for junk at the end of a long working week!

Showbiz News

  • Parks and Rec fan? Leslie Knope and Anne Perkins, I mean, Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones, have both had new shows picked up by NBC.
  • After the sad passing of David Bowie, it looks like Sony are looking to reboot Labyrinth!
  • It’s Sundance Film Festival time and there’s one controversial film that has viewers heading for the exits (and it even stars Harry Potter)
  • Can you believe it’s been 10 whole years since High School Musical? The cast recently had a reunion but there was one noticeable no show. Guess we’re not all in this together, Zac.
  • Calling all Marshmallows! Kristen Bell is looking for a way to bring Veronica back. In the meantime she’s appearing on iZombie,

Book News

  • Can you believe it…there’s going to be a new Beatrix Potter book released this year! A 100 year old manuscript was recently found, titled ‘Kitty in Boots’.

Internet Faves

  • Bradley Cooper as Cher Horowitz? Cate Blanchett as Rhett Butler? In the new Casting Call video series, famous stars read lines from famous movies.
  • More Labyrinth news…there’s now an honest trailer!
  • It was Australia Day here in Oz on Tuesday and Deadpool had a special message for us.

What Else You Got?

  • DIck Wolf can do no wrong. His Chicago franchise might be getting a fourth, yes fourth, instalment! That would make Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Chicago Law.
  • We’re getting close to Game of Thrones time everybody! HBO have released some new teasers for us!
  • Superheroes are all the rage at the moment and joining in on the fun is Wonder Woman. Check out the first footage.

Trailer Trash

More superheroes for you…the Suicide Squad trailer is here!


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